Cucumber khabar

Cucumbers varieties Khabar liked gardeners bright taste and ease of care.

68-Cucumber swag

Characteristic varieties of cucumbers Khabar

Variety description

The variety of home-made cucumbers Khabar is a F1 (F1) hybrid, which has fruits of the cornish type. Its length is about 9.5 cm, weight - about 80 g. The variety is fertilized without pollination, it is characteristic of long-term fruiting. Between sowing and harvesting of vegetable crops takes about 43-46 days. Khabar is a resistant and strong disease-resistant variety.

The flavor characteristics of the variety are high. The fruit has a thin skin, crunchy flesh, seeds are not felt.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

According to the description, the vegetable has a number of positive and negative characteristics.


  • fruits without bitterness taste;
  • excellent yield;
  • long shelf life;
  • short term ripening;
  • self-pollination;
  • resistance to the negative effects of the environment;
  • the possibility of growing both in open and in closed ground.

The use of cucumbers Khabar is good for health, because the fruits contain in their composition a large amount of Physuetinum, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, improves memory and clears the blood vessels of cholesterol.


  • spikes on the surface of the fruit;
  • demanding of soil fertility;
  • increased thermophilicity.

Preparation for landing

In the autumn, the plot is dug up, getting rid of plants. Sour ground lime.

In April, the digging procedure is repeated, the area is leveled. In mid-May, mineral fertilizers, humus, and wood ash are applied.

Seeds before planting are disinfected with potassium permanganate and covered with a dark film.

Swag (F1) is susceptible to low temperatures. To land, the ground should warm up to at least 16 ° C. In order for all the seeds to grow and grow well, do not bury them in the ground more than 2 cm.

Bush care

68-Cucumber swag

Stick to the rules

Swag (F1) is easy to grow if you follow these rules:

  • implement no more than 5 dressings;
  • alternate mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • evenly water the vegetables before flowering (no more than 4 liters per 1 sq. m every 5 days);
  • after the beginning of fruiting and flowering, water once every 3 days not more than 10 liters per 1 square. m

In case of violation of the rules of care, even banal removal of yellowing leaves causes the spread of diseases of cucumbers.

Pest Control

To protect planting from pests:

  • do not plant low-quality seeds into the ground that have not been disinfected;
  • plant cucumbers Khabar only in high-quality and fertilized soil;
  • destroy diseased plants;
  • eliminate pests with appropriate sprayers;
  • remove affected plant particles.

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Swag (F1) - a variety that deserves attention, thanks to a large number of positive qualities. It is pleasant not only to grow, but also to eat.

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