Corral for dogs do it yourself at the cottage

250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
Pets have always inspired people to delight, because they are trying to care for their pets with love. Making a dog penster with your own hands is truly a noble cause. After all, an animal cannot independently create comfortable conditions for itself, in order to carefreely exist alongside people. Every dog ​​owner must competently equip its habitat in the territory of a country house and in an apartment.

The aviary is a special area where the animal eats, sleeps and moves actively. Practically located in it 24 hours a day.

General characteristics of the structure and positive aspects


250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
Often, a quality dog ​​pen is a cozy place that has a special fence around the perimeter and a solid roof. Its area depends on the breed of pet. For small specimens, 6 m² is enough, medium-sized ones are about 10 m², large breeds comfortably feel in the pen more than 10 m². In addition, the structure must have at least one blank wall that protects the dog from the weather.

The open part of the enclosure is usually made of the following materials:

  • metal pipes;
  • chain-link mesh;
  • forged items;
  • welded mesh;
  • iron rods;
  • tree.

250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
A comfortable dog pen should have three main areas:

  • a kennel for sleeping or a couch;
  • feeding place, where there is a container with water and a bowl for food;
  • active pastime zone.

Practice shows that if a dog is devoid of such a habitat, it can become embittered and even pounce on its owner.

250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
Of course, the pet "thank you" will not tell the owner, but he always feels free, because he does not sit constantly on a leash. When the dog sheds, the wool is in one place, and does not fly around the yard. In addition, a true friend knows his place, which affects his behavior. Therefore, the pen for dogs can be compared to a quiet haven in this troubled world.

The main principles of creating an aviary at their summer cottage

250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
Since dogs come in different sizes, their habitat in the courtyard of a country house should correspond to their size. No one would think to build a dachshund enclosure with an area of ​​over 10 m², which is suitable for St. Bernard. Therefore, it is important to know the main principles of how to make a pen for the dog in the best possible way and be happy with it. First of all, you need to prepare such materials:

  • brick;
  • cement;
  • sand;
  • wooden boards;
  • varnish for wood;
  • welded mesh;
  • roof covering (slate, metal tile);
  • mineral wool;
  • metal pipes;
  • nails;
  • self-tapping screws.

The basic principles of building an enclosure help gardeners to build a pen for dogs with their own hands of any size. The main thing is to make a calculation.

250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
The construction of the enclosure begins with the marking of the site and the construction of the foundation. Around the perimeter they pull a shallow trench and fill it with sand and stones. Metal pipes with a height not lower than 2.5 m are installed in the corners.
250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
Next, prepare the cement mortar and pour it into the trench. A day later, proceed to the device floor.

To make the dog feel comfortable in the pen, it is advisable to make the floor with a slight inclination.

When the screed is dry, the surface is covered with insulation, and the boards are nailed from above. This approach will protect the dog from unforeseen diseases. The next stage - a blank wall, which is laid out of brick. Then the fence is welded to the posts and a metal frame and door are installed.

250-Corral for dogs with their own hands

Next, proceed to the construction of the roof, which is first laid out with the help of boards. From above they are covered with roofing felt, and only then - slate or metal tile. Thanks to this technology, the pet will be protected from heavy rain and heavy snowfall. The dog pen shown in the photo is a typical example of a comfortable enclosure on the territory of the summer cottage. And what if the owner prefers to keep a faithful friend in the house or in the apartment? Fortunately, this is not a problem.

A slice of dog "paradise" in the apartment

250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
In order to take care of pets with love, the wise owners understand their need to frolic. Therefore, many people prefer to install a dog pen in the apartment and give them their own space.

250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
An open-air cage in the form of a playpen is suitable for a female whose puppies were born. So she is free to walk around the apartment, which is not true of the babies. Pens are:

  • metal;
    250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
  • wooden;
    250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
  • plastic;
    250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
  • from chipboard;
    250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
  • from cardboard.
    250-Corral for dogs with their own hands

You can build an open-air cage in an apartment from a regular grid. To do this, take the following set of items:

  • mesh (preferably a chain-link);
  • metal rods;
  • flexible wire;
  • pliers;
  • hinges for the door.

250-Corral for dogs with their own hands
Getting started, choose the appropriate shape, for example - a rectangle. Then from the rods make the frame, which of the three sides are covered with a grid. Details connect with pieces of wire. The free part of the "wall" is connected with a wicket. The floor is covered with oilcloth if the pen is made for a mother with puppies. Such a piece of "paradise" will provide a peaceful coexistence of pets and people.

To make it convenient for the owners to clean the cage where the puppies live, it is advisable to put thick diapers on the oilcloth.

Corral-for a large dog - video

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