Clematis - description

143-Clematis Description
The biggest dream of gardeners who grow flowering ampelous plants is for their offspring to delight with their flowering as long as possible, while at the same time there was as little trouble as possible with long lashes, especially when preparing for wintering. You can bring it to life by planting clematis of the third group of pruning on the plot. The description and photos of the varieties that we specially made a selection of and today we want to present to you will serve to reinforce the theory of the long-term beauty of these luxurious creeping vines.

Characteristics of the group

143-Clematis Description
The third group of clematis is one of the easiest to breed. This includes varieties that are characterized by a long flowering period (up to 3 months), while in most species it is later. The reason for this phenomenon is the fact that the vine clings to the buds only on a young growth. Accordingly, this imposes an imprint on the procedure for the formation of a bush: every year it is necessary to completely cut out the bush, leaving the stumps no more than 15 cm in height (one or two buds). This is enough to liana revived.

The varieties of the third group have one more feature: they grow quite quickly and if we neglect pruning, soon the bush will turn into a tangled tangle of ugly twisted lashes. What to say about the bloom will have to forget. Thus, annually cutting the shoots that have grown during the season, one can not only renew the bush and maintain its compact forms, but also preserve the varietal qualities of flowering.

It is best to carry out pruning in the fall - then the bush, or rather its remains, will be easier to cover and prepare for wintering.

And now we bring to your attention a description of the most popular varieties of clematis of the third group of pruning (with photo).

Large-flowered Clematis

One of the most spectacular species are hybrids, which have large inflorescences. Large flowers of rich or delicate color, simple or double, immediately catch the eye and make the bush a proud grower.

Clematis Ville de Lyon

143-Clematis Description
The description of clematis Ville de Lyon should begin with the fact that he belongs to the Vititsell group. The diameter of the inflorescences reaches 16 cm, while they have a rich color and consist of 5-6 simple petals and long, up to 2 cm, stamens. Some consider it red, but most of all the color is similar to fuchsia, while the tips of the petals are darker. Interestingly, by the end of flowering purple shades begin to dominate. The bush is rather large, the length of the lashes is from 3 to 4 m. Flowering begins late, in July, but lasts until the first frost.

The variety has a high winter resistance and is resistant to most fungal diseases, but it can fade in the sun (the flowers will become faded).

Clematis Barbara

143-Clematis Description
The variety is the result of the work of Polish breeders, deserved popularity due to simple, but very large (up to 16 cm in diameter), inflorescences with interesting color: they are rich pink in color, but the stamens are painted in maroon.

The bush itself grows to a maximum of 3 m, winter-hardy, late - it blooms from June to September.

Clematis can be pruned slightly and then the flowering will be in May, and with a strong pruning flowers will appear only in the second half of June.

Clematis Venosa Violacea

143-Clematis Description
One of the unpretentious species of clematis, grows no more than 3 m in height, overwinters well and rarely gets sick. Flowering occurs in mid-summer and delicate flowers adorn the bush until October. They are single, consist of 4 or 6 simple petals, have medium size and two-tone color:

  • the middle of petals is white;
  • along the entire length at the edges are purple stripes on both sides.

You can grow clematis on a support, as well as a ground cover plant.

Clematis Etoile Violet

143-Clematis Description
A characteristic feature of this clematis from the Vititsell group is the abundance of large flowers with a rich dark purple color, which bloom in June and adorn the bush until the end of summer. White stamens are seen in the center of the inflorescence as a bright spot. Liana is subject to strong pruning, but thanks to a good growth rate it quickly gains a height of about 3 m, although it cannot please with a special density.

It is better not to let her up on the high arch - it will be too watery, but on a short ladder that she can twist completely, she will be able to achieve the effect of pomp.

The variety is unpretentious, can grow in almost any soil, both on a support and as a ground cover plant.

Clematis Pink Fantasy

143-Clematis Description
Very gentle Canadian hybrid with large flowers of pink color, with a barely noticeable darker shade along the wide petal, with the stamens also pink. Liana on average rises to a height of 3 m and blooms from mid-summer to early autumn.

The variety successfully settled down even in the middle lane and northern latitudes due to its high frost resistance.

Clematis Cardinal Wyszynski

143-Clematis Description
Some gardeners call him Cardinal Vishnevsky, thus interpreting the Polish surname in Russian style. A small, up to 3 m in height, bush will delight very large (20 cm) maroon-red inflorescences, consisting of 5-6 simple petals, slightly wavy along the edge. Red-brown stamens complement the rich color. Flowering lasts from summer to early autumn. Among breeders, he was recognized as the best variety in the group of red large-flowered clematis.

The species prefers semi-shady places, in the sun the brightness of the color burns out and the flowers turn pale.

Clematis Hegley Highbreed

143-Clematis Description
A small bush from 2 to 3 m in height grows slowly, but it will please with an abundance of buds: they are large, up to 18 cm in diameter, delicate light pink in color, open on young branches late in mid-summer, and bloom until September. The stamens are chocolate colored. The hybrid has good resistance to low temperatures.

The variety prefers penumbra - in the bright sun, the flowering time is reduced, and the color fades.

Clematis Taiga

143-Clematis Description
Our gardeners got the opportunity to purchase this original Japanese variety only 2 years ago, after Taiga won the third place in the profile exhibition. And it was for that - large terry inflorescences attract attention with a multi-colored color: if the extreme petals are monophonic, purple, the rest are only at the beginning of the petal, and most of them are painted white-green at the edge, while the tips are wrapped inside.

Clematis blooms from June until September. Liana on average 2 m in height, with good lighting grows up to 2.5 m

Clematis Mazovshe

143-Clematis Description
Liana up to 3.5 m high branches well on a support, and since June it is decorated with very large inflorescences up to 20 cm in diameter. They hang on long stalks and consist of 6 wide petals with a velvety surface, painted in a rich burgundy color. Along the center of the petals barely visible lighter band, which is actually located on their reverse side. They themselves are wide, in one row, but at the tip smoothly rounded, ending with a small sharp vershinkoy. It is noteworthy that it is pink-white.

Mazovsha blooms late, in late June, but the flowers bloom one by one until September. The variety overwinters well and is suitable for growing in the middle lane.

Clematis Comtess de Boucho

143-Clematis Description
This clematis is also called the Countess de Boucho. A rather tall variety, it can reach up to 4 m in height, although it does not grow at a very fast pace. At one place can live up to 20 years. The buds are not small, but not very large (no more than 15 cm), pink-purple, with longitudinal ribs traced, cream-colored stamens. Flowering is long, comes in June and ends in September. The variety has good winter hardiness.

To keep the buds rich in color until the autumn, it is better to plant a bush in partial shade, otherwise they will burn out and become light.

Clematis Stasik

143-Clematis Description
In the middle lane, a flower with the unusual name Stasik feels rather well - this is a suitable variety for novice gardeners. It does not require too much attention, it hibernates well and blooms profusely, though not too early and not very large flowers. The first inflorescences bloom in early July on young branches, they are the largest, up to 11 cm in diameter, painted in a dark pink color with a red tinge, gradually turning into a purple color. Petals on each flower are no more than 8, but most often 6, they are slightly pointed and collected in the form of a star.

A characteristic feature of the variety is the presence in the middle of each petal of a lighter broad band or several narrow strips, and the reverse side of the flower is paler than the front. Flowering ends in September, with the buds already noticeably smaller.

Since the bush grows compact, up to 1.8 m in height, and its growth rate is small, it can be planted in containers with the installation of additional support.

Small-flowered clematis varieties

Their buds will not surprise with their size, but abundant flowering makes you forget about it - we are talking about species of creepers with inflorescence diameter up to 10 cm. The description and photo of clematis varieties of the third group of pruning with small buds will make sure that size is not the most important thing.

Clematis Tangut

One of the most fascinating types of clematis combines a variety of varieties with a characteristic shape of inflorescences: they are small, up to a maximum of 5 cm in diameter, and look like tulip heads or bluebells. The color of the buds depends on the specific hybrid, but the main ones are white and yellow tones.

Interestingly, in nature, the plant does not exceed 30 cm, but domesticated species grow from 3 to 6 m in height. A characteristic feature are angular stems with strong branching. They firmly encircle the support, although they do not form a dense wall - the leaves are quite rare.

Among the most popular varieties of Tangut clematis are worth noting:

  • Anita The inflorescences are white, wide open, a bit like jasmine garden flowers, bloom in two waves (summer-autumn), the height of the bush is 4 m.
    143-Clematis Description
  • Aureolin. Semi-open pale yellow bells bloom continuously from June to early autumn, the height of the bush is up to 3 m.
    143-Clematis Description
  • Bill Mackenzie. The highest and fastest growing species with a height of vines up to 6 m. Inflorescences in the form of rich yellow round bells, slightly open.
    143-Clematis Description
  • Grace. The flowers of the 4 petals of soft beige color fully reveal and become like a star. The height of the bush is 3 m.
    143-Clematis Description
  • Lambton Park. One of the most large-flowered and bright species of this group, blooms with dark yellow, slightly elongated, bells, whose diameter reaches 5 cm. The buds do not fully open. The height of the bush is not more than 4 m.
    143-Clematis Description
  • Clematis Tangut Love Radar

    143-Clematis Description
    Such a romantic name is another hybrid representative of the Tangut clematis, which is worth talking about separately. The variety will not be pleased with the large size of the inflorescences, but it will surprise them with an unusual shape: in its unopened form, the flowers look like wilted bells, with 4 petals slightly bent outwards along the edge. When the bud is fully opened, it turns into a four-pointed star, burning with a rich yellow color, while its diameter is only 4 cm. The flowering of the Radar of love occurs in several waves with a short break.

    The variety has good winter hardiness, which allows it to be grown practically throughout the whole territory of Russia. He also feels rather well in a tub in a closed room.

    Clematis burning

    143-Clematis Description
    A rather tall bush increases lashes up to 5 m long and branches well on a support, creating a dense wall of thick small leaves, while the clematis can be up to 4 m wide. The distinctive feature of the variety is small inflorescences in the form of crosses of four narrow petals painted in white color with pubescent sepal. Despite the modest size of the buds, there are a lot of them and it seems that before my eyes a huge white cloud, in addition, also fragrant - the flowers have a sweet smell of honey with a subtle almond shade. Flowering occurs in mid-summer and lasts until it ends. Strong clematis can be grown even in the northern regions, since its cold resistance is high.

    The variety owes its name to the caustic smell that the shrub roots emit.

    Clematis Manchu

    143-Clematis Description
    The variety has good frost resistance, a compact bush in the first half of summer will surprise with an abundance of small (about 1.5 cm) white inflorescences in the form of asterisks of 4 petals with a delicate, subtle, aroma.

    Some gardeners often confuse the Manchzhursky clematis with a stinging one and even believe that it is the same plant. They really have a very similar flowering, both are frost-resistant and even belong to one, third, pruning group, but these are two separate varieties, which can be distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • The height of the bush. Burning clematis can grow up to 5 m in height, while Manchu - not more than 2 m.
  • The flowering period. First grade - late (blooms in July-August), and the second - early (June-July).
  • Clematis Princess Diana

    143-Clematis Description
    Photo and description of Clematis Princess Diana will not be able to fully convey his amazing and delicate charm of flowering: small, up to 7 cm in diameter, inflorescences are shaped like a bell or a tulip with 4 petals. They are bright pink, only at the very edge one can see a bright rim. Although blooming later (in the second half of summer), but abundant, it lasts until autumn, while the bells do not hang down, but rather “stick out”. The bush itself grows to a maximum of 3 m in height.

    Clematis Princess Kate

    143-Clematis Description
    Another "royal person" with abundant flowering and fairly large size. It differs from Princess Diana by a larger (up to 4 m) bush and light colored inflorescences. In addition, the flowers are slightly smaller, maximum 6 cm in diameter, also in the form of a bell, at first half-opened, then the petals are straightened. The color of the buds is very interesting:

    • inside, the flower is white with a slight pinkish tinge and a dark pink center;
    • outside the petals are pink and lilac.

    It blooms from June to autumn, winters well.

    The variety is also found under the name of Princess Ket and is one of the rare Texas hybrids.

    Clematis Arabella

    143-Clematis Description
    Low, up to 2 m, the bush grows well with and without a support, covering the soil around it at the same distance with its lashes. Flowers will not be surprised with large sizes (diameter up to 10 cm), but they will be pleased with abundance: in summer, in the midst of flowering, sometimes there are no leaves on a liana under a flower carpet of purple buds with long white stamens. In each from 4 to 5 simple petals of uniform color, but with clearly defined longitudinal grooves. As they fade, they turn pale and gradually turn blue. Variety blooms late in June, but it stands in the buds until October.

    Clematis Vanguard

    143-Clematis Description
    The variety is relatively new, obtained in 2004 by English breeders and belongs to the Vititsella group. Differs in small (5 cm in diameter), but very original inflorescences:

    • the middle of a bud is terry, from small pink petals;
    • Along the edge of the terry cushion are large, red and curving petals.

    The height of the shrub reaches 3 m, grows quickly, flowering lasts from mid-summer to mid-autumn.

    A characteristic feature of the avant-garde is a high winter hardiness.

    Clematis Ashva

    143-Clematis Description
    Compact variety: on average, the climber rises to a height of 1.5, sometimes up to 2 m, so that it can be grown in pots. Blooms late, in June, but will please with a rich color. The inflorescences are not very large, up to 10 cm in diameter, but bright, purple, with a red stripe along the petals. There are about 6 of them in the flower, the edges are bizarrely bent, which gives a special charm. Purple-colored stamens and pinkish anthers.

    Let's hope that this small selection of clematis varieties with photos will come in handy when you buy plants for the garden. And if you find plants that are already growing on the plot, now you will know how to cut them correctly.

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