Chestnuts - how to cook

128-chestnuts how to cook
Among the many famous cities in the world, Paris stands out, where thousands of couples come. They admire the beauty of architectural buildings, and also try roasted chestnuts, how to cook that, only experienced chefs know. This exquisite dish is considered one of the national products of France. Every year in Paris held a national holiday dedicated to edible chestnut. At this time, right on the street, sellers fry a surprisingly tasty delicacy in huge pans. It is not difficult to imagine how the air is filled with the pleasant aroma of heated fruits, and couples treat each other with them.

128-chestnuts how to cook
But not everyone can go to Paris, but learning how to prepare chestnuts is available to many. The main thing is to listen to the advice of experienced chefs. In addition, it is important to find out what benefits regular consumption of the product and possible contraindications bring. Let's try to understand these issues.

Close acquaintance with the delicacy of lovers

128-chestnuts how to cook
To learn how to cook chestnuts, you first need to get to know them better. Each fruit contains a lot of nutrients, namely:

  • fiber;
  • sugar;
  • squirrels;
  • starch;
  • oils;
  • tanning elements;
  • a number of vitamin.

128-chestnuts how to cook
The fruit is widely used in folk medicine in the form of tinctures and decoctions. In addition, he has a refined taste, for which he received worldwide recognition. So, if you know how to prepare an edible chestnut, benefit and harm of the product, you can safely get down to business.

In order not to harm oneself, one should distinguish edible fruit from horse chestnut. For the preparation of delicacy, only the kind of chestnut Castanea sativa, which grows in the coastal areas of the Black Sea, is suitable.

128-chestnuts how to cook
Often, people who have no understanding, confuse sweet chestnut with "gastric". It is this plant that can harm the body. On the other hand, excessive consumption of the product leads to food allergies, bloating, bowel disorder and nausea. To eat roasted chestnuts is contraindicated for people suffering from such diseases:

  • hypotension;
  • renal failure;
  • urolithiasis disease.

It is undesirable to include chestnuts in pregnant women and nursing mothers in the diet. Since the nut is considered a high-calorie product, it is contraindicated for people who are overweight.

Culinary secrets of creating dishes

128-chestnuts how to cook
French chefs make extensive use of chestnuts for their culinary delights. They prepare them in various ways:

  • baked in the oven;
  • fry in a pan;
  • cook in a saucepan;
  • add to sweet desserts;
  • used as an excellent snack for alcoholic beverages;
  • Dried product is put into the dough for baking.

In any case, the dish is obtained with an exotic taste and aroma. But how to cook chestnuts at home to feel like a Parisian? It turns out that everything is much simpler than it may seem.

There are several ways to create this amazing delicacy. For example, in order to fry the fruit with high quality, they take a wide frying pan. Then spread nuts on it.

128-chestnuts how to cook
Constantly stirring, in half an hour they will be ready. When the chestnuts are cool, peel off, sprinkle with sugar or salt. In this form, a treat is served to the table.

Cooking fruits preferably in a pan without fat. The fire should be of medium size.

Another way to fry chestnuts is to do the following:

  • Fruits are poured into the pan without fat. They include moderate fire and, stirring constantly, fry.
  • When the nuts are heated, they are covered with wet cotton fabric napkins.
  • Some cooks simply pour water into the pan. Then reduce the level of fire to a minimum. Cover and roast for 30 minutes.
  • 128-chestnuts how to cook
    Check the readiness of the treat by pressing on the product. Soft specimens are removed from the heat and served to the table. Many cooks know how to roast chestnuts in a pan and are happy to share their experiences. But the product can be cooked in the oven.

    You can fry nuts in any pan, but not with a Teflon coating.

    128-chestnuts how to cook
    Properly bake the product by performing the following operations:

  • First, cut off a miniature tip from each fruit.
  • Spread on a baking sheet, evenly distributing throughout the area.
  • Set in an oven for 15 minutes.
  • Ready nuts are peeled while they are warm.
  • Incisions help maintain the integrity of the fetus during heating. Otherwise, they burst and lose their appeal.

    128-chestnuts how to cook
    The main rule of how to roast chestnuts in the oven is to preheat the oven to 240 degrees. In addition, you must closely monitor the process. As soon as the fruits lose moisture, they can be baked only 7 minutes after that.

    French notes on the dinner table

    128-chestnuts how to cook
    Unfortunately, most of us do not have to walk through the streets of Paris and try roasted chestnuts. But any cook can learn how to cook chestnuts at home and feel like a Frenchman. Consider a few dishes, which include fried fruit. They are used in the form of semi-finished products, adding to vegetable stews. Chestnuts can be carefully kneaded with a rolling pin or crushed with a blender. Then mix with milk and add to:

    • various sauces;
    • souffle;
    • pies;
    • cakes;
    • cupcakes;
    • ice cream.

    128-chestnuts how to cook
    Since the product has universal properties, it is easy to experiment with it. Consider the recipe how to cook chestnuts at home using supplementary products.

    French notes with brisket

    128-chestnuts how to cook
    Grocery list:

    • chestnuts;
    • pork belly;
    • cabbage;
    • bulb;
    • vegetable oil;
    • wine sauce.


  • Chestnuts are cooked in a dry frying pan until cooked. Peel off, with still warm fruits and lay aside.
    128-chestnuts how to cook
  • From cabbage cut head. Dip it in boiling water and boil it for several minutes in salted water. Then disassembled on separate sheets.
    128-chestnuts how to cook
  • The brisket is cut into cubes. Wrapped in cabbage leaves and stewed in a small amount of liquid.
    128-chestnuts how to cook
  • The onion is chopped into small pieces. Put in a frying pan with butter and fry until golden peel appears.
    128-chestnuts how to cook
  • When all the components of the dish are ready, they are laid out on a wide flat plate in separate piles. The meat is poured over wine sauce.

    Chestnut Pie

    128-chestnuts how to cook

    • edible chestnuts;
    • chicken eggs;
    • milk;
    • butter (piece for lubrication);
    • salt.

    The process of creating dishes:

  • Chestnuts are fried in a hot hot skillet. Peeled and mashed.
    128-chestnuts how to cook
  • Beat eggs with a whisk or a mixer, gradually pouring milk into them. Add salt.
    128-chestnuts how to cook
  • The mixture is poured into a puree of chestnuts and thoroughly mixed so that it is free of lumps.
    128-chestnuts how to cook
  • The resulting slurry is poured onto a greased form. Bake in the oven in a water bath for at least 45 minutes.
    128-chestnuts how to cook
  • The finished dish is cut in small portions. Served with hot broth or puree soup.

    As you can see the delicacy “Roasted chestnuts”, the recipe of which is available to everyone, can be easily prepared at home. The main thing is to follow the instructions of specialists. And then, enjoying the taste of exquisite French food, mentally transferred to the streets of the glorious city - Paris.

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