Braid for rabbit

Very often, people get animals in apartments. But in recent years there has been a new tendency to walk not only cats and dogs, but also rabbits. These eared adore walking in warm weather on the grass or meadow. In urban environments, they should be taken outside, but in this case, you need to think about the safety of the animal. For this you need a harness for a rabbit.

211-Shleyka for rabbit

Braid for rabbit

Which harness is perfect for a rabbit

In order for a fluffy to feel comfortable and as comfortable as possible, you need to choose a harness that will serve as a good leash. A harness for rabbits should not be of a walking type, as the pet can easily slip out and run away from it.

For the selection of straps, it is important to know the parameters and size of the animal, as well as to choose a convenient location of fasteners.

  • A good collar must be fastened so that at the time of stress or fear the pet cannot escape.
  • A good leash should have jumpers in the shape of "H".
  • The most common harness consists of 2 systems (rings). To put it on eared, you need to pick it up, push the head into the first ring and fasten it. The second strap pushes under the belly of fluffy and tightens. On the back should be a carbine, to which is attached a leash or tape measure.
  • You can purchase a harness. She also will not allow Fluffy to escape. It is very simple to put on such a system: it is necessary to fasten the material first on the stomach, and then on the neck. These harness are made of very durable and lightweight material. They can be adjusted in size and just zipped up.
  • Teach is not difficult

    To accustom the animal to the strap should immediately after stanovki all vaccinations. On average, it takes 4 to 6 days. If the animal is very shy, up to two weeks. First, the rabbit can gnaw the straps, because it will not understand what it is. In this regard, for the first time you should buy an inexpensive collar.

    First, do not take the pet to the street, let him get used to the leash. Every day, the time to walk around the house in the strap should be increased, starting from 3 minutes. After he gets used to the leash, you can safely lead the pet to the street for the first time.

    211-Shleyka for rabbit

    How to teach a rabbit to harness

    Do it yourself

    Shleyka for rabbit do it yourself pretty simple. There are many different types of this item of clothing, you can choose your design and thus please your eared mouse. You can make a leash vest. Fluffy will feel comfortable.

    211-Shleyka for rabbit

    Braid for rabbit do it yourself

    For the manufacture of need to cut a piece of cloth on the square, its size will depend on the size of the pet. After the part has been cut off, it is necessary to carefully attach it to the pet and cut it right under the rabbit. After all the layouts are created, you need tostrow all the materials together.

    Around the neck, legs and back must be carefully sheathed the ends with a soft material so that the animal is not rubbed. If you follow the rules, your pet is provided with pleasant walks.

    Other options

    The following product is made like shleyki. Thin pieces of fabric are combined into one large system. The first thing to do is to take all measurements from the rabbit: the diameter of the chest, waist, neck and, of course, the segment between them. Two ideally even strips are cut off from the general material, which are centimeters equal to the diameter of the chest and waist, you need to add another 20 cm to this. You also need to sheathe everything with a soft lining so that the fabric itself does not rub.

    Also for such a braid it is best to take a rather tough fabric so that the animal could not tear it or be easy to gnaw. Then on one side of the piece (cut earlier, 2 strips), you need to make 2 loops, into which you then thread the ring. In order to fasten the buckle at the very bend is made the seam number 2.

    On the other side of the strip, thanks to the awl, holes are created, and the space between them must be at least 1 cm. Another strip is taken from the material, the length of which must be calculated as follows: the length between the lines plus 10 cm to the seams. This strip also needs to be sheathed with a soft cloth.

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    After successful completion of the work on the harness, you can safely put it on the pet and go to get to know the world with him. The main thing is to take the measurements correctly, because the Fuzzy will not stand still for a second!

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