Book furniture

It is not enough to select a zone in the house where a bibliophile can place his favorite books, one should also think about the aesthetic way of their accommodation that saves living space. In addition, the storage locations of folios should have acceptable storage conditions for any type of printed product, which not only conserve, but also extend life to the volumes. A huge role in the organization of the library is given to cabinets.

Elegant classic or ultra modern hi-tech, modern or baroque, and maybe exotic oriental style? The built-in closet will fit into any interior. After reviewing the materials of the "Cabinets" section, you will learn: how to choose high-quality furniture that will last for many years; how to solve the problem of a small bedroom; what good is a bedroom suite with a corner wardrobe; What cabinet design to choose to make the interior look complete and harmonious. Even composing a design project yourself, it is easy to find competent and effective solutions for organizing space. Sometimes, simply by installing a small closet in the bedroom, you can free up space and make the room more spacious. This is especially true when it comes to the bedroom of children and adolescents, because it is they who need the most freedom. Often, the impeccability of style or the elegance of forms is not as significant as the feeling of security, peace and fullness of life, which gives us a cozy home. Choose, experiment, create your own unique interior.

Some try to hide battered editions in the second row on particularly deep shelves, but this placement cannot be called successful and convenient for the reader. It is much safer to hide valuable, but rather unpresentable copies in the middle of closed sections from prying eyes. For maximum space saving, bookcases are made narrow, but high enough, of course, after taking care of a secure fit and safety. In this case, it is often impossible to do without a separate, built-in ladder to the upper shelves.

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