Birch sap - benefit and harm

370-Birch sap benefit and harm
In the spring, villagers drink birch sap, its benefits and harms have long been known. Alcoholic allergies are considered forbidden, for fear of waiting for the tree to bloom. For everyone else, this is a delicious vitamin gift from nature. Birch sap signals the awakening of nature after hibernation. Powerful roots return ground substances useful substances from the pantry. The larger the tree, the more juice is required for its awakening. We borrow from nature a little life-giving moisture.

Characteristics of birch sap

370-Birch sap benefit and harm
In the spring birch grove in the lowlands there is snow, and the trees standing in the open are beginning to cry. If in the winter someone made a loose head on a tree or chopped off a thick branch, with the beginning of a sokogon wound they emit droplets of a clear, sweetish liquid. Vivifying moisture carries a priceless cocktail, nourishing the tree. This is the time when birch sap is collected.

The flow of spring begins in many trees. Only birch sap is used and collected commercially. The maple also “cries”, and the juice is sweeter, but there is not in it the life-giving force that is gathered in the whitish.

People understood that the healing liquid can be drunk, deepening the wound and collecting the draining moisture. Bereznitsa was mined to quench their thirst, to treat the kids after a monotonous winter meal. For two weeks of regular use of juice, people felt a surge of strength. Later it turned out, the use of birch sap in multisatura, and no one is harming it.

370-Birch sap benefit and harm
However, the concept of environmental safety concerns birch sap in the first place. Can there be healing land along highways, on industrial sites or in the city? The roots do not choose the soil, they feed on what they eat. In a strip of 50 m from a busy road, birch sap will not benefit, and harm from the presence of lead is ensured. It turns out that the healing product can be taken only in a clean area.

Collect the juice in early spring, before bud break from adult trees, in cross section more than 20 cm.

Taking away the gifts of nature, we weaken the tree. A careful picker will take a little juice from several trees, cover the hollow by drying the tears of the birch tree.

The undoubted benefits of birch sap in the composition, in terms of liter:

  • caloric content - 240 kcal;
  • carbohydrates - 58 g;
  • fat - 0,0;
  • proteins 1.0 g .;
  • ash - about, 5 mg.

Micro and macronutrients are present in the fluid in a form ready for absorption. Dietary product waste-free, biochemical composition acts as a therapeutic and prophylactic apparatus of a wide range. There are no absolutely healthy people. What is useful birch sap, so it is its versatility. It can be drunk as a preventive, vitamin, stimulant. The body itself will find the use of valuable composition.

It is most useful to use fresh, non-canned juice, when biochemical processes are active. You can keep the healing drink in the refrigerator for 2 days.

How are they treated with birch sap

370-Birch sap benefit and harm
In folk medicine, three times a reception of a tasty drink for 2-3 weeks is prescribed to clean the body:

  • in diseases of the heart and hematopoietic system;
  • Gastrointestinal tract, including ulcers;
  • arthritis, gout, rheumatism;
  • for the treatment of outdoor diseases.

To get rid of rashes and pigment spots on the face is enough to wash in the morning with a healing liquid.

Treating birch sap seasonally, you need to seize the moment, and be at the right time close to the source of strength and health. Save the healing properties of the composition can be, if you freeze the liquid immediately after collection. All methods, including heat treatment, biologically active substances are removed from circulation. In the canned product, the trace elements remain, the beneficial effect from such a product will be, the healing - not.

Canned juice can be evaporated in a water bath at a temperature of 600 C, removing 75% of the water. The remaining syrup is rolled into sterilized jars.

370-Birch sap benefit and harm
It is often asked whether it is possible to use birch sap for a nursing mother during pregnancy. In the life-giving fluid does not contain allergens, and doctors recommend recharging the body with a biological activator. In addition to saturation with beneficial substances, the drink is diuretic, removes fluid from the body, reduces puffiness. During pregnancy, a drink is necessary; when feeding, the mother's body receives protection and nourishment.

Some simple recipes for applying juice:

  • anemia - drink 100 g of juice 3 times a day;
  • to remove stones from the kidneys to drink juice a glass 3 times a day;
  • bronchitis is cured by drinking juice with honey;
  • drink removes toxins and poisons.

So, the beneficial properties of birch sap are obvious. But caring for your own health can ruin a tree.

Kvass from birch sap is prepared in a glass bottle with a handful of raisins and 2 tsp. sugar per liter of drink. Close the bottle tightly, keep it cool. You can use the drink in 2-3 months, or in a few days.

The correct methods of collecting birch sap

370-Birch sap benefit and harm
The best juice to taste will be from a birch standing on a hillock. The tree bark should be white with black, one hundred means. adult tree. Such a tree per day will give up to 6 liters of juice. If you take the juice during the entire period, the tree will weaken, without getting power. It is necessary to use several trees, sealing sections after use. Creating a groove 2 cm deep with a selection of moisture through the tube is the most benign option.

The beneficial properties of birch sap persist until it wanders. Therefore, the container collector must be released daily.

The most gentle selection of the healing liquid will be the method based on cutting the branch. At the level of 2 meters above the ground a thick branch is cut off, a container is arranged for collecting juice. An open wound will expire with the juice to be collected, and the wound will heal for two weeks. The wound medicine will deliver the juice.

For industrial gathering, logging sites used for logging are used. In this case, it is not scary to pre-dry the tree. Currently, there are few juice processing enterprises left to buy such a product - good luck.

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