Appliances. how to choose the best juicer

Appliances. How to choose the best juicer
So, you decided that without such a device as a juicer you can not do anything and, having made such a decision, you are faced with a problem - and what to choose in such a variety of models, firms, designs, capacities, etc.? Let's try to briefly describe what criteria to pay attention to, so that the purchase does not disappoint you. The most important thing when choosing a juicer, as well as any other household appliances from Miele's official website is to clearly define for yourself what specific purposes you want to make a purchase. Do you want just a daily fruit fresh juice or are set up to periodically squeeze vegetables, what consistency, volume and how much you are ready to lay out for it. The simplest, perhaps, is a citrus press or citrus juicer. It can be both electric and mechanical (manual). The principle of operation is quite simple - a nozzle in the form of a cone during rotation at low speed practically squeezes the juice out of the fruit. As the name implies, this type of juicers is limited to the range of processing. With their help, you can get the juice only from citrus and pomegranate. About other fruits, not to mention the vegetables, not even talking. Nevertheless, if you are a big fan of orange or pomegranate juice, then this type will be most preferable for you for the reasons that citrus presses practically do not take up space in the kitchen compared to other types of juicers. Also, you do not have to peel the fruit and even more so, cut them. In addition, even the best of them will cost much less than the average juicer of other types. Another type of juicer, quite popular, received the name of screw. According to the principle of work, they, in essence, are presses and squeeze out the juice without rubbing the pulp. They got their name from the main working part - the auger, which works on the principle of the screw of the meat grinder. The main advantage is that vegetables and fruits do not oxidize in the process of squeezing, which allows you to save much more of the beneficial properties and keep the resulting juice longer. But perhaps their most important advantage is “omnivorous.” With their help, you can transfer not only fruits and vegetables, but also harder fruits, for example, nuts. The disadvantages include a rather high cost and the resulting texture, which turns out very thick. Although, for someone it may be more likely even an advantage. The last type that we will consider today is universal or centrifugal. In juicers of this type, the pulp is first ground, and then separated, with the result that the pulp is separated from the juice itself. They are also suitable for all fruits and vegetables. The advantages include processing speed, balanced (uniform) texture and a large price range. The disadvantages include the dimensions of all models, a rather tangible noise background and the impossibility of storing the obtained juice after pressing due to heating and oxidation of the pulp during operation. If you decide what kind of juicer you need, we advise you to pay attention to such parameters as: 1) Volume (determine how many fans will use fresh juice at the same time) 2) Like all electric appliances, power (the more powerful, the more turns there are, the higher the quality of the juice). However, you should not take devices with too much power, because beyond the limit of 20 thousand revolutions, you will not achieve additional quality anyway. 3) Material. The body can be made of both plastic and metal. Naturally, the latter will be more expensive, although it is far from a fact that they will be stronger. It increasingly depends on how you yourself will handle the device carefully. 4) Manufacturer. Of course, juicers of well-known brands that are more than a dozen years old will be guaranteed to be reliable. However, at the present time new representatives have appeared on the market, which may turn out to be no worse than famous brands. 5) Availability of warranty and its term We hope that our tips will help you with the optimal choice, and you can enjoy fresh juices any day.

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