Air conditioning equipment. air conditioners

Air conditioning equipment. Air conditioners
Air conditioners, presented on, have long proven themselves worldwide reliability and durability of operation, functionality and high quality of their work.

Technological opportunities include:

The “smart eye” is a motion presence sensor. Thanks to this sensor, the air conditioner turns on automatically as soon as people enter the room and provides them with the most comfortable climate mode. When the room is empty, independently goes into power saving mode. Night mode. At night, the air conditioner switches to a new, more economical mode, while saving 7% of electricity and reducing work noise by 3 dB. A highly efficient filter. This filter produces the most optimal air purification in the room, cleaning it from unpleasant odors, bacteria, viruses, allergens and other factors that pollute the air. A new design of the front panel with a streamlined surface and the unit. This new unit provides the minimum level of noise and the most rational distribution of air flow. Prevents dust accumulation in the room.

2. "Floating" rotor. Differs in the long term of use, high efficiency, the lowered level of vibration and noise. RAM control of power. Significantly improves the accuracy of the device and expands its operational capabilities. 99% increase in current conversion efficiency.

3. Inventory fan outdoor unit. It features maximum quiet operation. In addition to the main functions listed above, air conditioners have a double louver system, as well as wide-angle louvers, increased power modes and a draft prevention mode, anti-icing function of the outdoor unit, an air drying system, a timer and a self-diagnostic system, and automatic air dampers , a special design of the diffuser and many other functions that have turned this device into a real miracle of inventive technology.

Air conditioning equipment. Air conditioners
The cost of air conditioners varies within thirty six and a half thousand rubles. And this price fully pays off with the unique capabilities and reliability of the model, which for many years will make the climate of your home as comfortable as possible for your health and well-being.

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