About spring flowering beauties spireas

There are many varieties of spirea with both white and pink flowers. Spireas are appreciated for abundant and long-term blooming and amazing simplicity.

44-About spring flowering beauties

Spireas also grow and bloom well under the most usual conditions - loose fertile soil, good illumination, lack of stagnation of water, 3-time feeding for a season with a complex of mineral fertilizers and winter shelter for young specimens or for especially delicate varieties.

44-About spring flowering beauties

The only subtlety in growing spirea is correct pruning.

Spring-blooming spireas practically do not need pruning, with the exception of sanitary, when they remove old (older than 5 years) shoots, dry and broken branches, frozen shoots during the winter.

44-About spring flowering beauties

The blooming spireas are pruned in early spring, starting from the fourth year of life at a height of 20-30 cm from the ground. If this is not done, then the bush will gradually lose its shape, as the old branches will begin to deviate from the center of the bush, laying on the ground. And if you cut only on the tops, the plant will give thinned young shoots with small unattractive buds.

Spireas can be propagated by seed, cuttings and layering. Seeds ripened in hybrids do not use, as the seedlings of them will be heterogeneous. Seeds are sown in early spring in boxes with an earthy mixture and dive to the garden 2-3 months after the emergence of seedlings. Seedlings bloom 3-4 years after planting, all this time they need careful maintenance - weeding, loosening the soil and frequent watering.

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