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Choosing high-quality wallpaper for the modern hall: new in 2017

The question of acquiring wallpaper was for everyone who at least once did repairs in an apartment or house. In the interior, we try to combine everything to the smallest detail. And the wallpaper is not the last place, in some cases they can play a major role in the design. The central place in any home, of course, is the living room. In this room, a lot of time is spent, moreover, given the current trends and layouts, many try to make it as functional as possible, combine with the kitchen, and combine with a dining area and a place to rest. And therefore, design and practicality should be combined here. It will be about how to choose the right finishing materials for wall decoration in the living room. What ideas and design decisions are relevant in 2017.

  • What types exist
  • Drawings and prints
  • Modern design ideas 2017
  • Characteristics of wall materials for decoration
  • How to choose
  • How to glue: a few useful rules
  • Before buying wallpaper

    Before buying, you need to calculate the right amount of material so as not to get into a situation where there is a couple of centimeters missing. Traditional wallpapers are available in standard length rolls of 10.5 m. Roll widths vary (0.5, 0.7, 1.0 m).

    Consider the differences in wallpaper on the area of ​​pasting. This is a very important point. Determine the required amount will help measure the hall with a tape measure up and down. The value after multiplication will be the area of ​​the working walls.

    Next, it is necessary to take away the area of ​​windows and doors from the resulting area. The doors between the rooms are almost the same 2.0 × 0.8 m. The same goes for the windows. The standard dimensions of window openings are 1.75 × 1.6 m. This means that it is necessary to subtract 1.6 and 2.8 square meters from the total area of ​​the hall. m, respectively.

    If the repair plans provide for the combination of a living room with a kitchen or bedroom, then the area should be calculated for each room separately. Wallpaper in this case, you can use different.

    Design of gray wallpaper with pictures in the form of bookshelves

    An example of combining wallpaper multiple textures

    Living room design with a combined wallpaper

    You make a mistake if you decide that this area is calculated. There are many more nuances, for example, trimming, tolerance, fitting the pattern, non-standard ceiling height. The standard roll is designed for a room height of 2.6 m. Thus, 4 bands from one roll are obtained. If the ceiling height is greater, then the wallpaper will need much more.

    Tip: it is better to buy wallpaper on a roll more. You can arrange for the return of the unused packaged roll back to the store. This is a better option than a lack of finishing material. Remember that different batches of wallpaper differ in hue. In addition, the store may not already be the necessary rolls.

    What types exist

    Color is a matter of taste. Preference in the design of a stylish living room should be given non-woven wallpaper, because they have a dense structure, durable, hide irregularities and flaws, are resistant to heat, do not deform, are suitable for painting, create a magnificent interior, have different colors.

    The quality of vinyl is not particularly different from non-woven. These wallpapers are easy to clean and wash, perfectly “masking” the seams.

    A special decoration of the apartment will be wallpaper made of fabric. They will give the originality and charm of the living room, sophistication of design, originality of the interior. Cons: not suitable for washing, accumulate dirt and dust.

    Wallpaper made of woven materials is not very practical, as short-lived, expensive and quickly get dirty.

    With the help of materials it is possible to create the desired style of the living room and give the apartment a special chic.

    There are the following types:

    • fabric with iridescent gilding or ornate painting (suitable for classic-style living rooms);
    • metal foil (living room in high-tech style will be underlined favorably);
    • bamboo (ideal for a hall in a natural style);
    • silk-screening (suitable for living room owners, experimenters).

    Before choosing wall materials, look at photos of rooms made in different modern styles to determine the choice of design.

    Combining wallpaper with a fancy pattern and wide stripes

    2017 wallpaper design for a modern living room

    Design a combined wallpaper 2017 in the living room

    Sample design 2017 with a combined wallpaper in the living room

    Bamboo wallpaper with living room interior

    A novelty on the market of finishing materials is glass wall paper. They are made of high-quality fiberglass, have moisture resistance and durability, fireproof.

    Bamboo wallpapers give the hall sophistication and natural coloring. They are easy to maintain, easy to operate.

    Drawings and prints

    When choosing a pattern, consider the goal that you are trying to achieve, making out the modern design of the room. If you want to increase the height of the hall, stop your choice on striped wallpaper. They will mask the seams and make the ceilings higher. Remember that three-dimensional patterns are welcome on any one wall, while the rest of the walls should be background.

    Tip: do not glue the wall, closed furniture, expensive materials. Choose a modest monophonic. So you will make a beautiful background and get rid of problems with sticking.

    Not sure which wallpaper to choose? Create a diverse design. Choose different contrasting versions of wallpapering in the hall, especially now there are even more interesting and original variations. Contrasts will look great in an apartment, for example, the prevalence of a single design style in various color designs for walls, furniture and accessories.

    Horizontal combination of wallpaper in the living room design

    Combined wallpaper of dark and white colors in the living room design

    Modern design ideas 2017

    Ideal - to make repairs, updating all the old and boring. If you strive to show the unique look of the hall, glue interesting wallpapers on one of the walls or make a non-standard decor for all the walls.

    The renovation of the hall, performed in two-color finish, looks unusual. In this case, the room is divided by multi-colored wallpaper horizontally. The use of wallpaper of various textures and shades is welcomed.

    You can paste one wall with bright wallpaper with a pattern that contrasts with the design of the house. Non-traditional looks interior, in which the zone of the wall is distinguished by strips of plaster or polyurethane, which later is covered with wallpaper, differing in color from the other walls. This repair looks cheap and very stylish.

    Gray room design

    Photo wallpaper in the interior of the living room

    Brown wallpaper design in the living room

    Wallpaper with blue roses in the living room

    The idea of ​​a living room design with light wallpaper.

    Design wallpaper with a gray pattern

    Living room design in brown and blue with bamboo wallpaper.

    Combining wallpaper in the living room hi-tech

    Design wallpaper in a classic style for the living room

    Characteristics of wall materials for decoration

    The choice of wallpaper in the hall requires consideration of their practical function. The material used for their manufacture should not be branded. Therefore, the best option to finish a spacious guest room is a dark color scheme. As in previous years, in 2017, small living rooms require a light design that visually enlarges the space, so here are suitable wallpapers made of quality materials for wall decoration, which have:

    • environmental friendliness;
    • breathable;
    • no dirt accumulation technology;
    • non-flammable coatings;
    • beauty;
    • function to hide irregularities.

    Unusual combination of plain wallpaper with a large pattern

    The design of the living room in gray and white.

    How to choose

    Since the living room is the center of the apartment, the responsibility for creating the interior and choosing the type of wallpaper lies with the owners. Therefore, the choice of paintings need a special approach.

    When choosing, follow the recommendations:

    • Wallpaper with a large pattern visually reduces space. For a small hall in the house suitable wallpaper with a rare low-key design, increasing the area.
    • To reduce the huge space of the hall and increase the height of the ceiling can be due to the wallpaper with vertical stripes.
    • To increase the room and reduce the height of the ceiling will help wallpaper with horizontal stripes.
    • Increase the room wallpaper without a picture of light colors. Do not make the interior of the hall with bright contrasting wallpaper with a pattern.
    • Note that diamonds and squares expand the room.
    • The smaller the area of ​​the room, the brighter should be the wallpaper and the smaller the drawing.
    • Defects, irregularities, curvature of walls are easy to hide with the help of embossed wallpaper with the image of drops, stains, scuffs.
    • Colorful patterns successfully hide beams and protrusions.
    • The choice of color is much more important than texture and pattern.

    Tip: Be careful when choosing materials for walls! Embossed wallpaper is not suitable for classic style!

    Design wallpaper with a large pattern

    Choose a color based not on preferences, but on the size and location of the room. The interior of the modern hall, located on the south side, is best of all decorated in cold tones, and the design of the northern living rooms - in warm. This compensates for the lack of light.

    In general, the design of the hall is unlimited in the choice of colors. Both deep saturated and pale shades are relevant. The only problem is the combination of colors. They should be harmonious, preferably in the tone of the furniture.

    Most often when pasting the walls of the apartment owners choose wallpaper for the hall on a non-woven base. They are beautiful, look expensive, hide minor defects, while making the design of the room elegant and refined.

    For small living rooms, pasting with light wallpaper with fine patterns is suitable. The hall of a large area can be decorated with bright wall material. Wallpaper of cool shades with a large pattern will look unique.

    The option to design a combined wallpaper in the living room

    Combined wallpaper in the spacious living room

    The walls in pastel colors will emphasize the originality of the furniture colors. Do not be afraid to combine different types of wallpaper. Particularly intriguing black and white gamma.

    How to glue: a few useful rules

    Creating a living room design, choose wallpaper based on the size of the room, the height of the ceilings and the area of ​​the apartment.

    Visually increase the room will help variable sizing, for example, wallpaper with a rare scattered pattern. Extend the room can be due to the wallpaper with vertical stripes. The small print looks great on the walls.

    Favorable effect on the human psyche cold palette of colors, helping to relieve tension and stress. Design in dark colors provides for the account of some significant nuances. The color is a fundamental criterion during the repair.

    The wrong opinion is formed by those who believe that dark colors make the room gray and uncomfortable. On the contrary, they create a beautiful unique interior. Brown wallpapers fit well into the interior of the hall, as They are well combined with a light palette.

    Natural wood furniture is a bold design decision. The idea of ​​using natural furniture is increasingly popular.

    The dark blue wall palette is suitable for insufficiently lit guest rooms. Although lately violet tones have become popular, due to which many stylistic trends are created, it is advisable to use dark gray shades in the style of minimalism. In addition, be sure to decorate objects in warm colors.

    Design wallpaper with molding in the interior of the living room

    Design of blue wallpaper with white pattern

    Green wallpaper in the interior of the living room

    Wallpaper for the hall - the subject of aesthetics. From their choice depends not only the design, but also the atmosphere of the whole room, proportionality, compatibility. Making out the interior of the hall, you should select high-quality, moisture-proof, embossed, “not afraid of the sun” finishing materials.

    When making repairs, pay attention to the fact that high-quality wallpapers in the hall give a guarantee of use for more than 10 years. The main thing is to beautifully and gently stick the wallpaper on the walls and create a unique design.

    When performing sticking, make sure that the “docking” does not catch your eye. Correctly do the repair, starting pokleyku from the left corner of the window and moving counterclockwise.

    Make sure that the trendy wallpaper for the hall fits perfectly into the style of the whole house. Having decided once to repair, it is preferable to use ready-made design ideas. You can try, showing imagination, combine your own ideas with design, and create a combined design style.

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