Country-style living room (photo)

How to create a living room interior in country style?

Country style is characterized by features of the area where it is applied. It is characteristic for design in the countries of Europe, Russia, America. The style is based on the use of natural materials. Making a living room in country style in a country house from outside will resemble a rustic hut, and inside it will be an exquisite room with a whitewashed ceiling, wicker furniture and steel decorating elements. The online gallery of design projects presents unique photos of living room design in country style.

68-Country-style living room (photo

Photo: the embodiment of country style in a small living room

Photo: the embodiment of country style in a small living room

68-Country-style living room (photo

From fabric designers most often use:

- wool; - sheepskin; - linen; - cotton; - burlap.

Tip: combining different fabrics and textures, use no more than three shades in the interior. The popularity of country style is increasing annually. Increasingly, this style is used in the design of living country houses, apartments, offices. The motive of style lies in the freedom of choice (furniture, lighting, interior). This is confirmed by designer photos.

  • Differing features of country style interior
  • Country Style Finishing Materials
  • Variants of living room design in country style

    Thematically the living room can be arranged in the form of:

    • "English manor" (the emphasis is on light perception and comfort). The image of flowers must be present on the upholstery of upholstered furniture, in the decoration and decoration of walls. The harmonious addition with fresh flowers in flowerpots is welcomed. Furniture is better to choose the color of mahogany. Approved in the living room bookcase or patina-covered chest. The interior in country style is not limited to furniture and color. Be sure to have a fireplace. In the room should be pictures of the image of hunting, blankets, books in leather bindings. In the color palette should be dominated by white, brown, yellow, green shades.

    68-Country-style living room (photo

    Tip: The central element of the living room decor in country style is a fireplace made of natural stone.

    • “American ranch” (heavy furniture, the components of which are heavy metals, such as brass, bronze, is considered a key design element). The flooring is made of wood covered with animal skins. Patchwork fabrics prevail in bed linen. Externally, the living room should resemble an Indian style. Inside, the ceiling and walls are better decorated in the same color scheme. Good will look sconces and lamps in the form of horns. It is best to use designer figurines (accessories, figures) made of clay. In the interior of the room must be present a dirty blue shade and ocher color.

    68-Country-style living room (photo

    • "Swedish house" (the implementation of the interior in the style of country music is impossible without bright light and clean fresh air). Say no to curtains. If it is impossible to refuse them, it is possible to use curtains from very thin fabrics. Original will look arrangement of the floor of wooden plates. No paint required. The design of the walls is better designed in a single tone, mostly light. Will perfectly fit into an interior and furniture from thick light wood.

    68-Country-style living room (photo

    With the help of woven rugs will be able to create an atmosphere of home comfort. As for accessories, it is best to give preference to heavy copper ornaments. The interior walls can be freely made in a rural landscape theme. The predominant colors in the living room: cream, natural wood, olive, ivory.

    • "French Provence" (key design - simplicity in the interior, clarity, naturalness). The design of the room provides for a rough design of the walls with roughness and irregularities. The ceiling is best done dark with light beams. Acquisition and modern decoration of antique furniture is considered very valuable. The shape of the furniture is simple, without unnecessary decorations. The interior is dominated by restrained colors, including white and aqua. Beige, lemon, and terracotta are also popular.

    68-Country-style living room (photo

    Differing features of country style interior

    The main features distinguishing country style from other styles are:

    • decorated in pale and pastel colors;
    • monotony in the decoration of the walls (sometimes with a small discreet ornament);
    • simplicity in furnishing;
    • finishing material exclusively from wood;
    • stone decoration elements;
    • carpet paths;
    • vintage vases with flowers;
    • handmade decoration elements;
    • use in the interior of a large number of wood;
    • the presence in the interior of vintage antiques;
    • antique furnishings
    Photo: above the fireplace is the best place for TV

    Photo: above the fireplace is the best place for TV

    68-Country-style living room (photo

    Country Style Finishing Materials

    The interior is dominated by neutral, in harmony with each other colors.

    For wall decoration is recommended to use:

    • staining with matt paints;
    • wallpapering;
    • soft texture.

    Performing the floor finish, it is preferable to give preference:

    • old tree;
    • light colors;
    • laminate flooring;
    • soft carpet.

    Materials prevailing in the invoice:

    - linen; - cotton.

    In the scenery - the use of striped, checkered elements.

    Looking at the design photos of the interiors, it is safe to say that the main thing in the country style is coziness, comfort and simplicity. Turn into reality the idea of ​​the interior in a similar style cheap. Most of the furniture can be bought on sale or delivered from the village. Ceramics, chintz, accessories for the decor, too, will cost cheap. Just a little effort and imagination - and the unique interior of the house is ready.

    Photo: fireplace made of natural stone

    Photo: fireplace made of natural stone

    68-Country-style living room (photo

    A country-style living room with a large fireplace made of natural stone is a real masterpiece. The ceiling, made in bright colors with painting, will expand the space. Armchairs of wicker, thick carpets and warmth from the fireplace - the perfect option living room in country style.

    This style of living room is suitable for people leading a healthy lifestyle. Embroidered and knitted decorative tablecloths, as well as capes, blankets, napkins will give style to originality, home comfort.

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