Zelmer coffee machine

Zelmer coffee machines

Zelmer coffee machines
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  • Comparisons of pros and cons
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Zelmer coffee machine is an excellent choice for lovers of invigorating drink. With its help, you can make lattes, cappuccino and other types of coffee without much difficulty and knowledge. Such devices have gained great popularity among consumers!

Important qualities

Zelmer coffee makers are presented in three categories: automatic, semi-automatic, drip.

Zelmer has several advantages:

  1. anti-drip system;
  2. heated cups;
  3. high power;
  4. stainless steel.
Zelmer coffee machines
Zelmer coffee machines

In the coffee machine Zelmer "Supremo 13Z015 Nerro" also height of heating is regulated. Such a device can make coffee at once for two, which is very convenient. This is noted by many connoisseurs of fragrant and tasty drink.

The water meter (called a flowmeter) can be easily replaced. It is sold in many stores, so you can buy it for this coffee machine without any problems.

If the customer likes to drink espresso, the Zelmer coffee machine can perfectly make coffee. All waste is placed in a removable compartment, it is very convenient. With a coffee dosage, this machine also works very well.

Zelmer coffee machines
Zelmer coffee machines

Important advantages of this device are price, style, ease of management, which is important for beginners.

Comparisons of pros and cons

There are drawbacks, of course, but they are not so significant. Buyers often see the pros.

The body of this coffee machine is metal, so fingerprints may remain on it.. You have to often wash such a machine, otherwise nothing. And the plastic would quickly melt.

Zelmer coffee machines

Sometimes the machine will be idle for a long time - and only then will it release steam. Milk frother also has to be washed frequently.

Cons can be found everywhere, but in this case, of course, there are more pluses.

This machine is ideal for home use. The more additional features, the higher the price, and this is quite natural.

Real coffee lovers choose espresso-type pumping devices, in which steam is passed through pressure ground coffeeThis class includes data model Zelmer. The pressure in these machines - 15 and 18 bar. This means that the coffee is prepared quickly, and it is of very good quality. It is also worth noting that Zelmer coffee makers have a stand for heating cups. Coffee is always hot, which is good news for consumers.

Zelmer coffee machines
Zelmer coffee machines
Zelmer coffee machines

Zelmer coffee machine is completely metal, only its plastic handle. It turns on instantly, and coffee is prepared faster than in other coffee makers. There is the possibility of programming. This is convenient for beginners who would otherwise be difficult to understand management.


Customer reviews of Zelmer coffee machines are mostly positive.. Consumers are satisfied. If there are any shortcomings, then this happens very rarely. In addition, these coffee makers, like all products, are warranted, but there are almost no warranty cases.

Zelmer coffee machines
Zelmer coffee machines

When the coffee is ready, all its aroma remains in the cup, and does not evaporate during preparation.. In the process of cooking the coffee machine heats the water to 89 degrees, as it should be. The water tank at the Zelmer coffee maker is very convenient. It is also convenient to control the amount of coffee. Thanks to this coffee maker, you can become a real professional in coffee making, prepare an aromatic drink for yourself, your household and guests. Coffee like everyone!

The price of these coffee machines is not very high, and the quality of the drink is simply wonderful.

How to use the Zelmer coffee machine - in the next video.

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