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Vitek coffee maker

Vitek coffee maker
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Coffee - one of the most common and delicious drinks. For its preparation use the Turks, coffee makers, coffee machines. Each of the methods has its fans. For true gourmets, the process of making coffee is a real ritual. The easiest way to prepare this drink in Vitek coffee makers is the most affordable way to get great pleasure.

Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker

About brand

Vitek is the most popular Russian brand, producing household appliances and electronics. He occupies a leading position in the use of their products in everyday life of Russians: every third family chooses the technology of this brand.

Vitek products cover all areas of domestic life: food processing, preparation of various dishes, climate technology, audio and video equipment, hair care, clothing.

The hot beverage line includes cappuccinators, coffee grinders, thermopots, kettles and coffee makers.

Vitek coffee maker

Models, principles of their work

Coffee makers require human participation in the process of making a drink (unlike coffee machines).

Vitek offers:

  • Drip coffee makers. In this type of coffee makers, water of 90-98 degrees passes through a layer of coffee powder and drops it into a cup. The result is a drink, ready-to-drink and filtered. Preparation takes no more than 5 minutes. Drip coffee makers are models VT-1503, 1506, 1509, 1510, 1512.
  • Rozhkovye coffee makers (they are also called pump action). They use ground coffee. The peculiarity of rozhkovy coffee makers is that no water enters the ground coffee. Through it under the influence of high pressure steam is passed. It is enriched with the smell and taste of ground grains, condenses in a special chamber and converted into the desired drink. Cappuccino is brewed with such coffee makers, as this model includes integrated equipment for making foam. To carob are models VT-1502, 1504, 1511, 1513, 1514, 1515, 1516, 1517, 1519, 1525.
  • Capsule coffee makers. In such coffee machines they brew espresso, cappuccino, latte on the basis of capsules. The use of capsules removes the problem of grinding coffee, the choice of dosage, possible spilling of the powder. Capsules contain ground coffee, packaged in 7-9 grams. To make coffee, you need to place the coffee capsule in a special unit, press the start key. After this, the mechanism pierces the capsule, water flows from the boiler. It flows through the capsule, and the finished drink is poured into a cup. This type of model is VT-1510

For those who want to get a drink instantly, it is better to purchase a capsule model. Fans of experimenting and independently participating in the cooking process are more suitable carob or drip options. The most popular in our time drip models.

All models have a special unique design and compactness. They are very simple and reliable in operation, equipped with clear indicators.

Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker

Characteristics of the best coffee makers

  • One of the most popular recently carob-type models. - "Vitek VT 1514". The model refers to the budget options.
  • It is very compact: width 22 cm, height 29 cm. The device is presented in a color combination of silver and black metallic.
  • It has an automatic cappuccinator, is equipped with an anti-dropping system that allows you to maintain aesthetics and accuracy. When the mug is removed, the remaining drops fall into the pan with holes.
  • Especially for small-sized cups, there is a retractable nut with holes and a tray that collects drops.
  • There is a flask for milk, a lid is provided for it. The tube is adjustable depending on the height of the cup.
  • The foam regulator lever can be adjusted to your liking, getting abundant foam at the maximum intensity position, and at the minimum - a modest foam.
  • The milk tank fits tightly: if the container is not properly fixed, the coffee maker will not start working - the indicators will not light up. If everything is set correctly, the indicators with bright lights will indicate readiness for operation.
  • The remaining milk can not be poured into another container. It can be left in a container and refrigerated. As required the container is required to be washed.
  • This model provides the possibility of making foam milk or just hot milk without coffee, which many children love.
  • The model makes it possible to lead the process of self-cleaning the cappuccinizer tube. Self-cleaning inside the device is also carried out simply. It is necessary to hold the button located near the coffee selection button for more than 5 seconds, and as a result auto-cleaning will occur.
  • The coffee maker has a relatively large water tank - 1.6 liters, which is proportional to 32 standard cups.
  • The switch is located on the side panel. It takes just a few seconds to warm up.
  • It is possible to automatically turn off the coffee maker, if you suddenly forgot about it.
Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker

Review of the Vitek VT-1514 coffee maker, see the following video.

  • Model "VT 1513" provides the ability to cook at the same time two cups of coffee. The tank holds 1.25 liters of water. The case is completely plastic. The temperature of the drink reaches 80 degrees. Coffee is served in a heated cup, which does not allow it to cool as long as possible. This model prepares espresso and americano. For americano requires more water. For cappuccino make foam in manual mode.
  • "VT 1516 " - rozhkovy coffee maker with an automatic cappuccinator. A distinctive feature of the model - it remembers the set values ​​even after a power outage.
  • Coffee maker "Solo VT-1504" with brewing system by passing boiling water through ground coffee (with a capacity of 0.12 l) is equipped with a mesh nylon filter and an on / off button with backlight that allows you to control the process of brewing coffee. It provides automatic shutdown.
  • "Vitek VT-1507 Blue Diamond" - rozhkovy coffee maker. Volume - 0.8 l, designed for a maximum of 4 cups, uses ground coffee, brews espresso in semi-automatic mode, has 2 strainers. A cappuccinator prepares a fine crema.
  • "Vitek Grace VT-1503" - plastic coffee maker, very compact and lightweight, mostly black. Design features: there is no glass container for ready-made coffee (the drink flows out in 2 cups); to make a drink, coffee is poured directly onto the filter, water is poured on the sides (as in an electric kettle) - convenient control of the amount of liquid; in the presence of a permanent plastic filter that does not require replacement.

The disadvantages of this model include: the possibility of deformation of the plastic case under the influence of high temperatures; lack of auto power off; the need to constantly monitor the preparation of coffee (with an excess of water, the drink will overflow); poor filter quality. Large circles do not fit, the assembly is not very high quality (there are gaps between the components). However, low cost combined with reliability and durability compensate for these disadvantages.

Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker

How to use?

Using horn coffee makers is simple:

  • Unscrew the horn, which is located at the base; put there a measuring spoon (included) ground coffee; to form a coffee tablet, tamping powder back side of a spoon; insert the horn in place. For different sizes of cups different horns are used.
  • On the panel, select the type of drink. Press: one click - a normal portion, two presses - a double portion.
  • The cappuccinator works fully automatically. When turning on the functions of "latte" and "cappuccino" with a stream of air, a portion of milk is captured and a ready-made foam is dispensed (directly into the cup). By adjusting the number of servings, you can achieve a multi-layered drink.
Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker

Feature of the work of capsule coffee makers is the mandatory use of special coffee capsules. Each coffee maker works with a specific type of capsule. A certain number of capsules, as a rule, comes complete with a coffee maker, but when buying this type of equipment, you should make sure that it is possible to subsequently purchase capsules without hindrance and calculate costs.

Vitek coffee maker

Gourmet Tips

When using Vitek coffee makers:

  • To get a rich taste you need to use only freshly ground coffee.
  • The grinder must be used with ceramic millstones, not knives (in extreme cases, with pseudo-millstones).
  • A coarser grinding provides maximum flavor, but reduces the strength, a smaller one - the drink as a result is much stronger.
  • To obtain high-quality froth it is necessary to use milk of about 5 degrees, medium fat content (2.5-3.5%), containing protein from 3%. Skim milk is absolutely not suitable for latte and cappuccino, for their preparation the fat content should be at least 3.2%.
  • To wash the milk container preferably with a brush - this will extend the shelf life of the milk and eliminate the possible sour taste.
Vitek coffee maker
Vitek coffee maker


Among the main advantages of Vitek coffee machines, users point out a combination of reasonable prices and good quality. Coffee makers work with almost no breakdowns. The cooking process is very simple.

The disadvantages include:

  • pump buzz and steam whistle;
  • the need to wash the cone after each preparation of the drink;
  • lack of coffee grinder;
  • it is necessary to control the presence of water: the coffee maker is turned on and in its absence.

Preferring Vitek coffee makers, you choose the budget option of a coffee house at home.

Vitek coffee maker

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