Vialettii coffee maker

Vialetti Coffee Maker

Vialetti Coffee Maker
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The morning of most people begins with a cup of strong aromatic coffee. Coffee maker Bialetti will help prepare a drink worthy of the kings themselves.

Appearance history

Brand Bialetti began its existence in 1919. And in 1939, Alfonso Bialeti invented the first coffee maker, working on the geyser principle. She got the name "Moka express".

Initially, this brand specialized in the manufacture and production of various products from aluminum alloy. The inhabitants of Italy very quickly appreciated the invention of their citizen, and later the whole world fell in love with the new unit.

Since then, every year the company has pleased its fans with the release of new models of Italian gas coffee makers of various modifications.

Vialetti Coffee Maker
Vialetti Coffee Maker

Description and types

It was Bialetti who became the progenitor of all existing geyser coffee makers. This concept includes all similar units, in which coffee is brewed by brewing with water, which passes from the bottom up under a fairly strong pressure.

The coffee maker itself consists of a filter with a funnel, an upper tank for brewed coffee, and a lower compartment for cold water. Under the powerful pressure of steam, water enters the filter with a funnel, washes coffee, completely absorbing its taste and aroma, and then enters the upper compartment, from where it is poured into a mug. As you can see, using such a coffee machine is quite simple. It is only necessary to pour cold water, pour a portion of coffee and turn on the device.

All the types and brands of these coffee machines that exist today differ from their counterparts in a unique stylish design and unusual configuration.

Vialetti Coffee Maker

At the moment the company is engaged in the release of kitchen assistants of two types:

  • Electric coffee makers, The principle of operation is similar to the operation of an electric kettle.
  • Classic models, which can work both on the electric, and on the gas stove.

The coffee maker can have a capacity from 100 ml to 1 l (depending on the model chosen). This allows you to choose the most suitable kitchen appliance for everyone.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we talk about the advantages of this kitchen unit, then there are not so few of them:

  • possibility to use coffee maker for making teas, decoctions of herbs and plants;
  • compactness, small size;
  • reliable and durable construction;
  • no need to worry about that coffee can run away (as when cooking it in Turk);
  • wide the lineup;
  • easy and understandable operation.

Perhaps the most important advantage of this device can rightly be considered an affordable price. Such devices provide a very tasty, aromatic and invigorating drink.

Vialetti Coffee Maker

Disadvantages of devices:

  • in the model "Moka Express" impossible to make coffee with fragrant foam;
  • if the device is rarely used the metal begins to oxidize, causing the final taste of the product to deteriorate;
  • all models no coffee grinder;
  • low pressure (compared to models from other manufacturers).

But these shortcomings do not really confuse consumers, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that every year the number of fans of Bialetti coffee makers increases.


The range of models of coffee makers of this brand is very extensive. Each appliance has excellent technical characteristics, and the main difference between these coffee machines is the material of their production, as well as the ability to make several different types of coffee. Most popular models:

  • "Mukka express"Is the only Bialetti coffee machine that is suitable for making cappuccino. It is made of aluminum alloy, and the coffee tank is spotted in color.
  • "Moka crystal"- A modern transparent coffee making machine made from special glass.
  • Coffee Makers "Butterflies"And"Flowers"Have a pattern on the body - the image of butterflies. They differ from other models by the presence of a removable pressure valve and an octagonal body.
  • "Induzione"- an aluminum machine made specifically for brewing coffee on induction plates.
Vialetti Coffee Maker
Vialetti Coffee Maker
Vialetti Coffee Maker
  • "Express"- standard model with a removable pressure button, nylon handles. It is made of aluminum.
  • "Morenita"And"Junior“- these are more advanced versions of the very first coffee makers of this brand.
  • "Glossy"- standard model with non-release pressure valve. There are three varieties: “Red”, “Glossy” and “White”.
  • "Mini express»Allows you to pour the finished coffee immediately into cups - thanks to the presence of special pipes, through which the drink and pours into the dishes.
Vialetti Coffee Maker
Vialetti Coffee Maker
Vialetti Coffee Maker
  • "Brikka”Is a unit that allows you to prepare a flavored drink with a delicate crema.
  • "Venus elegance"- This is an option for lovers of classic and simplicity. It can be used on plates of any kind, but most of all is suitable for induction.
  • Coffee maker "Dama"Does not have any significant features. Its name was due to the shape of the device itself.
  • "Easy timer"- these are three types of electric coffee makers, which prepare the same name drink for a strictly defined time.
Vialetti Coffee Maker
Vialetti Coffee Maker
Vialetti Coffee Maker
  • Model "Crem»Has an additional press that helps to create on the surface of coffee a very thick, tasty and dense foam.
  • "Eletrika"Is the simplest electrical model.
  • "Kitty Nera Elegance"And"Musa"- these are devices made of stainless steel. They are intended for use on induction hobs.
  • "Break"Is an apparatus in which the lower part is made in the shape of an octahedron, and the upper part is round.

All models are slightly different in appearance and functionality. Such differences allow each person to choose the most appropriate model of coffee makers.

Vialetti Coffee Maker
Vialetti Coffee Maker
Vialetti Coffee Maker

Operation Tips

In order for the purchased Bialetti coffee maker to please you for a long time, use the following tips:

  • When using an electric geyser It is best to place the device on a small burner with medium heat.
  • 10-15 seconds before the readiness of coffee The device itself must be turned off or simply removed from the stove. Drink get more fragrant and tasty.
  • Do not wait for the moment when the unit starts making snorting sounds. First, it indicates the machine is overheating, and secondly, the taste of the drink at this moment begins to deteriorate.
Vialetti Coffee Maker
  • Be sure to watch so that the water level in the tank was higher than the minimum allowable.
  • Do not pour too much coffee. into the filter and try to tamp it. Allowed only a little smooth.

These simple recommendations will help not only to extend the life of the geyser coffee maker. They will allow to enjoy the unique coffee taste and aroma.


All coffee makers of this brand are very popular, and the buyers themselves leave positive feedback about them. All devices work for a very long time (subject to the recommendations of the instructions and operating tips). The drinks prepared in them turn out tasty and fragrant.

As a special advantage, consumers point out not only ease of operation, but also ease of care. This coffee maker will be a real find and a great gift for people who love real coffee, herbal teas, delicious and fragrant teas.

Vialetti Coffee Maker
Vialetti Coffee Maker

Brew coffee in a coffee machine Bialetti "Venus".

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