Top home coffee makers

Top home coffee makers

Top home coffee makers
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  • When you need a new coffee maker for your home, we go to the store and, of course, want to choose the most beautiful and highest quality. It can be difficult to figure out which of the coffee machines is better - what type, what volume and what design. After all, everyone needs the best, such that it lasts a long time and is not very expensive.


    To understand which model is best for the home, you need to at least understand what is the difference between them. Coffee makers are:

    • drip;
    • geyser;
    • electric turks;
    • carob - they prepare espresso;
    • machine espresso machine.
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers

    The electric bike is, of course, not a coffee maker, but rather an electric kettle, but it does not turn off when the water boils, so this moment needs to be controlled independently.

    How to make a choice?

    When you go to the home appliance store to choose a coffee maker, your eyes diverge from a variety of models. All of them are beautiful and functional, so it is completely incomprehensible how you can choose one thing. First of all, you should decide what you need - a coffee maker or coffee machine. The second option, of course, steeper, but will cost a pretty penny. Such a household appliance is characterized by complexity of the design, bulkiness and high cost.

    Top home coffee makers

    Coffee machine

    This multifunctional device is a coffee grinder with a coffee maker. She herself grinds the seeds, puts the powder in the filter, passes hot water through it, removes the waste mass - and all this on its own, without your help.

    Coffee in this device is used only high quality, because freshly ground coffee retains all its nutritional qualities and does not lose flavor. To control the device has a microprocessor. It is clear that such a function will not be able to perform a cheap and compact device.

    Top home coffee makers


    It has only one function - it passes hot water through compressed coffee. But this is the main thing that is required in order to make coffee.

    Choosing home appliances such as home should take into account a nuance that few people think about: devices can be of low pressure (no more than 4 bar) and high (about 15 bar).

    The latter are suitable for the preparation of a more aromatic drink, which is decorated with lush foam. High pressure leads to the fact that the drink is saturated by 25% of coffee ingredients, and not 15 or 18, or even less.

    Top home coffee makers

    For espresso coffee maker, the demand is much greater than for a coffee machine, because the taste of the drink at the output is equally tasty and fragrant, despite the fact that the coffee machine is much more expensive. True, much of what she does automatically in the case of a coffee maker will have to be done manually.

    But everything is very individual, because, perhaps, you are the happy owner of a spacious kitchen, and your favorite expression, when it comes to your favorite drink, sounds like "I will not stand up for the price." Then you and cards in hand - of course, get a multifunctional coffee machine.

    In addition, an espresso coffee maker has another variety - a pod coffee maker, or a capsule coffee maker.

    When there is a question of choosing between this appliance and a coffee machine, the ratio of pros and cons remains the same, except that the pod coffee makers have some peculiarities.


    The principle of operation is no different from conventional rozhkov devices, but it does not use ground powder, but special containers that contain ground coffee. This is the so-called pods or capsules.

    The pods were hermetically sealed immediately after grinding the grains, so that the aroma of the product is kept perfectly. Technology of preparation of the drink provides for their piercing directly in the process of preparation. This is very convenient because the filter does not clog with each portion of the spent powder, and the capsule can be used and reused, however, the strength of the beverage will suffer from this.

    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers

    These are models for very lazy ones — you do not need to grind grains, you do not need to pour powder, nor do other usual manipulations. Moreover, this design does not provide for a horn holder. Making coffee in this case means making some simple movements:

    • capsule inserted into the brewing unit;
    • cap closes;
    • turns on water supply;
    • waste material thrown away. All coffee is ready.

    If you compare the cost of the ground product, grains and capsules, the latter represent the highest price range.

    Delonghi "Nespresso Lattissima"

    Manufacturer - famous Italian brand. The product is distinguished by the fact that it has a plastic container built into which milk is poured. There is such a model from 12 to 15 thousand rubles. On the original capsules, users have only positive feedback - the drink turns out very tasty. True, for one capsule will have to pay about 40 rubles, which is not so cheap.

    Capsules are made from different varieties of coffee, but in any store you can not buy them - only in a specialized. On the Internet, prices are lower and more choice, but there is a possibility of purchasing a non-original capsule, which will differ significantly in quality characteristics.

    This unit must be serviced regularly. If coffee is brewed frequently, the device should be washed once a week with warm water and soap. The milk container is easily removed, and it is convenient to store it in the refrigerator.

    The model works almost silently, the drink turns out with excellent taste and steady beautiful foam on any of the drinks, whether it is latte, espresso or cappuccino.

    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers

    The lines in the design are classic, in which right angles prevail without any excesses. No comments were received on the build quality of the comments, so the brand Delonghi You can safely associate with quality.

    The device works with a pressure of 19 bar, and it is thanks to this that an excellent foam is obtained. The water dispenser is designed so that the finished drink can never overflow.

    The disadvantages of the “Lattissima” model include the high cost of the capsules used, and this should be exclusively products Delonghi.

    In general, speaking of this coffee maker, I must say that this is a high-quality device in which you can make real delicious coffee. But it is quite expensive.

    "Krups Dolce Gusto"

    This device has a lower cost. It can be purchased for 6 thousand rubles. The model is original in design and is compact. It will fit only 600 grams of water, and the capsules that are suitable for it - only production Dolce gusto. Their price is much more democratic and ranges from 20 to 25 rubles.

    The brand makes capsules with natural coffee and with the addition of all kinds of flavors, which have a lot of admirers.

    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers

    The model has a high-quality assembly, there are no backlashes and inconsistencies, the plastic is of high quality and durability. There is no auto-doser in the model, therefore it is necessary to be close while preparing the drink.

    The advantages include a more reasonable cost, and this applies to the model itself, and the capsules to it. The only drawback is that the water tank is too small.


    Drip or filter coffee maker will make coffee according to a very simple recipe. The powder is poured into the filter and hot water begins to drip onto it, gradually penetrating through the crushed grains and draining into the flask.

    As a rule, the volume of the flask is enough for 5-15 servings, although the smallest will be enough for the house. But again, everything is very individual - there are after all large families. And for someone it will be quite enough coffee makers, where the flask is not provided at all - the drink flows directly into the cup.

    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers

    Bosch Tka 3A034

    If you are a fan of sipping coffee, take a closer look at the drip model Bosch. The device costs about 2500 rubles. The model provides disposable filters and heating for the ready-made drink.

    The advantage of the device is that the noise is almost absent, and the plastic is of high quality. Minus - if the device works for a long time, you will have to turn it off manually, because the power will not automatically turn off.

    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers

    Philips HD7762 00

    High-quality kitchen appliances for the home with a maximum of metallic finish and built-in coffee grinder. Both grain and ground products are suitable for it. Equipped with a water dispenser, heating and a flask, in which 10 drinks are placed. Such a drip model costs about 6 thousand rubles - quite a lot, of course, but a coffee grinder and the well-known name of the manufacturer is already an advantage.

    When the machine is in the mode of grinding the grains, the process is accompanied by noise, but the coffee is prepared much quieter.

    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers

    Which models are better?

    Most often in our kitchens, you can see exactly the horn models. In them, coffee is brewed with steam. With the help of high pressure, it is passed through the finished powder and the output is tasty and aromatic coffee.

    One of these models is Delonghi EC 145. This rozhkovy apparatus, with which you can prepare two servings of the drink, water is placed in it 1 liter, steam is supplied under a pressure of 15 bar. The body is made of black matte plastic, the device does not work quietly enough, you can feel the vibration, but all such devices work and for them this is the norm.

    The model does not have an anti-droplet system; you need to get used to the cappuccino maker, or rather, to “get a hand”. There were no complaints about his work, but the process was not automated.

    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers

    Vitek VT-1513. The device deserves a solid four among similar models. It is quite functional, so the cost of 4.5 thousand rubles is quite justified. The device will prepare espresso, cappuccino in manual mode, has a drip-stop system and a removable tray on an aluminum pan.

    For convenience, you can use a tempera spoon. Pressure within 15 bar allows you to get a fluffy foam that adorns the aromatic drink. Among the shortcomings of the model note that it works quite noisy and vibrates.


    These devices have two compartments: lower and upper. Below it is steel, as it needs to cope with the force of the impact of steam, the upper one can be made of both glass and stainless steel. It works, as you can already guess, as a geyser. Steam from boiling water in a tube rises into the upper container, passing on its way through the coffee powder and taking from it all the flavor and aroma components.

    As a result, they are in the finished drink, which is obtained from the top container. The process is not automated, and therefore requires observation to obtain the necessary flavored drink.

    As a rule, geyser instruments operate on gas, but there are also electric models, and even those capable of operating on an induction cooker.

    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers

    Geyser Maestro Rainbow (R1667-6) designed for a water volume of 0.6 liters, the case is an aluminum alloy, the handle of the model is bakelite. Steam escapes through a specially designed copper valve. Cheap models of this type, the price of which is only about 400 rubles, are representatives of the lowest price niche.

    Bialetti dama - one more model of geyzernoy coffee makers. According to its characteristics, the Italian product is much better than the previous Chinese counterpart, but the price is completely different - 1,800 rubles. Aluminum alloy was also used for the case, otherwise the model is very worthy. There is a steam relief valve and a silicone handle. She has a nice design. The only drawback is the fragility of the material for the body.

    Rating of the best brands of the year

    After reviewing all of the above, you still need to come to a final decision and choose one of the models, thanks to which you can enjoy a pleasant aromatic drink every morning.

    The proposed top coffee maker is only an approximate guide, but nevertheless, the models presented below are the leaders of user polls.

    • Delonghi EC 155. Italian product that customers liked because of ease of use, good quality and not the highest cost. Functioning under pressure determines the indescribable aroma of quality drink. Instead of one strainer, the model was supplied with two at once. A cappuccinator is not automated.
    • Bosch TCA 5309. The case of the device is made of plastic, it is notable for its strict black design and functionality. You can adjust the taste of the drink on the strength, heat the water, there is a function of pre-wetting the powder, you can dispense water, set the size of the grain for the grain. Cappuccino will have to cook manually, but the foam on it due to the pressure of 15 bar will be amazing.
    • Vitek VT 1514. Rozhkovaya model with a low price and with automatic for making cappuccino, with adjustable water level and a sufficient amount of pressure. The drink turns out great, and the coffee will not cool for a long time due to the presence of another function - heating.
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers
    • Krups KP Dolce Gusto. The device in its design is very reminiscent of a penguin. It is compact, uses Dolce Gusto capsules for making coffee. It works with a pressure of 15 bar, the coffee turns out tasty and fragrant. It is very simple to prepare a drink, and there is practically no pollution of the device after that. A family of two or three people should opt for it.
    • Bosch Tas 2001 and Bosch Tas 4012. Models belong to household appliances of economy version. Capsule coffee machines control the strength of the drink and regulate the filling of the tank with water. It works with 3.3 bars of pressure, but the coffee turns out very tasty thanks to high-quality original capsules. The devices recognize their type and include the desired brewing mode. The cup holder can be adjusted in height.
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers
    Top home coffee makers

    Choose your favorite company and model and enjoy the taste of coffee made at home.

    Which coffee maker is right for you? Learn about this by watching this video review.

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