Snaige refrigerator (28 pics)

Snaige Refrigerator

Snaige Refrigerator
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  • Snaige "RF36SM-S10021 / 0831Z185-SNBX"
  • Snaige "RF31SM-S1CI21"
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  • Once, in order to keep certain foods and cooked food in the cold, people had to pull out the cellar. Nowadays, when the living conditions have become completely different, people have invented a special kitchen unit, which ensures the safety of food and ready meals even better than the cellar. This is a refrigerator where food stays fresh for quite a while. One of the most famous companies that manufacture these products is called Snaige.

    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator

    About brand

    Snaige refrigerator has a modern assembly and meets all the requirements that apply to these devices. In the market, this product is represented by different models, which differ in both design and size, equipment. There are single and two-chamber units, the models also differ in color. Each customer can choose the appropriate option.

    According to only aesthetic criteria (in terms of appearance, in color), you should not choose a refrigerator. The main value of these units lies elsewhere - in their technical equipment. It depends on him how well the refrigerator will cope with its core responsibilities.

    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator

    The main direction in the work of the Lithuanian company Snaige is the manufacture of refrigerators. She started production back in 1963. Today Snaige is the only company among all the Baltic companies that manufactures refrigeration units. Since 1983, buyers of many countries know about the products of Lithuanian manufacturers; it has gained great popularity.

    This is one of the few companies whose developers have refused to manufacture other household appliances - in favor of annual new models of refrigeration equipment that meets all the latest norms and standards.

    The latest innovations are energy-saving, and this is a very important criterion - given that the refrigerators are practically not disconnected from the network.

    Snaige Refrigerator

    The Russians were able to acquire refrigerators and accessories of Lithuanian production only since 1992. When in 2000 the sales market received a significant expansion, the production was modernized. New lines of refrigeration units appeared, in the characteristics of which all the wishes of customers were taken into account.

    Features of the units

    From the technical characteristics of the units directly depends on what their size and staffing will be. The important moment of Lithuanian production is the high quality of the materials used and the application of the latest technologies. This is what makes Lithuanian developers products stand out in the mass.

    The main functionality of the described units and their manufacturability are as follows:

    • Cooling system. The cooling process in the device is carried out according to the principle “natural convection of air masses”. This means the following: the cooled air is at the bottom. When heated, it moves to the upper layers. Such a natural circulation inside the chamber provides for the creation of zones having different temperatures (with the established optimum humidity).
    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator
    • About technologies "Fast Freeze". The function of quick freezing of products determines the maximum safety of their taste and healthy qualities. Low temperatures affect the external and internal parts of the product in such a way that they are not covered with ice, it does not form inside. Frozen in this way the product does not change its color and perfectly preserves the taste.
    • Freezer. If we are talking about any two-chamber model, this means that it is necessarily equipped with a freezer designed for very low temperatures. Products are stored there at -18 C, and in this state they can be stored throughout the year.
    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator


    The products of Lithuanian manufacturers differ in a variety of models, some of which have a freezer in the upper compartment, others in the lower, and some models do not have a freezer at all. Models have different sizes and internal framing. In addition, the refrigerator can be either freestanding or embedded. Any of the models has its own characteristics, and this is precisely the indisputable advantage of such devices.

    The following advantages can be distinguished:

    • Energy saving Lithuanian manufacturers' refrigeration units are class A, A + and A ++.
    • Snaige - This kitchen equipment with excellent build quality and with excellent insulation characteristics.
    • Compressor, made with the latest technology.
    • Using environmentally friendly materials.
    • Porous elements on the inner surface are missing.
    • Internal shelves are regulated, material for production - shock-resistant glass.
    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator
    • In freezers Products are stored in convenient transparent boxes.
    • Variety in color (there are models with original designs that use red glass).
    • Temperature is optimal.
    • Defrosting process automated.
    • Refrigerator works silently
    • In European countries no problems with accessories.
    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator

    Minor issues

    Buying a refrigerator of this brand, you get a troubleshooting guide, which can be very useful because it contains useful information on the most common faults and how to fix them, for example:

    • The device has ceased to function. The indication has ceased to light up - it is necessary to check whether the outlet is working and whether the power cable is not damaged.
    • During the operation of the unit noise appeared. The refrigerator may have been installed unevenly - adjust it with the feet. Another reason may lie in contact with a refrigerator with a solid surface (this could be a piece of furniture or just a wall).
    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator
    • Water accumulated inside the refrigerator compartment. Most likely, the drain groove is clogged. It is necessary to remove the sealing tape, then rinse everything thoroughly, dry it and put it back in place.
    • Water accumulated under the bottom of the refrigerator. The point is in a special container for collecting the melt liquid installed at the compressor. Perhaps she jumped from the right place - then the water will flow under the unit.

    Review of the best models

    Snaige "RF36SM-S10021 / 0831Z185-SNBX"

    The refrigerator consists of two chambers, different originality of design. Doors in this model can be re-hung. The unit with one compressor, with dimensions of 60 × 62 × 194.5 cm and with a usable volume of 321 liters. Class A + power consumption, there is practically no noise at work. Its level does not exceed the mark of 41 dB.

    The freezer compartment is designed for a volume of 88 liters, super-freezing is possible. The performance of the device is designed to handle 12 kg of products per day. The cost of the model ranges from $ 350-400.

    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator

    Snaige "RF31SM-S1CI21"

    About this two-chamber model buyers leave only the most positive reviews. Unit from the collection "Ice Logic", with the lower location of the freezer compartment. With a total volume of 296 liters, the proportion of useful is 191 liters. The control is carried out with the help of mechanics, it has climate class N, and the indoor units are illuminated using LED technology.

    The freezer compartment is designed with four compartments, the refrigerator compartment is equipped with four shelves and two containers in which it is convenient to store fruits or vegetables.

    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator

    The unit, measuring 176 × 60 × 62 cm, is equipped with an emergency freeze box (“Fast Freeze”) and is able to keep food cold if the light is absent for no more than twenty hours. The temperature in the refrigerating chamber is regulated, and it is possible to set it in the range from 0 to +8 С, and in the freezer from -18 to -24 C.

    Such parameters ensure the safety of products and ready meals in a fresh state. The cost of this product is about $ 300. Buyers in their reviews emphasize the beautiful design of the model, the easy opening of the handle and the high-quality assembly. There were no complaints about the shortcomings.

    Snaige "FR-240.1101AA"

    This is a great model consisting of two branches. The dimensions are quite modest - 144 × 56 × 60 cm. The freezer compartment is located in the upper compartment, is designed for 46 liters and consists of two chambers. Energy consumption - in class A +, control is carried out with the help of mechanics. The 166 l refrigeration compartment is equipped with four glass shelves and one drawer for fruits and vegetables.

    In case of problems with electricity products will be kept in the cold for another 17 hours. Buyers are satisfied with the compact size of this refrigerator, its spacious camera and the quiet operation of the compressor - up to 39 dB. Consumers leave good reviews about the classic design of this model and its low price. The cost of this model is about $ 200.

    Snaige Refrigerator


    • Alternating current required for Snaige refrigerators. Frequency 50 Hz and voltage 220 V.
    • Performance of these units should be maintained if the mains voltage drops within 0.85 of the nominal value.
    • When buying a refrigerator it trade dress, staffing and performance are checked by the buyer together with the seller. The buyer must receive instructions for use and certificate of acceptance and sale, as well as a warranty certificate for the purchased unit.
    • The seller is obliged to sell the refrigerator only after its mandatory verification within the store.. If the device is sold, claims for incomplete or mechanical damage by the manufacturer will not be accepted.
    • The fact of acceptance and sale unit, registered certificate, must be necessarily confirmed by the seal of the store, which will be the date of sale. If it is missing, then warranty service is considered from the moment the refrigerator is delivered to the store.
    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator
    • Withdraw warranty card, if a factory defect is found, only a mechanic performing warranty repairs can. He must put his signature in the spine.
    • If user manual is lost, as well as the coupon, the buyer is deprived of the opportunity to take advantage of warranty service. Duplicate in this situation can not be.
    • Buyer is not entitled to send the unit to the factory with any malfunction if there is no permission from the manufacturer.

    Transport of the refrigerator must be strictly vertical.

    Snaige Refrigerator
    Snaige Refrigerator

    The manufacturer has the right to refuse liability for malfunction or non-working state of the refrigerator if:

    • customer incorrectly installed or operated the device;
    • with refrigerator owner or trade organization they are carelessly transported, improperly transported;
    • the refrigerator was plugged in using transformers or any other home-made electrical appliance;
    • unit repair was entrusted to a person who does not have any authority;
    • manual missing (or was filled out incorrectly);
    • discovered violation in factory sealing;
    • any other reasons identified faults refrigerators that are independent of the manufacturer.

    In this video - an overview of the refrigerator Snaige RF36SM.

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