Siemens coffee machine (21 photos)

Siemens coffee machines

Siemens coffee machines
  • Distinctive features
  • Main advantages
  • Selection rules
  • Popular models
  • Siemens Surpresso S60 TK 6800
  • Siemens TK 58001
  • Siemens TK 76K573

Siemens coffee machines are modern devices that are of high quality and reliability. The use of advanced technologies in the field of coffee making allows us to achieve the highest quality and provide an unsurpassed taste of the drink.

Siemens coffee machines
Siemens coffee machines

Distinctive features

Siemens coffee machines include a whole range of innovative devices, thanks to which you can take advantage of the improved quality of the machine itself and the impressive speed of preparation of the drink. A distinctive advantage of the company's models is that most models boast a Russian menu, which greatly simplifies the process of using and preparing coffee. Modern models are equipped with a screen with the function of operational programming, so that the user can:

  • choose the amount of filling, depending on the characteristics of the cup and the type of beverage used, including American or espresso. If we are talking about super-automatic models, here you can select the required amount of coffee and milk froth;
  • choose the most optimal coffee temperature depending on its type;
Siemens coffee machines
Siemens coffee machines
  • each time self-flush when the machine is turned on;
  • enable automatic grinding on each cup, which significantly speeds up the preparation of coffee.

The size of such equipment from the German company is small, so it will perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen. Almost all manufacturer's devices can boast the ability to control the level of grinding and energy saving system. Coffee machines of the German brand can be bought for home or installed in small bars and cafes, offices. A distinctive feature of this brand is its ease of operation, attractive design and affordable cost of the drink.

Siemens coffee machines

Main advantages

Siemens coffee machines managed to establish themselves as one of the most reliable and popular. Among the distinctive advantages of the models are the following:

  • availability of durable housing. In most cases, a metal case is used, which is famous for its resistance to mechanical damage and wear;
  • functionality. The presence of advanced technologies and proper placement of control keys greatly simplify the use of Siemens coffee machines and allow each person to cope with them;
  • the presence of a coffee individualization system, which makes it possible to optimize devices for preparing a drink for each person;
  • advanced security system that prevents leakage and other problems;
  • impressive autonomy. After setting the modes, the user simply needs to select the most preferred type of drink and the coffee machine will quickly prepare it without additional intervention from the person.
Siemens coffee machines
Siemens coffee machines

Selection rules

In order for the Siemens coffee machine to fully fulfill its obligations, it must be properly selected. First of all, it is necessary to proceed from financial considerations and personal preferences regarding the types of drink that the device should prepare. According to experts, the most popular for home use is the capsule machine from the German brand. It is very easy to use, does not need special care and is able to prepare amazing coffee.

Siemens coffee machines
Siemens coffee machines

Careful attention in the selection process should be paid to the performance of the device. Typically, these units are divided into three groups according to the number of cups per day. Before buying it is necessary to calculate how many cups the machine should prepare so as not to overpay for power. Performance is influenced by such factors as pump pressure, power, grain volume and water quantity. In addition, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • variety of options. In this case, it all depends on the personal preferences of the user. Someone is very important the presence of the display or the possibility of programming, and someone prefers mechanical control;
  • ease of care and maintenance. Siemens offers models that can be self-cleaned or with manual cleaning options;
  • design. When choosing a Siemens coffee machine, you need to pay attention to its appearance, so that the device harmonizes into the interior of the kitchen or any other room as harmoniously as possible.
Siemens coffee machines
Siemens coffee machines
Siemens coffee machines

Popular models

The Siemens range includes many coffee machines that differ in functionality, appearance and other characteristics.

Siemens Surpresso S60 TK 6800

This model is an ideal solution for a large family, where each person has their own preferences regarding the type of coffee. According to reviews, the model copes with the preparation of espresso. This result was achieved thanks to the innovative function of the Aroma Whirl System. The main feature of this technology is that as a result of grinding, the grains are turned into powder, which immediately falls into the espresso chamber. In the process of making coffee is constantly in contact with steam, which ensures its excellent taste characteristics. Among the main advantages of the Siemens Surpresso S60 TK 6800 are the following:

  • after each switching on of the coffee machine, automatic cleaning takes place;
  • the presence of the function "Cappuccino", thanks to which you can get the perfect milk foam in the drink;
  • minimum power consumption, especially in standby mode;
  • the ability to adjust the level of grinding and strength of coffee;
  • there is a function of cleaning the coffee machine after each cup of coffee prepared.
Siemens coffee machines
Siemens coffee machines

Siemens TK 58001

This device is considered one of the most popular embedded models, which is characterized by an attractive design and excellent functionality. The main advantage of the device can be called the presence of an additional option Milk Whirl System. Thanks to this, any type of coffee can be made in seconds. The model boasts a unique method of preparation of the drink: to obtain the most saturated taste before cooking the powder is necessarily moistened. Reasons for choosing Siemens TK 58001:

  • availability of standby mode, so that the coffee machine consumes the minimum amount of electricity;
  • electro-mechanical control that does not fail even with voltage drops;
  • the ability to control the saturation of the drink, which allows each person to choose the most optimal option for themselves;
  • possibility of simultaneous distribution in two cups;
  • control function portions of water;
  • before each inclusion the device makes independent cleaning of a scum.
Siemens coffee machines
Siemens coffee machines

Siemens TK 76K573

This is the most popular model, which is characterized by the presence of advanced technologies and well-thought-out ergonomics. A distinctive feature of the machine - it can monitor the temperature with the help of special sensors and works very quietly. Among the main advantages of Siemens TK 76K573, which favorably distinguish it against the background of other models, the following can be singled out:

  • the device makes it possible to simultaneously prepare a couple of servings of coffee or another drink;
  • quick preparation of espresso: the coffee machine spends on it 25 seconds, even when the power saving mode is on;
  • the presence of an innovative technology for the preparation of milk froth, achieved thanks to the fact that milk and water are fed into the cup separately, without mixing in the boiling process;
  • availability of technology Auto Valve, the essence of which is to determine the ratio of coffee and milk;
  • Aroma Pressure function, which provides perfect contact of coffee with water, which has a beneficial effect on the aroma and taste of the finished drink.
Siemens coffee machines
Siemens coffee machines

The brewing unit, filter and hose of the coffee machine are made of high-quality materials, which ensures their durability and excellent performance even with intensive use.

Thus, coffee machines from the German company Siemens are of high quality and excellent functionality. The presence of advanced technologies greatly simplifies the process of their use and allows you to get the perfect drink on the output.

Siemens coffee machines
Siemens coffee machines

Cooking latte with Siemens Surpresso Compact TK58001 / 02 - in the next video.

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