Saeco coffee maker

Saeco coffee maker

Saeco coffee maker

Now you can prepare an aromatic rich espresso or soft cappuccino right at home with the help of an Italian coffee maker. Saeco. Make it work as easy and fast as possible.

Saeco coffee maker

Brand history

Company Saeco appeared in 1981 (in Bologna, Italy). A few years later, the company released the first automatic coffee maker, and today this brand is one of the world's leading manufacturers of coffee machines for home and professional use.

Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker

Distinctive features of technology

Saeco coffee makers have excellent quality and superior features that distinguish this brand from others:

  • The technique is represented by rozhkovymi and automatic coffee machines of various sizes and design.
  • Cappuccinator every car has a removable nozzle "Crema" - a unique brand development that allows you to create a lush cappuccino or latte foam.
  • Saeco rozhkovy type coffee machines have a pressure pump, that allows you to quickly make an aromatic and rich coffee drink.
  • Housing The coffee maker or machine is made of durable plastic, the tank for water or milk has a strong structure and durability.
  • On the technique spreads 2 year warranty - this is stated by the manufacturer.
  • Pressure all brand coffee machines are the same - 15 bar.


Devices are divided into rozhkovy and automatic coffee machines - with management at the expense of the display.

The principle of operation of the rozhkovy coffee maker is:

  • After power on water in tanks heats up to 95 degrees.
  • Due to pressure it passes through a horn, or a holder with pre-pressed ground coffee.
  • Steam is supplied through the cappuccinator for heating and whipping milk. The intensity of the steam supply is adjusted using the knob.
Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker

Coffee machines work on a more complex principle. Often a cappuccinator is built in, like the rest of the coffee machine, but the tanks for water and milk are removable anyway.

Each coffee maker has a holder - a removable horn, where coffee is poured and pressed using a flat spoon press. Press ground coffee is necessary in order to get a rich drink with a natural taste. If this is not done, it will turn out watery and lose its taste.

Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker

Advantages and disadvantages

Saeco coffee grinders of the rozhkovy type are created for preparation of this coffee, it is no wonder that an increasing number of consumers choose them. Among the features of such devices are the following:

  • They work with ground coffee or powder, pressed into "pills" - pods.
  • Have a cappuccinator with a unique nozzle, which whips the milk into strong foam in a few seconds.
  • The drink is tasty and fragrant due to high pressure. - regardless of the type of coffee.
  • Affordable price allows you to choose the ideal equipment for the kitchen or office, a small restaurant or a cafe without any problems.
Saeco coffee maker

Browse popular models


The classic model “Poemia” is presented in a laconic design and white, black shades - with a classic finish with metallized details and gold leaf, timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the brand. It has a pressure filter “Crema” and a classic cappuccinator with a removable part. It has a number of features:

  • Prepares from ground coffee and round filter- "tablets".
  • It has an aluminum boiler, water tank of high quality plastic volume of 1.25 liters.
  • There is a drip tray, which is easily removed.
  • Can make coffee immediately for 2 persons.
  • Pressure - 15 bar.

Coffee maker "Poemia HD" allows you to cook unsurpassed black coffee or create a real product - a cappuccino with a hard whipped foam. The patented “Crema” horn well whips milk (with the help of hot steam) and creates a foam that is loved by everyone.

Saeco coffee maker

Model "Nina Plus" - discontinued.

Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker

"Gran Crema De Luxe"

The carob-type coffee maker works exclusively with ground coffee, which is poured into the horn and brewed by means of pressure pump. This model is distinguished by its design with a rounded metallic metallic case. Its characteristics are identical to the previous model:

  • Pressure - 15 bar.
  • Classic cappuccinator for whipping milk.
  • Electronic control.
  • 2 liter tank for water.
Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker


Automatic coffee machine with coffee brewing and self-cleaning functions. It is worthwhile to dwell on its primary differences:

  • Prepares 2 types of coffee - black and with milk.
  • It has a built-in coffee grinder, therefore, the machine will have to fall asleep grain coffee.
  • In the coffee grinder millstones from 100% of ceramics are used - for even grinding and perfect taste of the final drink. Ceramic millstones do not overheat the grain and leave a rich taste.
  • 5 degrees of grinding - from strong to mild flavor.
  • There is a volume adjustment function here. brewed coffee and its memorization.
  • Convenient location of accessories, involved in the preparation of coffee (including grinding), which is convenient to remove and clean yourself.
  • Pressure - classic 15 bar.
  • Power - 1400 watts.

This model of the coffee machine is ideal - it independently grinds grains and cooks refined coffee for those who like stronger or softer. Thanks to the ability to regulate the degree of grinding, you choose from small to large.

Saeco coffee maker

Incanto Rapid Steam

Coffee machine for making coffee at home, in the office or anywhere else. This machine is notable for its considerable size and can cook 2 servings at once. Features:

  • Possesses classic pressure pump at 15 bar.
  • It has a grinding system with ceramic millstones.
  • At the same time preparing 2 cups of coffee but you can set the program for the preparation of the volume of one cup.
  • Water tank capacity is 1.3 l.
  • It has a convenient panel for heating dishes (top).
  • Possesses classic individual cappuccinator.
  • Works and on grain, and on ground coffee.

The model is very well suited for the office or a large family, when there is no time to whip the foam separately. You can make two servings of flavored cappuccino or tart espresso at once.

Saeco coffee maker

"Magic Cappuccino"

The rozhkovy coffee maker with the built-in system of a grinding and a possibility of regulation of degree of this grinding. When the grain coffee turns into ground coffee, the system drops it into a horn - according to the volume set in advance.

You can adjust the amount of coffee in the horn and its strength, but you have to beat the cappuccino foam yourself (using a classic cappuccinator).

Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker

Royal Professional

The coffee machine is equipped with a small display and a Russian program, so it will be possible to communicate with the equipment in your own language. She prepares espresso and cappuccino by pressing a single button. Among the additional features worth noting the following:

  • Powered by Grain and ground coffee.
  • Adjust quantity Coffee (6-9 g) and water can be directly on the display.
  • Perfect for office.
  • Trains up to 25-30 servings (after loading coffee and water).
Saeco coffee maker

"Lirika Silver"

Coffee machine for professional use with built-in coffee grinder, cappuccinator and advanced functionality for making a coffee drink by pressing a single button.

Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker


Professional coffee machine with the function of grinding grain and a number of features:

  • Has a container for grain - 300 g
  • Storage tank for water - 1.7 l.
  • Container for waste for 15 servings.
  • Automaticallypick up espresso and cappuccino - no need to whip yourself.
  • Boils right away two cups of coffee.
  • Has a guarantee two years.
Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker

Via Veneto

The rozhkovogo coffee maker has a classic cappuccinator, has a pressure of 15 bar and differs from the other analogues of the well-known Italian brand only in its external design.

Saeco coffee maker


The rozhkovy coffee maker differs in the additional valve in a horn - to regulate the saturation and strength of the coffee (regardless of its grinding). Now we do not have to work with us in order to properly compress the ground coffee.

Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker

"Aulika Focus"

Another coffee machine for an office or a small cafe:

  • Has 8 degrees grinding grain.
  • Possibility of adjustment toThe quantities of the supplied grain - 7-11 g.
  • Water tank It has a volume of 2.2 liters, for grain - 330 g.
  • Fully automated control (via touch screen).
Saeco coffee maker

"Odea Giro"

Compact automated coffee machine has a built-in coffee grinder and distributes coffee directly to 2 cups. Features:

  • Prepares espresso and cappuccino independently - it is enough to put grain into it and pour milk into a special tank.
  • You can adjust the serving volume - water, milk or coffee itself.
  • Can be adjusted degree of grinding.
Saeco coffee maker

"Nina Bar"

Horn technology with lightweight body and modern design. It has a removable nozzle “Panarello” (for getting a dense, whipped cappuccino foam), prepares an excellent espresso.

Saeco coffee maker


A small coffee machine that allows you to brew excellent coffee with just one touch of a finger. It has a built-in water and milk tank, a cappuccinator and a grain compartment. This model is ideal for making cappuccino or latte, because it makes a dense fluffy foam. You can even put a tall glass.

Saeco coffee maker

"Lirika Black"

Office coffee machine, which has a small size and several advantages:

  • Works on grain, and ground coffee.
  • Melet grain five different ways.
  • Water tank It has a volume of 2.5 liters.
  • Cooks right away 2 cups.
Saeco coffee maker

Care and troubleshooting

In order to serve the device faithfully and daily to spoil this coffee drink, you need to wash the horn and the removable part of the cappuccinator (this should be done after each preparation). This will allow you to make fresh coffee without the taste of bitterness or sour milk.

  • The device coffee maker sometimes fails - for example, water does not flow when preparing a drink. Then the manufacturer recommends that you check if the water tank is properly installed and if the cappuccinator's hole is blocked (if steam does not flow). Otherwise, you will have to do a descaling of the coffee maker. Fill the tank with diluted liquid and run the coffee machine - turn it on in the mode of making coffee.
  • If the water stopped heating, damaged heating element - heating element. Then you will have to contact the service department, because such complex breakdowns can be repaired on their own, only the master will be able to deal with serious malfunctions.
Saeco coffee maker
Saeco coffee maker

Customer Reviews

Coffee maker Saeco has a high rating - it brews high-quality and strong coffee, perfectly whips the foam and has a long service life. It is easy to use the equipment of the Italian brand - just load the ground coffee in the horn and put the lever into working mode. Beating the foam is also not very difficult - it is enough to immerse the cappuccinator in a container of milk.

Buyers note the stylish design of the device, its compactness and excellent quality of the drink. They also talk about the affordable cost of coffee makers, the possibility of choosing the right one - with simple functionality or more complicated (with a built-in coffee grinder or control display).

Review the Saeco Aroma coffee maker in the next video.

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