Rondelll geyser coffee maker

Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine

Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine
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Coffee in the morning - the ritual of moving from sleep to wakefulness and a great way to get a boost of energy. Brewing coffee in the Turk is to constantly control it so that it does not run away. Buying for this coffee machine - coffee will be expensive. Use a drip coffee maker - the drink turns out to be tasteless and too watery. That is why most people use geyser coffee makers. You should not follow the coffee, the liquid turns out to be strong and aromatic. While the bracing drink is brewed, you can manage to do a lot of other morning activities. A great option for true connoisseurs - coffee maker Rondell.

Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine
Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine

What it is?

The device coffee maker of this type can be considered on the example of popular models from the company Rondell. Coffee brewing machine is mechanical, it does not require electricity. Only heat from a gas burner or other type of heating element will be needed.

Coffee maker has three compartments. Water is poured into the lower one, ground coffee is poured into the middle one, and the ready drink comes out into the upper one. The strength of the coffee produced depends on the amount of water poured into the tank and the heating power.

The less water and slower the heating, the stronger the coffee.

Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine
Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine
Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine

In the arsenal of the company Rondell - two models of geyser coffee makers. They differ in volume and color. Both models have a classic design - a three-compartment polyhedron with a handle. They are made of aluminum. Aluminum is the best metal for coffee pots of this type, because it allows you to quickly heat the device and just as quickly cool. Using copper for a geyser machine is too expensive.

However, the Rondell Kafferro RDS-499 (350 ml) and Kortado RDS-399 (450 ml) models are different from other manufacturers of coffee makers:

  • Non-stick coating. It greatly facilitates the process of care and minimizes the harmful effects of aluminum on the human body. At the same time, there is no foreign metal taste in the coffee.
  • The handle has an ergonomic shape. It is made not from plastic, but from nylon. Equipped with soft-touch silicone coating. Due to this, the handle does not heat up; it allows you to hold the coffee pot even in a wet hand and not to use a tack.
Rondell geyser coffee maker
Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine

Rondell "Kafferro"Made in a noble dark gray color with a matte finish, has a volume of 350 ml and is sold in gift packaging. Non-stick coating - only outside. "Kortado»Distinguished by large volume and golden color. There is not only an external non-stick coating, but also an internal one - from Whitford.

Both models are suitable for all types of stoves (gas, electric, glass-ceramic cooktops, halogen burners), except induction.

Coffee pots for induction plates have a thickened bottom and are often made of steel, which makes it difficult to use them on plates of a different type.

How to use?

If you do not know the basic rules for brewing coffee in a coffee maker of this type, you can get a burnt substance instead of a flavored drink. It is worth brewing coffee correctly:

  • The first three times after buying a coffee pot brew old unwanted coffee. This will clean the machine, check its performance and give it a coffee aroma (instead of the smell of aluminum).
  • Fill water exactly to the mark inside the compartment. If there is no mark, then no higher than the discharge valve. Get medium strength coffee - Americano. To get a strong espresso, make sure that the water does not reach the valve (it should go up to half).
  • Medium grain coffee (on the package there is often a pictogram in the form of a coffee pot) poured into the tank with the mesh to half. The tank is not completely filled to avoid burning.
Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine
Rondell geyser coffee maker
Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine
  • Do not use finely ground coffee, because he can wake up through a sieve and get into the lower tank. This will worsen the final taste of the drink.
  • Collect device.
  • The coffee pot is placed on the fire valve to itself. The gas supply is regulated in such a way that the fire does not go beyond the bottom of the coffee maker.
  • When the coffee stops flowing (you will hear this by stopping gurgling), turn off the heat and let the leftovers drain. If the fire is not turned off, the drink will burn.


The company shares with its customers some tricks that can improve the taste of boiled coffee:

  • Use for cooking drink filtered water. The softer the water, the richer the taste will be.
  • If you pour boiling water into the coffee maker, the coffee will get a mild taste without bitterness.
Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine
Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine
  • Use that amount of water and that rate of coffee., on which this model of the coffee machine is calculated. Using a smaller volume of liquid will lead to the preparation of an acidic and bitter beverage. Using less coffee means that you will have to drink a tasteless light swede. If one person drinks coffee in the family or you prefer small cups, then purchase a small pot of coffee.
  • Do not tamp the coffee into the tablet. Strongly compressed coffee does not pass water. This may be one of the reasons why there is no finished product in the upper compartment. To make the taste more saturated, just slightly press the coffee in the grid.
Rondell geyser coffee maker
Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine
  • While cooking on the hotplate it is better to choose the smallest burner and set the average temperature. This is about the fourth of six divisions.
  • Don't wait for the coffee maker to start snorting. This greatly affects the taste of coffee, because it is no longer water that passes through it, but the hottest steam. If you remove the device from the stove before snorting, the coffee is made with frothy.
  • Presence of water in the lower compartment after making coffee - this is normal.
  • To diversify the taste Prepared drink, along with coffee, you can pour cinnamon and vanilla, put a leaf of mint or thyme.

User Reviews

Users believe that the most important advantage of Rondell coffee machines is the presence of a silicone seal between the compartments, which creates tightness and provides the necessary pressure for the operation of the coffee pot. They mark a comfortable non-slip grip that does not heat up during cooking, a projection for opening the lid with your thumb.

Users say: if you break the proportions, then the output is quite incomprehensible product. The device is designed specifically for the preparation of espresso (or American). If you precisely follow the recommendations in the instructions, the coffee is always obtained - and exactly to the extent specified.

If the coffee is less than necessary, then water without resistance passes through the tablet only in the center and does not brew the drink.

Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine
Rondell Geyser Coffee Machine

Some users use a coffee maker as an apparatus for brewing tea and herbal. It turns out that it is very convenient and allows you to make the taste rich, more fully reveal all the nuances. For herbal gathering does not require the creation of a water bath, the principle of the coffee pot is suitable for these purposes.

Rondell geyser coffee maker is an excellent option for making this espresso. At the same time, you do not need to buy expensive rozhkov pump machines. The taste is original, and time for everything takes a little.

Demonstration of the Rondell "Kafferro RDS-499" geyser coffee maker - in the video.

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