Refrigerator without freezer

Refrigerators without freezer

Refrigerators without freezer
  • Design features
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • General characteristics
  • German quality
  • Domestic Representative
  • Korean supremacy

Storage of many products is possible only at relatively low temperatures. This prevents the rapid development of harmful microorganisms, and also allows you to extend the freshness of products. Some choose to use the fridge without a freezer. This device is perfect for both large and small kitchen. Correctly chosen refrigerator perfectly fit into any interior.

Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer

Design features

Refrigerators without a freezer are refrigeration equipment that is designed to lower the temperature to values ​​not lower than 0 degrees. Such systems cannot freeze water and various products, as they are not equipped with a freezer.

By the principle of operation, these systems are no different from the classic two-chamber structures. It can be described as:

  • First the compressor compresses the refrigerant., which leads to a decrease in its temperature.
  • After that, the solution is fed through the tubes on the walls of the refrigerator, where it starts to heat up. During this process, the products give off their heat, while they cool themselves.

It should be noted that these operations can be carried out in different ways - either directly through the walls of the refrigerator or using cold air flows. In function, a refrigerator without a freezer is similar to a refrigerator. Here are all the technical innovations - from the freshness zone to the antibacterial coating of the walls.

Refrigerators without freezer

Advantages and disadvantages

Refrigeration units of this type are universal constructions that are found in many kitchens. They gained their popularity due to a variety of positive qualities:

  1. Many models are very compact designs, they are small. This allows you to embed them in furniture, enter refrigerators in the overall interior of the kitchen.
  2. If necessary small devices can be transported in a passenger care.
  3. Low noise. This allows you to operate such devices not only in the kitchen, but also in the office, in the bedroom.
  4. Relatively low cost. This parameter depends only on the model and on the capacity of the refrigerator.
  5. High-quality equipment. Each model is a camera in which there are many shelves and cells. This allows you to maximize the use of space for the location of products.
  6. The presence of protection devices from power surges.
  7. Almost all models are equipped with outweighing doors, interior lighting. There are also beeps.
Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer

Still, such designs are not universal. There are several important shortcomings in them:

  • No freezer. Inside a conventional camera, you can only store products that you quickly use. For this reason, refrigerators without a freezer are often used in offices where you need to preserve the freshness of food throughout the day. In everyday life, such devices are most often used for the storage of alcoholic beverages (for example, wine).
  • Some models of household refrigerators are not equipped with mechanisms that allow changing the temperature inside the chamber. In such devices, everything happens automatically.
Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer

General characteristics

There are many different types of such refrigeration equipment, as it is used to solve various problems.

Several common features of this technique should be highlighted:

  • Spaciousness. For single-door refrigerators, the volume of the inner chamber varies from 50 to 500 liters. Large refrigerators are found in food establishments (restaurants, snack bars). For domestic use, experts recommend purchasing embedded models with a capacity not exceeding 100 liters. If you have a place in the house, then you can buy a large model, and install the freezer separately.
  • Power. Practically all modern refrigerators of this type have this indicator not lower than class A. However, there are devices for which this parameter is suitable for classes B and C. The level of electricity consumption does not exceed 200 W / day. All these parameters may vary depending on the installed compressor and functions.
  • Noise level. Practically all the varieties of this technique are noiseless: the sound during the operation of such devices is not higher than 30 dB. It is very convenient, which makes many consumers prefer such models.
Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer

German quality

Refrigerators from Germany have always been distinguished by reliability and durability. Among all this diversity, the embedded model should be highlighted. Liebherr "IKB 3550". Among the positive characteristics of a single-chamber system, low power consumption (class A), which is 2 times less than that of devices with a freezer, can be noted.

The device is characterized by the following parameters:

  1. The height of the refrigerator reaches 177 cm, whereas the width and depth are equal and are only 55 cm.
  2. Touch control and large LCD monitor.
  3. All shelves are made of stainless steel, which allows them to operate for a long time. The number of such partitions reaches 8 pieces.
Refrigerators without freezer

There are several more features of this model:

  • Every six hours the system shuts down completely. This allows you to save the maximum amount of energy.
  • Sound accompaniment when opening doors. This signal also occurs when there are breakdowns in the refrigerator.
  • The presence of an internal fan allows to cool products evenly in all parts of the chamber.
  • Doors are equipped with a door closer, what allows not to control the process of their closing. At the same time the smooth course promotes increase in durability of such device.
Refrigerators without freezer

Domestic Representative

Domestic manufacturers also produce refrigerators without freezers. The brightest of them is considered a device. "Saratov 549 (KSh-160)". This product is intended for use in the office or at the cottage. The refrigerator has the following functional characteristics:

  1. The useful volume of the camera is 165 liters, which is enough for an average family.
  2. All shelves are adjustable, which allows you to adjust them to your needs.
  3. Included is a compartment for the location of bottles and eggs.
  4. The refrigerator constantly maintains inside the chamber a temperature of 0-5 degrees above zero.
  5. The equipment belongs to class B (according to the characteristics of energy saving).
  6. Drip cooling system.
  7. The possibility of hanging the doors.

The refrigerator of this brand is a simple and reliable mechanism that performs all the necessary functions. Such a device is durable, which forces many to purchase it.

Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer

Korean supremacy

Samsung's technology has always been practical, this manufacturer has brought many innovative ideas into reality. This also applies to refrigerators without a freezer, among which there is a model Samsung "RR92EERS". This design has the following features:

  • This high (180 cm) model has a useful volume of 359 liters.
  • The system is controlled using the touch buttons.
  • Energy consumption - A +.
  • The weight of the structure is 68 kg.

Among the positive features, automatic defrosting and overhanging doors should be noted. The system operates under the control of an inverter compressor, which not only reduces electricity consumption, but also runs silently and much more efficiently. This characteristic affects the cost of the refrigerator, which is much higher than the price of standard models.

Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer

The range of refrigerators does not end with the representatives considered. This technique is produced by many companies, among which there are Snaige, Atlant, Bosch and others. When choosing such devices, it is important to take into account their technical equipment and build quality (if you want the entire system to be long and trouble free). Experts recommend to give preference to refrigerators from well-known manufacturers, so there will be no “surprises” with quality. Choose the right device should be as careful as possible, in this case, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer
Refrigerators without freezer

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