Refrigerator with tv (14 photos)

Refrigerators with TV

Refrigerators with TV
  • Main functionality
  • South Korean innovation
  • German technology
  • Modern perfection
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Modern technologies are constantly evolving, which leads to the emergence of more sophisticated and modern gadgets. Among these mechanisms, special attention should be paid to the refrigerator with a TV. These devices have appeared quite recently and are gradually conquering the market and consumers.

Refrigerators with TV

Main functionality

A refrigerator with a TV set are connected blocks that perform various functions. The main purpose of this design is the cooling and freezing of food. Therefore, such models are no different from standard household modifications equipped with several cameras, an open door control system, temperature support and ice generators. As for the built-in TVs, their functionality is also no different from separate designs. Here there are such functions as:

  • watching videos in various formats;
  • Internet access via wireless networks;
  • the possibility of using external drives and many others.
Refrigerators with TV

South Korean innovation

In the market of refrigerators with integrated TVs, companies from the East prevail, among which special attention should be paid to LG products. The manufacturer is one of the innovators of such systems, since it released the first model back in 2004. Product Side-by-Side LG GR-G267A has a unique functionality:

  1. The design is equipped with a freezer capable of lowering the temperature to -24 degrees.. Cooling is performed using the modern system No Frost. The ice pack, water and ice dispenser are also included in the refrigerator package.
  2. Refrigerator is characterized by the presence of built-in LSD TV and touch screen. It is also equipped with a function to minimize the consumption of electrical energy and reduce noise.
Refrigerators with TV
Refrigerators with TV

As for the TV, it is a 13 inch monitor. There are outputs for connecting an antenna, cable TV or DVD player. More modern modifications of refrigerators of this company (GR-G 227 S) already made with an enlarged screen (15 inches), and also come with an integrated module for listening to the radio.

Refrigerators with TV

German technology

Company Siemens It is also one of the leaders who introduce modern technologies in their products. Here you can find several bright models of refrigerators with TVs:

  1. CoolMedia KG39MT90. The device is equipped with a 15-inch monitor, which is attached to the frame on special brackets. This allows you to rotate the display in any direction, but not more than 45 degrees. Also here there are special connectors that allow you to connect several types of antennas or cable TV.
  2. CoolMedia KG28FM50. A modified version of the previous model. It appeared on the market back in 2010. The refrigerator is equipped with a 17-inch screen, and also has several additional USB outputs that allow you to connect external sources. A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of speakers, built into the door.
Refrigerators with TV
Refrigerators with TV

As for the refrigerator itself, it is characterized by such original features:

  1. The cooling chamber is complemented by a special fan., allowing to cool products evenly and prolong their shelf life.
  2. Automatic defrost and superfrost.
  3. Special Branch Vitafresh. In it, food can remain fit for much longer than in other compartments of the structure.
Refrigerators with TV

Modern perfection

All the previously described models of refrigerators were released relatively long ago and do not allow to fully use all the advantages of modern technological advances. The company undertook to solve this problem. Samsung, marketed WIFI refrigerator RF3289. This gadget is equipped with high-quality and original functionality:

  1. TV display is only 8 inches, what does not allow to use it at a great distance as a full-fledged device.
  2. The monitor has the ability to connect to the Internet.. This allows you not only to view live video, but quickly find the right recipes and recommendations. Built-in browser provides access to almost all social networks. Thus, you can stay connected even in your kitchen.
  3. The monitor is complemented by several widgets., which allow to leave messages for people living in an apartment.
  4. Additional features include the ability to remotely adjust the temperature.. There is also a special program that monitors when you have placed a particular product. This allows you to control the shelf life and timely use of food.
Refrigerators with TV
Refrigerators with TV

Advantages and disadvantages

Refrigerators with a TV is another step towards improving human life. These designs have several positive sides:

  1. Design features allow you to use different functionality for solving specific tasks..
  2. Minimization of space. Installing such a refrigerator allows you to additionally use the space that would occupy a separate TV in the kitchen.
Refrigerators with TV
Refrigerators with TV

Still, these devices have several significant drawbacks:

  1. High price. This is due to the presence of complex functionality and additional components (display, computer processors).
  2. Small monitors. The size of displays mounted on refrigerators rarely exceeds 15-17 inches. Therefore, these screens can not always be used as a full-fledged TV.
Refrigerators with TV

When buying a refrigerator with a TV, it is important to first evaluate its functionality and purpose, and only then make a choice in favor of a specific modification.

Promotional video of the refrigerator with a built-in TV from Siemens - in the next video.

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