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Refrigerator "Oka"

Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;
  • History reference
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Popular models
  • Description of modern modifications
  • Major breakdowns

Domestic freezing equipment is particularly popular, as it is reliable and durable. Today on the market there are several variants of such products, among which there is a refrigerator "Oka". Learn the technical characteristics of such units can be on the manufacturer's website.

Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;

History reference

Fridge "Oka" manufactured since the 50s of the last century - the plant "Oka-Cold". The basis of this design were taken devices that produced ZIL. Today, refrigerators of this brand improved, which led to the emergence of new models. At the moment, the company works in conjunction with the Turkish company Beko, which has a positive impact on the design and technical characteristics of the manufactured devices. The first models were not distinguished by sophistication, but the quality of their performance was very high. Some individual products still function. The height of the first structures did not exceed 150 cm. The Oka Refrigerators are characterized by a strict rectangular design, which distinguished them from other products.

Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;

The power of the plant since the start of production is constantly increasing. After 10 years of work, about 600 refrigerators per day have already been produced on it.

Advantages and disadvantages

Refrigerators "Oka" for a long time were released without significant improvements, which led to a decrease in their popularity. After reconstruction, these products have become much better. Among the positive qualities of this technique are the following characteristics:

  1. Relatively low cost. Almost every average resident of the country can afford such products.
  2. Original design. Refrigerators can be chosen for almost any interior style.
  3. Build quality. Production differs in the big term of operation.
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;

It should be understood that all these parameters depend not only on the model, but also on the year of manufacture. But Refrigerators of this manufacturer have several drawbacks:

  1. Small capacity. This is especially true of old models that were produced before the reorganization of the enterprise.
  2. High power consumption. Although manufacturers have improved this technique, many models still eat up to 500 kWh / year.
  3. Manual defrost. This approach not only takes time, you need to constantly monitor the amount of ice in the freezer.
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;

Popular models

Several major modifications of Oka refrigerators are being released to the market:

  • "Oka-6 KSh-ZOOP";
  • Oka-6M;
  • Oka-6M-206-1;
  • Oka-6M-206-3;
  • "Oka-6M-206-7."
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;

The main model is the refrigerator "Oka-6 KSh-ZOOP", on the basis of which all the rest were created. These devices differ in the following parameters:

  1. The refrigerator has two chambers. R12 is used as a refrigerant.
  2. The total volume of chambers reaches 300 liters. These characteristics are subject to change, depending on the specific modification of the refrigerator and the year of manufacture.
  3. The system operates in two modes - “Cooling” and “Defrosting”. This allows you to effectively manage the operation of the mechanism. All these operations are performed using a mechanical switch.
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;

Description of modern modifications

Refrigerators are more popular today. "Oka-6M." The temperature in the freezer in these structures can drop to -18 degrees. It is necessary to highlight several modern functions that these models are equipped with:

  1. All refrigerators are equipped with an automatic defrosting system. This mechanism independently removes melt water from the refrigerator. The launch of this system occurs at intervals of four days. All water is collected in a special tray, from which it is removed manually.
  2. The doors are equipped with a limiter that allows you to control the opening angle.
  3. The presence of several supports, allowing to change the position of the internal shelves in height. They are present both inside the refrigerator compartment and on the doors.
  4. Serving plane.
  5. The refrigerator is made of high quality steel, covered with special enamel.
  6. Availability of a special system for dispensing chilled beverages. Such a function is present only in the “Oka-6M” model.
  7. The possibility of hanging the doors.
  8. Internal lighting refrigeration compartment. This allows you to significantly improve visibility and access to specific products.
  9. Refrigerator capacity may vary by model. The largest - 336 liters, from which the freezer takes 108 liters. The standard volume of most refrigerators reaches only 245 liters (the freezer compartment is 50 liters).
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;

Major breakdowns

Although many reviews refrigerators "Oka" - relatively reliable equipment, yet it often fails. There are several of the most popular breakdowns of this technique:

  1. Capillary tube clogging. Fix this problem can only be a full purge channel. Such an operation is performed with the help of a special tool - and only by experienced specialists. After cleaning, the filter drier must be changed, the system is filled with new freon.
  2. Compressor noise. This problem is solved only by replacing this element. However, a significant volume does not always indicate poor performance. Many models can fully function with such a disadvantage for a long time.
  3. Problems with the freezing system. Here you can identify many reasons that can lead to similar faults. But still, the breakdowns of the semi-automatic valve and the thermostat that controls the supply of freon should be highlighted.
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;
Refrigerator & quot; Oka & quot;

All repairs are performed only by experienced specialists - and in the presence of sophisticated equipment. It should be noted a large number of such units on the market, which makes it easy to find parts of a particular type.

Refrigerators "Oka" These are low cost designs that provide the necessary functions. They can be used to solve various problems. When choosing this product, you should first select a model, as well as evaluate the feedback from the owners of this technology. When buying such equipment, you should consider a variety of factors. If you take it seriously, you can get the perfect refrigerator that will perfectly cope with the tasks.

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