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Black Glass Refrigerators

Black Glass Refrigerators
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The mirror refrigerator is not just a whim, but a fashionable and bold design solution. In recent years, the modern style prevails in the interiors, which finds its expression, for example, in a black glass kitchen set. Refrigerators are no exception: from transparent, glossy or frosted glass - you can choose it to your taste. However, this fashion trend has its advantages and disadvantages.


Such a device is considered not just fashionable, but elite. The most popular brands of home appliances, such as Samsung, LG and Tesler, do not lag behind the trends of the century of high technology, ergonomic design and power. The undoubted advantages of the refrigerator with glass doors include:

  • Unmatched appearance. You can choose the glass to your taste, so that the refrigerator harmoniously blends into the interior of the kitchen. Large mirrors or black glass in the case create the effect of expanding the entire space of the room.
  • Mirrors built into the kitchen appliance Especially like women who can now fix hair, not leaving the room.
  • Since mirror doors are the latest fashion trends, then the cooling system itself in the refrigerator is made according to the latest technologies. This means that your products will stay fresh for a long time and retain all the vitamins and nutrients.
  • Modern mirror fridge is not limited to power. It also has additional features. This could be, for example, an odor controller.
Black Glass Refrigerators
Black Glass Refrigerators
Black Glass Refrigerators


But, of course, such an elegant design has not only advantages. The glass door will provide not only enthusiastic cheers from guests, but also some problems:

  • In black glass technology, especially matte, very high cost. Only a wealthy person can afford such new technologies.
  • The dimensions of the refrigerator are not only plus, but also minus. Not every kitchen will incorporate such a giant, but to enter the large size of the refrigerator in the interior is another problem.
  • Spaciousness also plays not only positive, but also a negative role, because the electricity consumption for freezing a large number of products will be rather big.
  • Wash kitchen appliances with black glass doors will definitely not once a month, but at least once a week, since fingerprints remain on the mirror surface each time the door is opened.
Black Glass Refrigerators
Black Glass Refrigerators

In the interior

The black shade is an undoubted accent in the room and makes it necessary to select a design to match the tone. In the kitchen, a person spends up to 60% of his time, so it is necessary to furnish the interior very carefully. However, do not be afraid of bold design solutions, such as a fridge made of black glass.

It is time to abandon the outdated conviction that black is mourning. It is the most elegant and peaceful in the whole palette. Professional interior designers often turn to black.

A fridge in black can be a winning accent for the whole room.

Black Glass Refrigerators
Black Glass Refrigerators
Black Glass Refrigerators

Since the most prominent part of the kitchen is the refrigerator, the decisive emphasis should be made on this particular piece of furniture. So, the doors of black glass will help make the whole room more harmonious. There are several basic rules for placing black appliances in the kitchen:

  • Location the refrigerator should be comfortable, and the doors open without obstacles.
  • Dimensions of the refrigerator must be in harmony with the size of the kitchen. So, for a small kitchen should pick up a small refrigerator. If the proportions are not met, the balance will be disturbed in the room, and the black refrigerator will break out of the picture.
Black Glass Refrigerators
Black Glass Refrigerators
  • The kitchen unit must be functionally integrated into the space. For example, not to impede movement in the kitchen, not to coexist with the stove, which can impair its freezing ability.
  • In addition, black glass kitchen appliances should harmonize with a color palette of curtains, wallpaper and the rest of the headset. Otherwise, the design of the room will annoy and cause only negative emotions.
  • Glass texture of the equipment should not contradict the texture of the table top. If the table is decorated with a "stone" decor, the glossy shine of the refrigerator will not harmonize.
  • Black glass doors can be contrasted to the colors of the entire kitchen. This will create an attractive accent spot, the semantic center of the room. The main thing is to observe the boundaries of the style or at least stick to one texture so that the composition of the room does not fall apart.


Buyers are very interested in the novelty, but opinions about the doors of the refrigerator made of black glass are controversial. Many people note the elegant look, modern design and large dimensions of such a refrigerator. However, some he seemed too expensive pleasure.

So, the device consumes a lot of electricity, while not differing in special freezing abilities.

Black Glass Refrigerators
Black Glass Refrigerators

Many women believe that the doors of black glass require too frequent washing, while not particularly suited to the emotional background of the kitchen. Most still agreed that the refrigerator with such an elegant design has all the features worked out with special care and using the latest technological advances.

In this video you will find a video review of the Vestfrost VF 566 ESBL two-chamber refrigerator.

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