Luxurious beautiful kitchen

Luxurious beautiful kitchen

Everyone dreams of a beautiful and modern kitchen. But when starting repairs in the kitchen, there is not always enough money to buy ready-made furniture, much less to make it to order. However, if desired, and free time, we can try to assemble the kitchen.

If you know how to handle a little bit of the tool, then you will not have any problems. If only the intention to complete what they started and get a decent result at the end of the work did not disappear.

Let's start our production process. To begin with, you need to decide what style your future kitchen will be to order. Whether modern, traditional-classic or Hi-Tech. If you are not aware of these styles, you can always check with the sellers in the furniture store or find information on the Internet.

Once you have decided, the next stage of work is the need to calculate the exact dimensions of the length of the walls of the kitchen and the height of the walls. In drawing up the sketch, it is necessary to take into account the placement of equipment and furniture in the working area, the sink, the stove and the washing center, and there is at least 50 centimeters between them. The obtained dimensions can be transferred to a piece of paper or use a special program for constructing and modeling this object. At this stage it is necessary to consider all the sizes of household appliances.

Luxurious beautiful kitchen

Before we go and make our order, we need to make a list of the accessories we need (handles, legs, curtains). Now we have ready-made dimensions, with which we go to the building materials shop and there, we are made a cutting card for further cutting of parts from chipboard. It is also very important to attend to the milling of the holes for the loops on the facades.

Cutting the table top, processing and cutting all roundings on it, and cutting the hole under it. As soon as our cut is ready, we proceed to the main part - the assembly of our kitchen. But, before proceeding to the assembly, it is necessary to expand the parts according to your drawing. Prepare the tools that we need to assemble furniture: a hammer, a tape measure, a drill, a knife, a corner. Read: Modular kitchens - 150 photos of the best kitchen innovations in the interior of the kitchen

Assemble the body - this is only half the battle. It remains to level the bottom of the bedside tables and hang the upper cabinets on the mounting plate. But I assure you you can handle it.

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