Loft-style kitchen (photo)

Creating a kitchen interior in the style of a loft

Loft style is suitable not only for apartments and country houses, but also for small kitchens-living rooms. The main feature of the style is the combination of restored floors, plastered or bare walls with a modern interior.

  • Wall design
  • Lighting
  • Floor
  • The combination of colors in the interior at the ceiling
  • Loft style features
  • Advantages and disadvantages of loft style kitchen design
  • Loft style kitchen decoration

    It is not recommended to arrange the kitchen in several styles at once. Better to stick to minimalism. Antique objects such as graffiti, posters, and wooden handicrafts are suitable for the interior of a loft-style kitchen.

    Selection of colors is carried out individually, taking into account their own preferences. Designers advise one of the walls to do different. The kitchen of violet, red-white, light brown colors will look good. Also unusually looks kitchen in light, gray and brown tones.

    Very often, the owners of small apartments decide to combine the kitchen with the living room, visually dividing the room with a bar, glass or plasterboard partition.

    Photo: competent zoning in the interior, combining the kitchen and living room in the loft style

    Photo: competent zoning in the interior, combining the kitchen and living room in the loft style

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)

    If there was an idea to connect the kitchen with the living room, then in this case it is better to decorate it with plasma or to make the interior of the room different finishes.

    Tip: if you are the owner of a small living space, do not try to arrange the kitchen in the style of a loft. The room will appear lighter and much more spacious.

    It is better to create a dining area from a strict-shaped dining group (table and chairs made of metal, plastic or glass) of an unusual design. The view of such a kitchen should resemble a professional dining room. The final design element - the presence of a large stove, kitchen, cabinets, canisters, retro-refrigerator.

    The kitchen looks great with a corner and a large, shiny stove, a transformer cabinet and a countertop sink embedded in the kitchen unit.

    The loft style does not accept decorating elements (paintings, vases, figurines), so it is better to place black and white photos and posters in the kitchen. If you are the owner of a narrow long kitchen, you will suit the design with elements of antiquity.

    This style does not require expensive furniture. You can use both new and previously used. Suitable and combined. The furniture which was earlier in the use will perfectly fit into the general interior with modern household appliances. In addition, properly selected kitchen furniture will emphasize the taste and personality of the owners.

    Photo: loft style does not welcome the presence of expensive furniture

    Photo: Loft style does not welcome the presence of expensive furniture.

    The most appropriate color scheme of the kitchen - design in black and red, black and white and gray.

    Non-standard design solutions include:

    • ergonomics;
    • unusual decor;
    • non-standard planning;
    • use of unusual materials.

    Taking into account the peculiarities of the area, it is possible to make a spacious kitchen from a small room.

    Tip: professional design of the kitchen in one of the corners will increase the space by adding the necessary centimeters.

    You can distinguish between the living room and kitchen areas with plasterboard, tiled floors, chipboard, or decorate the living room with wooden materials and the kitchen with brickwork.

    Wall design

    Wall decoration is best done with brick, concrete or stone. Since rudeness and carelessness are characterized by factors of style, it is recommended to lay one of the walls with a brick, emphasizing it, and plastering the other walls according to the principle of a relief structure. The option of finishing the walls with monotonous mosaic tiles is possible. The background of the walls "without finishing" looks spectacular with shelves made of coarse wood.

    An important detail in the loft style is simplicity. The design of the kitchen can be done according to the type “without laying”. If you do not want to have “bare” walls, it is recommended to make a simulating clutch with its subsequent covering with a matte white emulsion. The best finish is light brickwork that emphasizes modern style.

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)


    Loft style kitchen does not involve the use of curtains. If you want to see the curtain windows, give preference to vertical blinds. Lighting should be bright, because it is a simple necessity. The shape of the chandelier is selected taking into account the interior. One of the options - huge windows without curtains, a lot of lamps and additional light sources. The choice of lighting fixtures depends on the color palette of interior items, dimensions and overall design of the room. Before choosing lighting fixtures, you should decide on the choice of headset, since, for example, buying a headset with a bar counter requires a certain height of the room.

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)

    Photo: bar design option

    Photo: bar design option


    Mostly wooden. Requires scraping and varnishing. If it is decided to lay laminate flooring, glossy is ideal. As for the plinths, it is better to paint them to match the walls.

    Arrangement of the floor also involves the use of rough graphite tiles and wooden boards.

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)

    The combination of colors in the interior at the ceiling

    The loft-style kitchen can be made in any color. But the creation of custom kitchen design requires non-standard combinations of colors. Red, green and beige tones are well combined.

    The most successful - bright colors, creating the effect of space. The ceiling is uneven, with conspicuous communications and prominent beams.

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)

    Loft style features

    Loft style is suitable for people who appreciate comfort, space and comfort. The features of this style include:

    • brickwork;
    • rough plaster;
    • imitation of masonry wallpaper;
    • combining the new with the old;
    • interior harmony;
    • light high ceilings;
    • availability of free space;
    • furniture zoning;
    • non-standard design accessories (this can be graffiti, abstraction, posters, etc.);
    • variety in decoration.

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)

    Photo: the design of the kitchen original clock

    Photo: the design of the kitchen original clock

    Advantages and disadvantages of loft style kitchen design

    The loft-style kitchen combines antiques and modern materials. Anyone can create a kitchen of this style, if it does not let the room square down.

    Among the advantages of this style is to highlight:

    • availability of free space;
    • interior individuality;
    • the uniqueness of the layout;
    • the use of combined furniture;
    • abundance of light;
    • lack of clear requirements for colors.

    The loft style is a non-standard solution that allows you to “fit in” decorating elements (original chandeliers, posters, family photos, handmade figurines).

    The loft-style kitchen will be an ideal find for those who like a free, relaxed interior, who appreciate simplicity, elegance and non-standard solutions. A bright palette will emphasize a beautiful style, and a good design will visually expand the space.

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)

    61-Loft-style kitchen (photo)

    Large windows and white ceilings in the interior create additional space. The design is appropriate exclusive items, antiques, vintage photos, posters. The original decor is perfectly combined with brickwork, rough textures and modern technology. Bright colors are more relevant than dark ones.

    Visually open space is created due to the lack of rearrangements. Gray tones are softened with good lighting, bright decor, the use of natural materials "under the tree." Furniture advantageously zoned space. Parquet flooring and natural building materials add elegance and complete the interior.

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