Lock on the fridge (19 photos)

Lock on the fridge

Lock on the fridge
  • Why do you need?
  • Child lock
  • Castle from the neighbors
  • Padlock
  • Code lock
  • Those who lose weight
    • Alarm with timer
  • For commercial use
  • The advantages of electronic lock
  • The advantages of mechanical locks
  • Many people need to put the lock on the refrigerator. The reasons can be quite a lot. Some people lock food for weight loss. Others struggle with annoying neighbors in a communal apartment or with employees at work. Many parents prefer to limit access to the refrigerator from their curious children. There are many types of locks, you should definitely figure this out before buying.

    Lock on the fridge
    Lock on the fridge
    Lock on the fridge

    Why do you need?

    Some people do not even think that a lot of difficulties can be solved with the help of a lock on the refrigerator. Such a device will help cope with excessive curiosity of neighbors in a communal apartment. Padlocks can spoil the refrigerator itself, but a special tool will protect your products from theft.

    Small children often like to look into all closets and open all the doors. Such excessive curiosity can not only harm the refrigerator, but also lead to injury to the baby. The castle will make your home a better place for a child. Some people restrict access to food for weight loss. The method is rather radical, but effective.

    Locks for refrigerators and freezers are often used for commercial purposes. Especially if the implementation of the goods produced by the seller, who simply can not keep track of each visitor. Such a device will protect you from theft and unnecessary spending. Medical freezers with dangerous or narcotic substances are also equipped with special locks.

    Lock on the fridge
    Lock on the fridge

    Child lock

    If you notice that your child likes to play the door of the refrigerator or throws food out of it, then you should take action immediately. If he hesitates too long, the child can not only harm food and the door closing mechanism, but also drop something on himself. There are enough ways to close access to such dangerous entertainment; you can choose the most acceptable one.

    All such latches have a simple mount, you do not spend much time on installation. An adult can easily open the lock, but the child cannot. The most popular child latches:

    • The most affordable is a flexible plastic tape. On both its ends a sticky layer is applied, due to which the lock is held on the refrigerator.
    • A more reliable and durable option is the magnetic latch. It is mounted on the refrigerator with magnets, which are located on both sides.
    • Many parents choose the latch with a special mechanism - the lever.

    A wide range of snaps from babies gives you the opportunity to choose the most suitable option for you. Mounts for such locks temporary, they are easy to install and remove. The main rule is to position the latch so that the baby cannot reach it with a pen. The best location is the top of the fridge.

    Lock on the fridge
    Lock on the fridge
    Lock on the fridge

    Castle from the neighbors

    Many are faced with the need for such a device, being in a communal apartment or at work, where employees have different refrigerated cabinets. You can protect your products in several ways:


    You can hang a simple padlock. For self-installation you have to fasten the ears to the door and wall with screws. Then these ears should be sanded and painted. Carefully drill the holes so as not to hit the insulation layer. For greater tightness, use screws that are larger in diameter than the holes themselves.

    Of the advantages can be noted efficiency and reasonable cost. But do not forget that the holes hopelessly spoil the look of the refrigerator, when installing there is a risk of damage to the unit.

    Lock on the fridge

    Code lock

    This method is more modern. Such a device may be electronic or magnetic. To open the refrigerator will need either a key or enter the code. To mount it also need to make holes, but not as significant as when installing a mechanical lock. Lock from the neighbors can be adjusted, it allows you to install the device on the door with varying degrees of rounding.

    This way to protect the refrigerator from outside interference is more reliable and effective. You can mount the lock yourself. Attractive appearance will delight your eyes. Among the disadvantages are the high cost and the need to memorize the combination.

    The big advantage of the code lock is that it is able to function even inside the refrigerator, at a temperature not lower than -30 C.

    It can be installed on a specific container and hide important products there. Sometimes parents use such coded containers to store harmful or dangerous food from the child.

    Lock on the fridge

    Those who lose weight

    On a diet it can be difficult to stop looking in the fridge. Locks for losing weight work on a completely different principle than the rest. Such a device does not lock the door, but only limits the intensity of the use of the refrigerator. To date, there are two main types of devices.

    Alarm with timer

    On such a lock, a timer is set, during this period the device will restrict access to food. For example, you can put the closing time from 19.00 to 6.00. If someone opens the door of the refrigerator during this period of time, then a loud alarm will be heard. Do not want to wake up the household - do not open the refrigerator.

    Lock on the fridge
    Lock on the fridge

    Castle Quiz

    Such an original device appeared quite recently and is represented by only one model. The creativity of the castle simply amazes its users. It also uses the closing timer, but when you try to access the food, you will not hear a beep. Magnetic Guardian will give you access to food only when you answer all his questions correctly. Quiz questions affect all scientific areas. Such a device will not only help you control your addiction to food, but also provide an opportunity to learn a lot.

    Lock on the fridge

    For commercial use

    In stores and retail outlets it is convenient to use locks that can be controlled remotely. This will save time on implementation, do not have to run around the store to release the goods. Such devices are installed in the inside of the refrigerator, and not outside. The remote control is triggered at a distance of about 50-70 meters. This is one of the few locks that does not require drilling holes in the body of the refrigerator. This will eliminate the risk of rust and damage to the insulation layer.

    Using such a device on a home refrigerator is not so convenient. That is why this option is considered commercial.

    Lock on the fridge

    The advantages of electronic lock

    All of the above devices are great for home, work and commercial refrigerators. All of them are able to protect you from undesirable consequences. Main advantages:

    1. Reliably protect products from those who should not have access to them.
    2. You can choose an electronic lock with the most suitable control method for you.
    3. There are locks with motion sensors, which significantly changes the principle of their use.
    4. Electronic locks can be easily installed in cold rooms.
    Lock on the fridge
    Lock on the fridge

    The advantages of mechanical locks

    Mechanical locks are more often used to protect against children. Their main advantage is that it can be removed at any time. Such a device is also easy to install, you do not have to call the wizard. Mechanical latch is a great way to protect your children from injury when playing with a refrigerator and food.

    Lock on the fridge
    Lock on the fridge

    More on one of the types of lock on the refrigerator - in the next video.

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