Lavazza coffee machine

Lavazza coffee machines

Lavazza coffee machines
  • Why use a coffee machine so convenient?
  • How to use?
  • Options
  • Types of coffee
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Coffee today is an essential attribute of the morning of every business person. It invigorates, awakens, energizes and has excellent taste. It would be desirable that the drink was always at hand and prepared without much effort. To do this, there are coffee machines Lavazza.

Lavazza coffee machines
Lavazza coffee machines
Lavazza coffee machines

Why use a coffee machine so convenient?

The first thing that distinguishes an automatically prepared drink from a hand-made drink is one hundred percent quality in each cup. If you do everything “by eye”, the drink is not always tasty. Using Lavazza devices with this problem you will never come across. You can prepare different drinks every morning - cappuccino, espresso, latte and others.

Use different syrups, experiment with the addition of sugar and cream, you can be surprised for a long time, just start.

This machine is perfect for personal use, and for a large flow, for example in a cafe or in the office. The machine works almost silently, so even if you wake up first, the passion for the coffee drink will not go sideways to anyone.

Lavazza coffee machines

How to use?

The Lavazza coffee machine is very easy to use from switching on before preparing an invigorating liquid. a couple of steps separate you, which will be described based on the classic Espresso Point Matinee model:

  1. Fill up the desired amount of water in the tank, while pulling the plug from the top of the device.
  2. Turn on the device to the power supply and press the switch on the back of the machine, bring the on / off switch to the correct position.
  3. Give the machine 2 minutes, so that it reaches the desired temperature. Indicators are the green buttons on the front panel.
  4. When the machine is ready to go, put your favorite a cup place it in a special place and pour the contents of the drink you want to try into the hole. Do not forget to close the lever until it clicks.
  5. Just next select the desired drink on the dashboard and click a button.
Lavazza coffee machines
Lavazza coffee machines


Additional options Espresso Point Matinee:

  • You can specify the desired volume drink, however, if you do not know the size of the cup, you can stop cooking using the STOP button.
  • Steam supply (necessary if you decide to enjoy a cappuccino). To do this, you will need to pull out the steam tube from the coffee machine and put it in a bowl with milk. When you are ready to create the foam, press the “Steam” button, and when you want to finish, press STOP.

After you have finished with the drink, repeat the procedure again, but without milk, just to clean the tube. Used capsules with a finished drink automatically fall into a drawer that is easy to clean.

By the way, let's talk about the abundance of varieties and types of ready-made drinks for coffee machines.

Types of coffee

Coffee machines Lavazza blue good incredibly rich selection of ready-made mixtures. Arabica, Colombia, India, African grains, famous Italian quality - all this can be found in ready-made kits, mixed in the most delicious way. Also available to choose from grain, capsule and ground coffee. Almost all varieties are available in three versions. Of course, there are plenty of options for pod coffee.

Each portion is safely covered in vacuum packaging, so that the original properties of the so carefully formed coffee are not lost for months.

Lavazza coffee machines
Lavazza coffee machines

If you want to try the classics, there is nothing better. Lavazza club, Lavazza Qualita Oro or Lavazza espresso. And if you like experiments and it will be interesting to try interesting floral notes, spices or chocolate, take a sample of Lavazza Tierra or Lavazza Super Gusto. The line is very extensive, there is even caffeine-free Lavazza DeK, so even particularly picky connoisseurs will have a lot to choose from.

Lavazza coffee machines
Lavazza coffee machines
Lavazza coffee machines


The last thing you should know about is how you need to clean your Lavazza coffee machine and what to do when you finish working with it.

  • If you have any need to clean the car and dirt is on the outer surface, feel free to use ordinary liquid detergents that you used to use, for example, to wash dishes. The main thing you need to not forget before you start washing the device is to unplug the power cord. As for the individual elements of the machine, such as a steam pipe, in addition to skipping additional air flow, the pipe must be wiped with a damp sponge or cloth. This should be done after each use of the tube.
  • If you want to clean openings for disposable capsules, You can also use a damp cloth. Plaque and coffee residue can be easily removed in such a simple way.
  • When you finished work with the device, first you need to press the on / off button on the coffee machine itself, and only then turn off the general power from the outlet. When the machine is inoperative, you can additionally wipe all its parts from dust or stains.

Having at your disposal a Lavazza coffee machine you replace the whole coffee house. Favorable investment, agree.

Lavazza coffee machines

In this video - the presentation of the coffee machine Lavazza Blue LB1000.

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