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Kaffit coffee machines

Kaffit coffee machines
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It is difficult to select a leader among all coffee machine manufacturers. Surely you have a couple of names in your thoughts, but after all, not only what is in the circle of your knowledge can be good. Today you can get acquainted with the Kaffit technique. This is a Finnish company with Japanese production, which appeared only a few years ago (2011 is considered the starting point). It is worth understanding what products the company is ready to offer.

Get rid of doubt

If for you an unknown name is a sign of inexperience and low quality, you should change your opinion. Kaffit.com has been on the market for quite some time. It is she who creates the components and components for the giants and leaders (Jura), so that the competence is at the level, and you will not have to overpay for the brand.

Kaffit coffee machines


The most popular model is the Kaffit.com coffee machine model “Nizza AutoCappuccino”. You will quickly realize that she is pretty good — at first glance. Nice (not too catchy) design, classic shape. This machine looks quite professional, but it is much more important that it can. And in this regard, the device can be commended for much:

  • For the platform similar to the famous Jura J5.
  • For a good fuser with a power of 1200 watts.
  • For the presence of a cappuccinator and the ability to regulate gentle milk foam.
  • For built-in coffee grinder made of steel with five different degrees of grinding.
  • For easy setup - Only 6 keys will help you to prepare a variety of drinks of excellent quality.
  • For the ability to add grain even then when you started the grinding process.
  • For the combined dispenser, which simultaneously drains both milk and coffee. You do not have to constantly change the location of the cup.
  • For the presence in the coffee machine automatic flushing function - common enough for devices of this level, but without it would have been difficult.
  • For the ability to customize the Russian language. Of course, there will not be much talk of a coffee machine with you, but it is nice to turn on the device and see the inscription “Welcome” instead of incomprehensible hieroglyphs.
Kaffit coffee machines
Kaffit coffee machines
Kaffit coffee machines

As you can see, the AutoCappuccino model is quite capable of competing with the counterparts of more famous companies.

But do not forget about the disadvantages:

  • The device does not provide hot water spillage. - sad news for those who adore americana.
  • This model is unable to fully warm the cooled cup.
  • Not too wide color palette. Classic metal elements and black and white gamma - that's all you can count on.
  • The last minus is more feature not a disadvantage. The amount of milk that turns into froth will not be regulated in milliliters, but in units of time - in seconds. This just needs to get used to.

These are not the worst "sins" that can be. Such devices have won deserved popularity. Kaffit offers other options.

Kaffit coffee machines
Kaffit coffee machines

Brand alternatives

The following most popular devices can be distinguished:

  1. Coffee machine Kaffit "Lucca KFT1602". It is useful to those who were too saddened by the news about the lack of hot water. However, the owner of the unit will have to abandon the drinks with milk, since the cappuccinator is not provided in the model.
  2. The second model “KFT1603” is a completely universal option. She has both the ability to beat the milk, and all the necessary tools to create a classic black American. We can say that this is a “two in one” model.
Kaffit coffee machines
Kaffit coffee machines
Kaffit coffee machines
  • General specifications:

  • The average life of the machine - up to 30,000 cycles. This is a lot. Similar to each other for the price models of other companies can not boast of such a mark, they work three times less.
  • Pressure. We can say that this is a real classic of the genre, because the pump works in the format of 15 bar.
  • Capacity for grain coffee - 250 g, But do not forget about the ability to add coffee.
  • Brewing capacity can be called quite sufficient - from 7 to 14 g.
  • Water compartment volume: 1.8 liters, as the engine of the new engine VAZ.
  • Proportions: width is 302 mm, height reaches 37 cm, and depth - 45 cm. A kind of 90 × 60 × 90 in the world of coffee machines.
Kaffit coffee machines
Kaffit coffee machines

If you look for reviews, you will find that Nizza AutoCappuccino is a rare product that has almost no negative comments. And not because of the unpopularity of the brand, but for objective reasons, because the devices are really worthy of attention. Every day you can enjoy yourself with an excellent espresso, cappuccino, classic latte or latte macchiato - and at the same time do not overpay for the brand. Give Kaffit a chance, if you have the chance.

Kaffit coffee machines

An overview of the Kaffit coffee machine is in the next video.

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