Handles for the refrigerator indesit

Handles for the refrigerator Indesit

Handles for the refrigerator Indesit

Refrigerators Company Indesit are among the most popular in the market. They have a unique design, and this allows you to use them as design attributes in the design of the kitchen interior. Every detail is important here, so many designers pay attention to such elements as handles for the Indesit refrigerator.

Handles for the refrigerator Indesit


Products from this manufacturer are very popular. Indesit refrigerators are distinguished by a number of positive features:

  • Wide range. This allows you to choose equipment for any kitchen.
  • High-quality assembly. Refrigerators can serve for a long time. In the event of a breakdown, you can easily find all the components and fix the system.
  • Small cost.
  • Low electricity consumption.
Handles for the refrigerator Indesit

It should be noted that third-party compressors are included with the device. This factor must be considered when buying this product.

Handles for the refrigerator Indesit

Criterias of choice

Refrigerators Indesit - These are unique mechanisms that are characterized by a long service life and original design. When purchasing such equipment, you should consider a few simple recommendations:

  1. Need to determine the size of the design. The manufacturer offers a variety of models - from conventional single-chamber systems to complex type refrigerators. "Side-by-Side".
  2. Specifications. You need to decide on the volume of the freezer that you need. After that you should choose the type of defrosting (drip system, "No Frost" other). It is also important to evaluate the material from which the shelves and trays are made.
  3. Design. Often, refrigerators have a classic white color that fits almost any interior. If originality is important to you, the manufacturer allows you to choose not only the color scheme, but also the type of accessories.
Handles for the refrigerator Indesit
Handles for the refrigerator Indesit

Handle classification

This accessory is a special holder that is fixed on the door body. Often the handles are used in models of refrigerators with large doors. They simplify management and reduce the load on the system framework.

There are many door handles, which can be divided into the following types:

  • Top. Handles of this type are mounted only in the upper part of the door - with the help of special fasteners. The constructions have a specific shape and are equipped with several holes ("S00857152").
  • Lower Installation of such products is possible on the door only below. ("C00857155").
  • Universal. Handles of this type do not have dedicated sides, which allows them to be fixed on either side (Indesit "C00857155").

Handles for refrigerators can also be classified according to their location relative to one of the sides of the door. They are divided into universal, right-and left-sided. A distinctive feature of such models is their shape, which is often characterized by one-sided symmetry, which does not allow attaching them in a different position.

Handles for the refrigerator Indesit

Distinctive characteristics

The handle for refrigerators is an original accessory that not only simplifies the work with the device, but also makes it more original. Today on the market you can find many modifications of such products for refrigerators. Handles have several unique characteristics:

  • The shape of these products is different. - from small flat structures to large convex systems. Their practicality depends on the desires of the consumer and the characteristics of the refrigerator.
  • Material. Handles are made from high-quality plastic or aluminum. The latter option is quite common, since such products can easily withstand the effects of the external environment. Plastic is distinguished by originality and practicality, as it allows you to make pens of even the most complex shapes.
  • Color spectrum. In the market you can find many modifications of handles for Indesit refrigerators. Classic models are covered with white paint, which allows you to install them on almost any technique. For fans of the original manufacturers produce handles in black, gray, metallic colors.
Handles for the refrigerator Indesit
Handles for the refrigerator Indesit

How to mount on the door?

Replacing the handle on the refrigerator is not particularly difficult. It is worth noting that this process is possible only with devices that assume the presence of similar elements. If the door is not equipped with a handle, then install it yourself is not recommended. The process of replacing this part can be described in several successive steps:

  • First, dismantling the structure. To do this, remove the decorative overlay. Need to unscrew a few mounting screws.
  • Installation involves the combination of mounting holes on the handle and on the door. Fixing occurs with screws that come with the product.
Handles for the refrigerator Indesit
Handles for the refrigerator Indesit

When buying an Indesit pen, it is important to consider not only its design, but also the model of the refrigerator. This will allow you to choose a product that is fully compatible with your device.

Handles for the refrigerator Indesit

In the following video you will learn how to replace the handle of the Indesit refrigerator.

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