Geyserny bialettii coffee maker

Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker
  • Brand history
  • Types
  • Classic
  • Electric
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Operating principle
  • Model overview and reviews
    • Mukka Express
    • "Moka Crystal"
    • "Kitty" and "Venus"

    Italians understand coffee the best in the world and it is not surprising that they became the ancestors of many types of this drink: espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato and others. It was in Italy that the first geyser coffee pot was born, which prepared the espresso simply and quickly. Given that the design of the aluminum geyzernaya coffee maker was simple, then its price was low, which made it accessible to the general population and brought great popularity. The creator of this coffee maker was A. Bialetti, therefore, the appliance was named Bialetti or the Moka Express coffee maker (which is absolutely the same).

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    Brand history

    The history of the coffee maker begins in 1933, when Alfonso Bialetti released the first octahedral aluminum model. However, the date when the brand was formed can be considered the year 1919 - at this time, Alfonso launched a workshop for the production of "semi-finished products" made of aluminum. The pilot version of the “Moka” coffee maker might not have been “shot” if it were not for the ambitions of Bialetti Jr., who decided to invest in television advertising.

    Due to the fact that the coffee maker flickered in the popular Carosello program, sales sharply went up and in Italy there was no family that would not make coffee on the Bialetti coffee maker.

    The famous mustache man in striped pants appeared much later. It was coined and painted by Paul Campani in the 1950s, after which the logo was applied on all Bialetti coffee pots.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    The corporate identity of the brand is the logo and the classic form of art deco, which does not change over the course of a century and which was taken as a basis by other manufacturers of geysers coffee pots.

    Since 2006, Bialetti has been producing electric coffee makers that do not differ in appearance from the classic model. The manufacturer took this step because of the growing number of office workers who did not have the opportunity to brew coffee on an open fire or an electric stove.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    It would seem that a new one can be squeezed out of a hundred-year-old coffee maker, but Bialetti was able - in 2014 they released a model for induction cookers, which are notable for increased bottom thickness due to the peculiarity of heating on this type of stove.


    Despite the classic shape of the coffee maker, it is represented by several types: classic type (aluminum models), steel octagonal and coffee makers, the upper part of which is made of ceramic or refractory glass. A separate category are electrical models. In fact, the model, shape and material do not affect the taste of the final drink, where it is more important what to pour into the net: grinding, roasting, density, type of coffee.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    Remember that the coffee maker is selected based on a person's one-off coffee needs. Bialetti produces models from 40 ml (1 portion) and up to 6 cups.

    If only one person drinks coffee in the family, be guided by the single volumes of the drink. In geyzernuyu coffee maker can not fall asleep less coffee and pour less water than that for which it was originally designed.


    The classic Bialetti coffee maker has not only a control valve, but also a hole in the lid. This allows you to prepare an espresso with a chic brown froth that is not diluted by condensation, dripping into the finished drink. There are models with a thickened bottom for the induction cooker.

    A cappuccino coffee pot with a cappuccinator is another development of the Italian company. It is a device that brews coffee and at the same time beats milk into foam. There is a classic option for open fire, there is an electric one. You will have to tinker with the first in order to adapt yourself to making the optimal fire. It is very convenient that the coffee pot can brew a classic espresso, make a cappuccino and, if you do not lower the valve, a latte.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker


    The Bialetti coffee maker, powered by electricity, allows you to adjust the strength of the coffee using the built-in timer, some models allow you to cook 2 cups at a time, and some have a built-in display.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The main advantage of geyser coffee makers is that they:

    • durable (the design is so simple that there is simply nothing to break);
    • prepare classic coffee with froth;
    • available for purchase to people with different income levels;
    • An additional advantage was the fact that instead of coffee, they can brew herbs or regular tea, which is tart and aromatic. Herbal infusions do not require a water bath, because the principle of the coffee maker has a similar effect;
    • coffee from such a machine will not run away, as in a Turk, will not be watery, as in a drip coffee maker and will not be as expensive as in a capsule coffee machine;
    • To this pot you can buy any accessories: strainers, lids, handles, etc.
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    However, in addition to the advantages, Bialetti has some disadvantages:

    • It is not very convenient to wash the coffee maker, especially with regard to the sealing ring, which is clogged with coffee oil and eventually becomes unusable. In the coffee makers of other manufacturers, when brewing coffee several times a day in large quantities in six months, the old copy will have to be changed to a new one. Italians also propose to replace only the sealing ring;
    • You can only wash the device manually;
    • with prolonged non-use, aluminum is oxidized and a metallic taste appears in coffee.
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    Operating principle

    Using the coffee maker is easy, just follow the instructions.

    • water should be poured strictly to the mark inside the lower tank;
    • take medium-ground coffee, it is advisable to loosen it, without pressing it in a sieve into a tablet. The package should have a geyser coffee maker badge;
    • do not bring the coffee pot to hissing and spitting steam; this makes the coffee bitter;
    • use only the amount of water and coffee, which is indicated in the instructions.
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    The principle of operation of the Bialetti coffee maker is based on the ejection of boiling water from the lower compartment through a container of coffee into the upper compartment. The filter tube for coffee reaches almost to the bottom of the coffee maker, which allows it to push boiling water through it. Steam is not for brewing, but for pushing out water. At the same time, the water reaches the optimum temperature for quick brewing of medium-ground coffee beans.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    Model overview and reviews

    Mukka Express

    The coffee maker of this model consists of three classic elements, but has a non-standard appearance. The upper part of the body is painted under the "skin of the cow" in white with black spots. In this original way, the manufacturer explained that cappuccino can be made in his car.

    The material from which the coffee maker is made is aluminum, the capacity of the upper bowl is 440 ml. At the same time the coffee pot has a heat-insulating handle, which greatly facilitates its use.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    However, not everything is as rosy as it seems at first glance. The valve, which closes and allows the milk to foam under pressure, is made of fragile plastic, which leads to rapid wear. If the valve does not work, then coffee under pressure splashes to the ceiling. You can replace the valve, the price of the issue is about 1000 rubles, but it is difficult to find it, mainly it is sold only in the capital.

    In any case, every time you put the pot on the fire, you need to check whether it is assembled correctly. If the valve is assembled incorrectly, there may be consequences in the form of burns and a complete repair of the kitchen.

    "Moka Crystal"

    A small red coffee maker, which is designed for 240 ml of the drink, which, according to the Italians, is 4 cups. It does not have any technical features, but the glass case allows you to set the exact time that the beverage is ready and not allow steam to come out of the spout instead of coffee.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    "Kitty" and "Venus"

    These are models for cylinder shaped induction plates. They are available in a fairly large number of options for volumes from 160 ml to half a liter. The body is made of steel, which guarantees safe use with an induction heating element, but it also allows you to use the coffee maker on other surfaces.

    In addition to the case, all other parts of the machine are made of stainless steel. The handle is made of bakelite. The ratio of metal in steel is 18% chromium, 10% nickel.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker


    Coffee maker for induction hobs. It differs from the previous model in that it is made in the classic octahedral form. It also has a different volume and has a heat insulating handle.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker


    If you prefer strong coffee with aromatic froth, then the Brikka coffee maker was developed for this. The manufacturer even on the box indicated that the coffee is made as in a bar. The disadvantage of this model is too strong coffee. If you add coffee in a smaller proportion than indicated in the instructions, the foam will no longer be.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker


    This model could be called classical if it were not for one difference: in its outlines it resembles a female torso. The upper part and the lower part are harmoniously balanced, and the junction resembles the waist.

    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker
    Geyserny Bialetti coffee maker

    How to make coffee in the Bialetti geyzernoy coffee machine; see the following video.

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