Geyser coffee maker (48 photos)

Geyser coffee maker

Geyser coffee maker

Many modern people no longer imagine their day without a cup of delicious invigorating coffee. For many, this has become not just the beginning of the day, but a kind of ritual. However, not everyone has enough time in the morning to prepare this drink. An excellent solution to this problem would be a coffee machine, but not everyone can afford it. Manufacturers take into account this moment and offer new modern devices. Geyzernaya coffee maker combines all the necessary functions for the preparation of amazing coffee without a great investment of time.

Geyser coffee maker

Operating principle

Geyser-type coffee machines are available in two types: for electrical networks and for a gas stove. In addition, gas appliances can be used on picnics and nature trips, as you can make coffee in them on the fire.

Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker

As you might guess from the name, the principle of the device resembles a geyser.. The device consists of several main parts that are firmly fastened together:

  • water tank (made of metal);
  • funnel filter;
  • capacity for coffee.
Geyser coffee maker

The required amount of cold water (not higher than the maximum mark) is poured into the metal container. The ground coffee beans are poured into the filter, and the container is placed on top, where ready strong drink will be collected. Then the machine is connected to the network or installed on the stove. When heated, water turns into steam, which raises the remaining part of the liquid upwards. It passes through a coffee filter, where it is saturated with flavor and aromatic properties. Further, under the action of temperature and high pressure, the finished drink reaches the top. From the top container coffee is poured into cups.

Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker

For coffee it is better to use coarse ground coffee. You can buy it in a special store. You can grind grains on your own using a mill grinder. Too small grinding can get stuck in the filter - and thereby clog it. After preparing the drink, clean the device.

Geyser coffee maker


How the device works is already clear. Geyser Turk allows you to quickly brew coffee (thanks to its design). The following features can be distinguished:

  • It looks like a kettle. However, the design is not solid, but composite.
  • Almost all firms, those who produce such units adhere to the same construction, which, when operated, repeats the principle of the geyser.
  • To make a drink ground coffee beans are used.
  • Liquid is poured into the machine to a certain level.
  • Water tank, located at the bottom, it is made only from metal (from steel or aluminum).
  • The container for the finished drink, located in the upper part, can be made from various materials: food grade plastic, glass or metal.
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker

Advantages and disadvantages

With the help of geysernogo device you can cook delicious and rich coffee at home, in the office or in nature. Preparation of the drink becomes very simple and does not take a lot of energy. Currently, devices of various types of devices are produced: geyser, drip, carob, capsule machines. Each type has its pros and cons, but common features are inherent in them all.

Geyser coffee maker

The advantages of geyser-type coffee makers:

  • Easy preparation of the drink. Coffee can make absolutely anyone.
  • No need to calculate the proportions of water and ground coffee. You just need to fill the containers for water and coffee to the marked level.
  • No need to constantly monitor the preparation of the drink, the coffee will not run away.
  • About completion notifies the beep.
  • Coffee grounds misses the finished coffee.
  • The drink is more saturated, than cooked in the Turk.
  • The ability to add a variety of spices, which give the taste a unique shade.
  • Affordable price device.
  • Compactness thanks to what the car is easy to store in the kitchen or take with you on trips to nature.
  • You can not only brew coffee, but also tea or herbs.
  • Many models have a display, which displays all the information.
  • Coffee maker has a function maintain the temperature of the drink.
Geyser coffee maker

The device has some drawbacks (despite such a huge number of advantages):

  • Regardless how much finished coffee you want, will have to use the entire volume of bowls at a time. If this is not done, the device may not work.
  • Cannot use whole coffee beans.. To make the device work, you need to fill the coarse ground coffee. Then the filter will not clog.
  • You need to properly position the machine, so as not to burn yourself with steaming steam.
  • To wash the appliance, need to disassemble it.
  • Drink speed is lower than the coffee machine, but higher than in the Turk.
  • In the prepared drink no tasty foam.
  • After completion of the work, the body of the coffee maker remains heated., so you can burn yourself on metal parts.
  • If too shredded coffee beans are used, the filter may clog. This will prevent the preparation of the drink.
  • If you rarely use a coffee maker, metal parts may oxidize.
  • The isolation gasket between the compartments wears out, because of which the quality of the drink is reduced. Change the gasket is quite problematic.
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker

Additional functions

The main task of the coffee maker is the preparation of a rich and invigorating drink. However, various manufacturers in creating new models add many additional functions that facilitate the process of making a drink. Different brands have these functions as follows:

  • Sound indicator who reports that the drink is ready.
  • Indicator light, reporting on or off state of the device.
  • Timer, Leading coffee time countdown.
  • Surge Protection and short circuit.
  • Auto power off device.
  • Ability to maintain some time the required temperature of the drink (after disconnecting the device from the network).
  • Timer, which allows you to program the automatic switch-on time of the device.
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker

Most of these functions are present only in electric coffee makers. It is often impossible to add additional functions to the devices for the preparation of a drink on gas stoves.

Geyser coffee maker

How to choose?

Knowing the features that devices may have, you can choose the device that best suits your needs. To make the right choice, you need to focus your attention on the following points when making a purchase:

  • Type of coffee maker. First you need to decide what device you want: powered from the network or on gas. Electric have many additional features - for example, they can make cappuccino. Gas can be taken on the nature to prepare drinks on a fire.
  • Brand When choosing a household appliance, preference should be given to models of famous brands. A proven manufacturer guarantees the quality of all its products.
  • Materials of which the coffee machine is made. The most common model is aluminum. But aluminum oxidizes over time, which not only reduces the quality of the finished drink, but also adversely affects the body. Stainless steel devices appeared relatively recently. The stainless steel does not oxidize, so it is best to purchase steel models. Not very common model is a ceramic coffee maker. If you find a device with such a bowl, then buy it boldly.
  • Place of purchase. As a rule, many people go shopping in large shopping centers or special outlets. When ordering equipment on the Internet, you should use proven sites in order not to purchase low-quality or poorly functioning goods.
  • Pressure. This is an important indicator. It usually ranges from 1.5 to 4.5 bar. The higher the number, the faster the process of preparing the drink, as the rate of passage of steam will be higher.
  • Power. This indicator also characterizes the speed of making coffee. However, high power devices consume more electricity, which means that with frequent use, the electricity bill will be more.
  • Assembly. High-quality assembly is visible immediately. Devices of substandard work can not provide quality work and the necessary pressure. In addition, when using low-quality appliances, there is the likelihood of coffee or metal shavings falling into the drink.
  • Volume Copper Turk allows you to make coffee for one or two people. You can independently dispense the amount of coffee powder and water. In geyser devices there is no such possibility. If the device is designed for a certain amount of liquid and milled grains, then it will be necessary to prepare just such an amount, otherwise the device simply will not work.
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker

When choosing a device should think about how many people you will be preparing the drink most often. Perhaps the best option would be to buy a coffee machine, designed for the preparation of a drink for one or two people. It is necessary to take into account an important nuance: some of the water will evaporate, so the volume of the finished drink can be 20-30% less than the volume of water poured.

  • Device handle. If it is made of metal, then you can get burned. It is better to give preference to heat-resistant materials.
  • Upper capacity. It is desirable that it be made of a transparent material, as in this case, you can monitor the readiness of the drink.
  • Additional functions. Think about which of the additions you will use in order not to overpay for unclaimed parameters.
  • Design. A large variety of models presented allows you to choose a device that harmoniously fits into the interior of the room.
  • Cost This is one of the factors that largely determines the choice. The cost of geyser equipment is not very high (compared to the price of coffee machines).
Geyser coffee maker

How to use?

There are several different ways to brew an aromatic beverage with a coffee maker. It is worth considering the most common of them.

Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker


  • In the lower part of the device It is necessary to pour cold water in the right amount.
  • Set filter with coarse coffee powder and spices to taste. Tamper raw materials do not need.
  • Upstairs need to fix empty bowl for the finished drink.
  • Put the device on the heating surface or plug it into a wall outlet.
  • When all liquid is collected in the upper flask, cooking process is considered complete.
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker
Geyser coffee maker

The second option:

  • Water should be boiled initially. and then pour into the lower flask of the device.
  • In the filter you need to load ground grains and spices (if necessary).
  • Gently assemble the device, installing all the compartments.
  • Put the device with the lid open on the heating surface.
  • As soon as the liquid in the top tank will begin to lighten, you need to remove from the stove and cool in water.
Geyser coffee maker

You can also highlight the preparation of a drink in a coffee machine with a cappuccinator. A distinctive feature of this machine is that it can make not only black coffee, but also cappuccino with a thick foam (thanks to the built-in cappuccino nozzle). Cooking process:

  • At the bottom It is necessary to pour cold water.
  • Set the bay with coffee raw materials.
  • In the upper compartment need to pour a little milk (if you pour too much, then it can splash when beating).
  • Plug the device into the outlet or put on the hob.
  • The device itself will prepare a tasty drink with thick milk foam, you just have to pour it into a cup and enjoy.
Geyser coffee maker

Care device

So that the use of a household appliance does not cause inconvenience, and the service life is as long as possible, you should follow some rules:

  • Carefully read the instructions for use of the device.
  • Going to turn on the device, need to check for all parts, correct assembly and tightness.
  • Pour cold water and pour ground coffee.. You cannot use whole grains - if your appliance does not have a built-in grinder.
  • Turn on the coffee maker or place it on a heating surface. (but do not turn on the gas at full power - it will worsen the taste of the drink)
  • While the drink is not completely ready, you can not turn off the machine.
  • During the preparation of the drink should not touch the device, so as not to burn yourself.
  • When the beep informs you that the beverage is ready (or when the upper flask is full), you can pour it into cups..
  • Wash the instrument thoroughly after each use. This should be done manually using detergent. Do not wash the details of the device in the dishwasher.
Geyser coffee maker

After some time, a thin layer of coffee oil may form on the walls of the coffee maker containers. It prevents the appearance of an unpleasant taste of the drink, so wash them very carefully. Pay attention to the filter, rubber gasket and safety valve. If used improperly, these parts can fail, and it is usually quite difficult to replace them.

Geyser coffee maker

When using the device, the following problems may occur:

  • A jet of steam rushes out. - This means that the lid is not closed very tightly. It is necessary to close it using a towel or oven mitts.
  • The filter does not allow steam - this may mean that too small grinding of coffee is used (or that too much raw material is filled in).
  • Volume of beverage produced it turns out too big or small - this means that the water is not filled up to the maximum mark (or exceeds it).

Observing all the rules outlined in the instructions for use, you will not face the problems associated with the use of the device, and you can enjoy a delicious flavored drink at any time.

Geyser coffee maker

Popular manufacturers

Geyser coffee makers are widespread in all European countries, but Italy leads in the number of instruments used. This is not surprising, because the Italian devices were the first of its kind. Today, many companies produce various modifications of devices. The best of them can be found on store shelves. There is even a kind of rating, which includes models of famous brands.

Geyser coffee maker

Which coffee maker is better to choose for their needs, everyone decides on their own. One of the decisive factors is the price. Even the most ardent lovers of strong drink are not willing to pay a lump sum for the device. Consumers important harmonious combination of many parameters. To facilitate the selection, pay attention to the review of devices of popular companies:

  • Rommelsbacher. The models produced by this company operate from the electrical network. They have a stylish modern design and have a number of additional features. Almost all devices are made of stainless steel and high-quality food-grade plastic. A special feature is the presence of an additional adapter, thanks to which you can pour not the maximum level of cold water, but only half of it. This is convenient if there is a need to prepare a drink for a small number of people.
Geyser coffee maker
  • DeLonghi. This famous Italian company produces a lot of useful household appliances for the home. The most common products are coffee machines and coffee makers. When creating its products, the company pays great attention to the demands of consumers. Coffee makers from this company operate on the network, and the entire process of making a drink is fully automated.
Geyser coffee maker

The device is quite small in size, which makes it easy to place it in any kitchen. The device is equipped with many useful additional features. In addition, the materials from which the device is made, do not heat up. This means that the probability of getting burned is reduced to zero.

  • Bialetti. Another quite popular Italian manufacturer, which manufactures products designed for use on gas, electric and glass-ceramic stoves. The devices are made of high-quality aluminum and equipped with a plastic handle. Bialetti coffee makers can not be washed in the dishwasher. The cost of products of this company is quite democratic, which certainly attracts the attention of buyers.
Geyser coffee maker

Customer Reviews

Fans of strong aromatic drink could not help but notice the emergence of such amazing devices as coffee makers. Many of them have already purchased these devices and are happy to tell about them to their friends. Buyers liked the automation of the coffee making process. Those who have purchased electric models, note that it is enough to load all the ingredients into the machine in advance, and in the morning just press a button - and you can go about your business. The fact that the drink is ready, tell the beep. This is especially important in the morning, because no one wants to be late for work.

Geyser coffee maker

Coffee lovers who purchased the gas model, noted that brewing coffee has become much easier. The entire cooking process does not necessarily control. In addition, such a geyser machine can be taken with you when going on a hike or to a dacha. It is easy to make a drink even on a fire. The coffee is rich and tasty. Other buyers, who preferred the devices for making coffee on the stove, said that the power of fire should be properly set. If the heat is too strong, the drink will not have a rich taste. If the fire is too small, it will take too long to make coffee.

Geyser coffee maker

Some consumers do not use the device every day, but prefer to enjoy a hot drink on the weekend, when you don’t need to hurry anywhere. Absolutely all coffee lovers noted that the coffee maker made it easier to make coffee.. If you can not imagine your life without a delicious coffee, but do not want to spend big money on a coffee machine, you should discover geyser coffee makers. They are distinguished by ease of operation and affordable price.

Geyser coffee maker

You will learn how to make coffee in a Italian geyser coffee maker from the following video.

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