Franke coffee machine

Franke coffee machines

Franke coffee machines
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The history of the enterprise Franke has more than a hundred years. High quality and durability of the materials used are those two essential components for the production of a company product.

Franke coffee machines

If you are the owner of a cafe, restaurant or director of a large company whose working morning does not start without a cup of hot coffee, then this brand is exactly what you need. Models Franke Will suit everyone who wishes to get the coffee machine for a wide range of consumers and will satisfy any preferences with various functionality.

Franke coffee machines
Franke coffee machines

Brand coffee machines Franke known around the world. In addition to the mandatory conditions for the preparation of coffee, manufacturers carefully think through the design. And all these competitive advantages are at a relatively low price. Modern technologies allow developers to simplify work with the coffee machine, making it automatic. It should be noted that coffee machines of this brand are supposed to be used in crowded places. Their price and the presence of a huge number of coffee preparation modes eliminate the need to purchase such a device for yourself at home. For home it is better to look at models a little smaller in size, weight and additional features.

Franke coffee machines
Franke coffee machines


The most popular and modernized type of coffee machines from Franke - automated. This is an indispensable device for any place of public catering. Any automatic coffee machine of this brand contains such useful things as LCD display, readiness sensor, additional modules for foam. There is a function of counting the sale, if you connect the machine to the cash register; connection to the water supply or sewage.

Franke coffee machines
Franke coffee machines

It is easy to start, does not require special training of people before its operation. The speed of the process will allow you to serve as many customers as possible.


Coffee machine is designed for catering, as already mentioned above. She can make coffee with thick lush foam, as well as cocoa loved by children.


  • Adjustable temperature for a specific type of coffee;
  • Two coffee grinders;
  • Outlet for steam and boiling water;
  • Six steps for grinding grains;
  • Eight program buttons on the panel for each type of coffee.
  • The ability to prepare two phases of the drink at once: coffee and milk whipped for it.
Franke coffee machines
Franke coffee machines

An interesting feature for the grains, which for a rather long time lay unused: at the beginning of the process, the coffee machine can moisten them, so that the finished product turns out to be tasty and no different from what is prepared from freshly ground grain. A counter that serves to count cups that have already been prepared has a security password.

In the car, everything is so automated that it will set up the desired volume and strength of the drink, the person just needs to choose a program of his own accord.

If the key point of your cafe is the maximum number of satisfied customers, then it is worth expanding the capabilities of the machine, complementing it with a special refrigerator for milk, a device for making hot chocolate and a heater for cups. All this together will give the opportunity to satisfy the wishes of the most capricious coffee lover.

Franke coffee machines
Franke coffee machines

Of course, it is necessary to take into account and consider all the pros and cons of a particular model. At Franke Flair, in addition to its merits, some flaws can be noted:

  • Only coffee beans are used;
  • Slightly longer cleaning process after making cappuccino;
  • Fixed welding, which requires cleaning every 3-4 years to disassemble the machine;
  • In Russia, there is not yet a sale of coffee machines with a menu in Russian.

The speed of this coffee machine reaches 120-130 cups per hour, and this is two cups of aromatic coffee per minute!

Franke coffee machines
Franke coffee machines


As well as the previous device, "Pura" has a liquid crystal display on which you can track the entire process of making a cup of coffee. Included are two blocks for ground grain, each of which is designed for 1.5 kg, which is perfect for a large network cafe. Blocks are used separately, for two drinks of various kinds. This coffee machine - one of the most striking in design and design. It has a convenient control panel, operates in three modes of different temperatures. Boilers with water are arranged in such a way that it is possible to save electricity.

Franke coffee machines
Franke coffee machines

The device copes with the provision of hot coffee hundreds of people at a major event.


More advanced model "Franke Spectra" in the line of superamutomat for restaurants and other crowded establishments, it is also suitable for off-site banquets and holidays.

Of the features of this particular model can be noted:

  • Coffee grinders with ceramic knives. Their advantage is durability.
  • Stainless steel boiler. It has a power saving function when used.
  • Large waste compartment.
  • 5.5 liters of volume in the tank for water used.
  • Large-format panel to customize the desired program allows you to choose from more than thirty types of drink.
Franke coffee machines
Franke coffee machines


This model has a number of distinctive characteristics:

  • The possibility of automatic cooking;
  • Temperature controller, coffee strength, amount of hot water supply;
  • Heated a cup of coffee;
  • Coffee grinder;
  • The possibility of preparing two cups of drink at once.

Preparation of your favorite drink is carried out by pressing only two or three buttons, and the process itself takes no more than a minute of time. The manufacturability of parts and the device as a whole makes it possible not to worry about equipment breakage due to incompetent staff or visitors. The machine can prepare as one individual cup, and several types of coffee at the same time, it all depends only on the selected model of the coffee machine. Grains are ground for each new batch separately.

Franke coffee machines

High-speed millstones for grinding the grains are made of ceramics, which allows the machine to work without sounding at all. Models of recent developments have built-in memory and self-cleaning system. The menu includes classic types of coffee machines: American, cappuccino, latte and latte macchiato, espresso or just hot milk, hot water for tea.

Review the coffee machine Franke "Saphira", see the following video.

Nice bonuses

Additional features always delight the customer, as they expand the limits of the capabilities of the acquired coffee machine:

  • Additional apparatus for hot chocolate;
  • Large capacity for milk;
  • The ability to install a coin acceptor.
Franke coffee machines

In the event of a breakdown, you should not attempt to repair the device yourself. It is always better in such cases to contact authorized specialists who have original spare parts. If your institution has not yet gained a lot of regular customers and a large number of people eager to try coffee, it makes sense to rent a coffee machine, since the cost of the purchase will be unjustified.


Users note the high Swiss quality, the true taste of the freshly brewed beverage and the ease of operation in both preparation and cleaning. If it were not for the rather high price for one buyer (including due to the dollar rate), and not for a large company or a team of several people, then one would be able to buy a car home. Brand models are widely used in urban public catering.

Franke coffee machines

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