Electric turkish coffee maker

Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
  • What is it made of?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Popular manufacturers
  • How to prepare a drink?
  • Tips for choosing
  • How to care?

Fans of real coffee for quite a long time according to tradition, cook it in the Turks. However, this method of cooking the beverage takes a long time. In order not only to speed up the brewing of your favorite drink, but also to enjoy the pleasure of the pleasant taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee every day, you should purchase a modern electric Turk.

Electric Turkish coffee maker is a device that has recently appeared on the market of goods, but has already been loved by many coffee lovers. This is not surprising, because the water in it can be boiled in just a few minutes, and the coffee brewed in the electric turret has its own unique taste and texture.

In addition, this device will save you in situations where you do not have a plate, it will be convenient to take it with you on a trip or even to work.

Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

What is it made of?

This device is made of a stand with contacts and, of course, of the Turks themselves, which have heating elements at the bottom. Turks themselves usually have a classic form: an expanded bottom and a narrow throat. In some models there is a cover. The volume of the Turks is also different: from 300 ml to 1.5 liters. This device is just the perfect way to quickly prepare an aromatic beverage. In it, you can boil water in literally minutes.

Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of an electric Turkish coffee maker are extremely numerous:

  • the taste of the drink cooked in this device is no worse than cooked in an ordinary Turk;
  • rapidity cooking;
  • the device is very easy to clean, you do not need special detergents;
  • the ability to simply boil water for example, for tea;
Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
  • ease of transportation, you can easily take it with you anywhere;
  • security. The external part of the device and the handle of the Turks are made of heat-resistant material. This will save you from accidentally getting burned;
  • acceptable cost. In addition, this device does not require the additional purchase of filters, unlike coffee machines;
  • electric turret is distinguished by its durability. Judging by the positive reviews, you can be sure that if used properly, it will serve you for a long time.

With such a large number of advantages, there is still one major drawback - not all models of electro-Turks can meet the function with automatic shutdown when boiling. Therefore, brewing coffee in such models requires control over the cooking process.

Popular manufacturers

  • Electric Turk Gorenje - one of the most popular in Russia. It can rightly be considered the best electric motor without auto power off. The device has the correct form, practical and mobile dimensions, and most importantly, it is made of high quality materials. This Turk has a thermal insulation, due to which you will not get a burn if you accidentally touch it during the cooking process. In addition, the Turk has a fairly nice design and an affordable price. All this makes her such a popular model in Russia.
  • Electric car Sinbo SCM 2922 - Another popular model. It is extremely easy to use, it has optimum capacity and very fast heating, for which it was loved by customers. The device has a removable handle, due to which it becomes convenient to store, and the device itself is distinguished by its compactness. Because of this, it is especially convenient to take it with you on trips, to the country or to work.
  • Turk coffee maker gets good reviews Fakir kaave German production. It is distinguished by German quality, long service and specially developed technology for the production of Turkish coffee.
  • Italian electric car Zepter also receives a lot of positive feedback from lovers of the invigorating drink.
Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

How to prepare a drink?

It is no secret that coffee brewed in an electric bike turns out to be much more delicious. Making an aromatic beverage in an electric turk is not very different from making coffee in an ordinary turk. Of course, to get a good drink, you should use only freshly ground grain. Moreover, you can add sugar directly during cooking.

If you purchased a coffee maker with auto power off, then continue to prepare the drink itself. If in your device there is no such function, then at the first signs of boiling you need to turn it off manually.

Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

After brewing, do not forget to rinse the device thoroughly with water so that unwanted plaque does not form on the walls, which can affect the taste of the drink. The whole process of brewing does not take you a couple of minutes, and the coffee will turn out no worse than the most expensive coffee machines.

Tips for choosing

First, pay attention to the power of the electric Turks. If you do not want to spend more time preparing a drink, make a choice in favor of the Turks with a capacity of at least 750 watts. Such power will allow to boil water on one cup literally in a minute.

Attention should be paid to an important feature - it is recommended to give preference to models with internal heating elements made of stainless steel. Such coffee makers heat up evenly and with the right care they will last you much longer.

Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

Also pay special attention to the shape of the model. It is better if it is in the form of a cone. A very important factor is the thickness of the walls of the Turks. It would be better to take the model with the walls as thick as possible. The reason is that due to the thick walls of the water heats evenly.

Be sure to pay attention to the volume. Based on how many people will use the device. When choosing electric Turks pay special attention to the handle.

It must be made of a material with low thermal conductivity.

How to care?

In principle, the care of an electric boat does not differ from the care of an electric kettle. Avoid the formation of plaque on the walls of the Turks, as coffee can get a bitter taste. When washing do not use hard abrasive detergents.

Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

Overview of electric Gorenje TCM 300 W - in the video.

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