Electric coffee maker

Electric coffee maker for home

Electric coffee maker for home
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  • How to choose a coffee maker?
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  • Most families start their morning with a cup of aromatic coffee. Morning is an eternal bustle in which it is so difficult to find time even to prepare your favorite invigorating drink. And here comes to the aid of a wonderful innovative invention - electric coffee makers for the home, it is about them that will be discussed

    Features and benefits

    Electric coffee maker is a convenient and functional device for quick coffee at home. To get a treasured cup of flavored drink, you only need to place the ground beans inside the coffee maker and within a few minutes you will get ready, and most importantly delicious coffee.

    Electric coffee maker for home

    Advantages of electric coffee makers:

    1. They are easy and convenient to use. As a rule, all devices are limited to one or two buttons, thereby simplifying the operation of the device.
    2. Affordable cost. Those who love coffee, agree that the amount of time and effort saved by the electric coffee maker, more than pays for its cost.
    3. Large selection of models. In any electronics store, you can find a huge number of different models and choose the one that fits into the interior of your home and will perform the functions necessary for its owner.
    4. Compactness. The size of an ordinary electric coffee machine rarely exceeds a 1-2-liter pot.
    Electric coffee maker for home
    Electric coffee maker for home

    Of course, like any device, they have their drawbacks, or rather, features. Depending on the type of choice, the following problems may arise:

    1. The need to acquire a coffee grinder, since it is already known that any coffee maker only works with ground coffee beans.
    2. In some of the models it is impossible to regulate the strength of the drink.
    3. As a rule, only one type of drink can be made in coffee makers.
    4. In some cases, the operation requires expensive supplies.
    Electric coffee maker for home
    Electric coffee maker for home

    Principle of operation

    In general, coffee makers work quite simply. The user is only required to pour the ground coffee beans, pour water and press the power button, then the device takes all the worries.

    Of course, like most types of home appliances, coffee makers have several types that differ in design, internal design and functions performed.

    Types of coffee makers


    This species quickly conquered the market and became the most popular among coffee lovers and for a reason. First, fill the glass tank with water, then pour the ground coffee into a special filter mesh. As the water boils, it will pass through the coffee mixture drop by drop, and then drain into a glass teapot, which stands on a special pre-heating element (stand).

    Electric coffee maker for home
    Electric coffee maker for home


    In the name of these coffee machines you can already notice a hint that speaks about the principle of their work.

    In the lower part of the water is poured, after which it begins to heat up, then, through a special tube, the water rises, passing through the ground coffee beans. Indeed, the process may resemble geysers. If, when choosing, be guided first of all by the strength of coffee, then it is worth choosing models in which coffee will undergo the brewing system several times.

    Electric coffee maker for home
    Electric coffee maker for home


    By purchasing devices of this type, the owners literally acquire a mini-coffee house at home. This wonderful machine can make many types of favorite coffee. For example, such drinks as espresso, cappuccino, latte, mokachino can now be made easily and naturally.

    Carob coffee machines can be of two types:

    1. Steam, the water in them evaporates and turns into steam, which then passes through the ground coffee, and then condenses in the form of drops of coffee.
    2. Pumps, water is heated in them by a special pump, after which, due to high pressure, it enters the tank with a drink.
    Electric coffee maker for home
    Electric coffee maker for home


    The principle of their operation is similar to steam-type horn models, the only difference is that steam does not pass through ground coffee, but through a special capsule. Thanks to such devices it does not take long to try on and count how much coffee and water is needed, the coffee maker does it on its own.

    Electric coffee maker for home
    Electric coffee maker for home
    Electric coffee maker for home

    Among other things, there are several types of coffee machines, which differ more in device and functions than in the principle of making coffee, here are some of them:

    • Electric coffee maker for home. This includes many devices that are easy and convenient to use at home.
    • Electronic. All coffee makers that work from the outlet.
    • Mini. Of course there are those. They are compact and easy to transport without much effort.
    • Mug-coffee maker. No less ingenious invention that will delight many coffee lovers.
    • Road. These babes are indispensable on a trip, because at any moment you can drink a cup of hot coffee and relax.
    • Tea maker. Nothing superfluous, very handy for making great coffee.
    • Soviet. She is the ancestor of today's geyser and by the principle of work they are very similar.
    • Coffee maker for one cup. This miracle is suitable for those who do not like to share their favorite dishes or who live alone.
    • Coffee-glass. It is similar to the principle of working with a coffee-maker, the only difference is in shape and volume.
    • Marching They are convenient in use on the nature and work, as a rule, from batteries or from gas.

    These are just some unusual types of coffee makers, but in reality there are much more of them, and it’s quite simple to choose the most cherished device that fulfills the most intimate desires for making coffee.

    Electric coffee maker for home

    How to choose a coffee maker?

    When choosing an electric coffee maker, it is important for the future owner to determine its functions. After all, on the machine in which the coffee will be prepared will depend on its strength, richness of taste and strength of aroma. For fans of the American will be the way drip cars. But for connoisseurs of espresso and the most delicate cappuccino, rozhkov devices will be a find. Adherents of strong coffee should recommend geysers. And people who are not afraid to experiment, you should choose capsule machines. An important indicator of coffee strength is power. Here it is worth being guided by the following criterion: the smaller the number of watts of the machine, the richer the coffee will be.

    How to use?

    1. The coffee filter must be inserted into the filter holder.
    2. You need to measure a certain amount of ground coffee and pour it into the filter.
    3. Next, measure the amount of water and poured into a special tank.
    4. The cord of the coffee maker is plugged into the outlet and it turns on.
    5. You should wait until the end of coffee preparation.
    6. If a disposable filter is used immediately after preparation, it must be discarded.
    7. Coffee is poured into a cup and a wonderful drink is ready.
    Electric coffee maker for home

    Ratings of the best coffee makers

    Top Capsule Coffee Makers:

    • 1st place: Krups KP1108
    • Tank volume: 0.8 liters
    • Average price: 4990 rubles
  • 2 place: Delonghi EN 80.B Nespresso Inissia
    • Tank volume: 0.8 liters
    • Average price: 7990 rubles
    • 3rd place: BOSH TAS4504 Tassimo Joy
      • Tank volume: 1.4 liters
      • Average price: 4428 rubles
      • Electric coffee maker for home
        Electric coffee maker for home
        Electric coffee maker for home

        Top of rozhkovy coffee makers:

        • 1st place: SCARLETT SC-CM33004
        • Tank volume: 0.24 liters
        • Average price: 4000 rubles
      • 2 place: POLARIS PCM 1520AE Adore Crema
        • Tank volume: 1.5 liters
        • Average price: 6620 rubles
        • 3rd place: REDMOND RCM-1503
          • Tank volume: 1 liter
          • Average price: 10587 rubles
          • Electric coffee maker for home
            Electric coffee maker for home
            Electric coffee maker for home

            Elektra showed itself well with its elegant coffee makers. They are very beautiful, comfortable and have a rather high cost, but the real connoisseurs of coffee will definitely pay attention to these wonders of technology.

            Top drip coffee makers:

            • 1st place: REDMOND RCM-1510
            • Tank volume: 1.5 liter
            • Average price: 3209 rubles
          • 2nd place: PHILIPS HD7447 / 00 Daily Collection
            • Tank volume: 1.2 liter
            • Average price: 3201 rubles
            • 3rd place: VITEK VT-1503
              • Tank volume: 1.2 liter
              • Average price: 2000 rubles
              • Electric coffee maker for home
                Electric coffee maker for home
                Electric coffee maker for home

                It is worth paying attention to the devices of the company Gorenje, most models have a budget cost and with it a high-quality assembly. Also, do not deprive Zimber with its excellent models, which are not only beautiful, but also functional.

                Top geyser coffee makers:

                • 1st place: ROMMELSBACHER EKO 376 / G
                • Tank volume: 0.3 liter
                • Average price: 9490 rubles
              • 2 place: Bialetti Moka Timer 6
                • Tank volume: 0.24 liter
                • Average price: 8000 rubles
                • 3rd place: ENDEVER COSTA-1010
                  • Tank volume: 0.3 liter
                  • Average price: 2047 rubles
                  • Electric coffee maker for home
                    Electric coffee maker for home
                    Electric coffee maker for home

                    And of course, it is impossible not to advise ceramic coffee makers. These are elegant and convenient devices in use which make truly gorgeous coffee.

                    Another important fact: all coffee machines are included in OKOF (All-Russian Classification of fixed assets) and belong to the third depreciation group, which in turn suggests that these devices have useful lives of 3 to 5 years inclusive, this fact definitely pleases everyone the owner of the coffee maker.

                    How to make coffee?

                    In drip

                    Two or three spoons (depending on taste preferences) of ground coffee beans are put on the filter on a cup of water and cold purified water is poured into the tank. This coffee will relieve fatigue, increase concentration and add strength.

                    Electric coffee maker for home
                    Electric coffee maker for home
                    Electric coffee maker for home


                    Having come to any electronics store and having uttered the words Moka, the consultants will immediately understand that the buyer is serious and will approach the matter with full responsibility. After all, Moka is a classic coffee maker, which is the Italian brainchild, and these guys know a lot about coffee. Another firm that makes bona fide devices is Hotter. Their coffee makers are a treasure. Delicious coffee, optimal volume and ease of use.

                    In geyser

                    The lower compartment is filled with cold water, and a sufficient amount of coffee is poured into the filter. The drink turns out very tasty, especially loved in Italy.

                    Electric coffee maker for home

                    In carob

                    Depending on the pressing varies strength and richness of taste of ground coffee. To achieve the best result, you can use the device - tempera. After pressing, a horn is installed, the reservoir is filled with water and the inclusion switch is turned. In such devices it turns out delicious coffee with a gentle crema.

                    Electric coffee maker for home
                    Electric coffee maker for home
                    Electric coffee maker for home


                    You must take the capsules that are filled with a special mass and put in the compartment, then make three punctures and install them inside the coffee maker. To brew such coffee, special skills are not needed, the drink is tasty and rich because of the capsules.

                    Electric coffee maker for home


                    After analyzing a lot of reviews, you can come to some interesting conclusions.

                    People choose electric coffee makers, because they make coffee tasty, rich and aromatic. Any device is easy to use. After waiting just a few minutes, you can get a delicious drink without much effort. Since the design of most machines is ergonomic and attractive, they also become a decoration for any kitchen. One of the main criteria for many is convenience and ease of use. Most importantly, for relatively little money, it was possible to get the perfect assistant, who not only saves time and energy, but also prepares the perfect drink.

                    How to choose a coffee maker, see the following video.

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