Coffee machine royal cappuccino

Royal Cappuccino coffee machines

Royal Cappuccino coffee machines

Saeco Royal coffee machines are easy to use, reliable and durable. Over time, the company has developed several models of coffee machines: Royal Office, Royal Professional Silver, Royal Cappuccino, Royal Cofee Bar, Saeco Ambra. These models are easy to apply in home or office environments. Each line of the coffee machine has its own special characteristics and advantages.

Royal Cappuccino coffee machines

Royal Cappuccino Redesign Features

The Italian-made coffee machine is fully automatic, which allows you to make a drink with minimal user participation. TO technical specifications Machines include:

  • 2.4 liters water tank;

  • The container for coffee on 300 gr .;

  • Built-in coffee grinder with varying degrees of grinding;

  • Container for moving away from coffee beans;

  • Stand for heating cups;

  • Two water heating systems that are completely independent of each other;

  • Batcher and cappuccinator;

  • The weight of equipment without container makes 16 kg;

  • The body is made of stainless steel silver. - black;

  • The main parts are made of an alloy of steel and brass, which gives them greater reliability and service life.

Productivity of cups in the coffee machine Royal Cappuccino is up to 180 per hour. Cooking time is a maximum of 20 seconds. Therefore, this model is valued in mini-bars and small cafes.

For a more detailed review of Royal Cappuccino Redesign, see the following video.

Features and benefits

Saeco Royal Cappuccino is an espresso coffee machine that can produce a lot of different drinks with or without milk.

Especially good is making cappuccino with excellent crema. In this case, the technique justifies its name. Unlike other lines of the Royal coffee machine, This model has the following advantages:

  • The presence of a professional cappuccinator, which allows you to spend much less time on making coffee;

  • Preparation of two cups of drink at the same time;

  • Clear and accessible interface that allows you to choose one of seven languages;

  • The presence of two isolated valves for steam and water. This significantly speeds up the preparation of coffee;

  • Adjustable dispenser, depending on the height of the dishes for coffee;

  • There is an option "Pre-grinding" for subsequent portions and wetting grains. The first option speeds up the preparation of coffee, the second helps to get a rich taste and smell of the drink;

  • A push-button control panel and a display on which information and prompts appear for further actions;

  • The presence of the option of heating cups;

  • The presence of the option to adjust the temperature of the water and servings of coffee, which operate in manual mode. This option allows individually for each drink to choose the temperature and mass of coffee beans;

  • Automatic cleaning in the car pallet and notification of its filling;

  • Preparation of the drink as from whole and ground beans;

  • Availability of automatic switching to energy-saving mode.

This model has a simple interface and an automatic coffee making process. Despite this, it needs to follow certain rules for its operation.

Royal Cappuccino coffee machines
Royal Cappuccino coffee machines
Royal Cappuccino coffee machines

Terms of use and care

Proper care and use of this technology will allow it to serve for many years. For this you need to know several rules:

  • Before preparing a drink with milk, such as latte macchiatto, cappuccino, it is necessary to warm the dishes on the available stand;

  • Change and set individual modes and water temperature and grain mass using the control panel. On it the quantity of the prepared portions is highlighted. If desired, you can return to the factory settings;

Royal Cappuccino coffee machines
  • To save and increase the service life, it is recommended to set the idle time, after which the machine automatically switches to energy saving mode and stops heating the water. Exiting this mode consists in pressing the “menu” button;

  • Caring for such a machine is not difficult. To clean the case, which is made of steel and plastic, is necessary with a soft cloth or sponge. The car has an automatic option of clarification from a scum and the general system. General rinsing should be carried out at least once a week, and descaling 1 time per trimester. Water and coffee bean containers should be rinsed in warm water and wiped dry.

The Saeco Royal Cappuccino coffee machine is a reliable technology with a simple, but at the same time elegant design, an automated process for preparing beverages and understandable controls. Even a beginner in this case can cope with this line of equipment.

Royal Cappuccino coffee machines
Royal Cappuccino coffee machines
Royal Cappuccino coffee machines
Royal Cappuccino coffee machines
Royal Cappuccino coffee machines
Royal Cappuccino coffee machines

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