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Coffee machine De’Longhi

Coffee machine De’Longhi
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  • Most modern people start their day with a cup of aromatic coffee. It helps to cheer up, get rid of the remnants of sleep and charge with energy for the whole day. This is especially important for people whose day is laid out literally every minute. But not everyone has enough time in the morning. To facilitate the process of making fragrant drink, you can use the coffee machine. This unit should just refill, and he will do everything for you. Adjust the necessary parameters, click on the button and enjoy the aromatic coffee at any time. One of the most popular companies that produce coffee machines for home and office is Delonghi

    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    Brand history

    Big Italian Corporation De’longhi produces various household appliances for the home. The most popular products of the company are coffee machines. The history of the company originates in 1902, in the small provincial town of Treviso. Master with the name De’longhi opens its business and is engaged in the production of spare parts for stoves and gas stoves.

    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    Over the next twenty years, the workshop expanded a little, but did not reach a high level, since many new ideas did not bring financial profit. During this period, small appliances for heating and spare parts for them, radiators and fans were made in the workshop. In 1970, the company passed to the management of Giuseppe De'Longhi, the son of the owner. She gets a second chance. There were no global changes, he did not reform the production, so the first time the situation did not change and remained at the same level.

    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    The first changes occurred within the research part, the company was significantly expanded. The new owner of the "empire" was unhappy that the company is known only domestically, and even then - as a supplier of parts for other companies. This fact did not suit the head, and he set a goal to bring the company to the world market. The first step to this was a significant reduction in the release of components, and then its complete cessation.

    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    Next young owner begins to actively buy local firms and factories, who produced various small appliances for the home. Analyzing the development of acquired plants, Giuseppe is trying to combine them and implement in their own production. Due to this step, the company soon released the first climatic devices of its own production. Since consumers liked the technology, it instilled confidence in Giuseppe. He decided that he had chosen the right path.

    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    In 1980 the company is finally entering the world stage and begins to supply products directly to the USA. Already in 1985, the brand produces exclusive heating radiators, and a year later the company presents the first mobile air conditioner to the public.. The first coffee machine of the company was published in 1990, she was called "Bar". This fact caused a real stir: now a cup of delicious and invigorating drink could be prepared at home. Four years later, a second car model appeared.

    Appearance and functionality are not very different, the main difference was in the components and the ability to prepare not only espresso, but cappuccino.

    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    By 2003, the first automatic coffee machine was created by the company. Literally three years later, the company became a partner of the brand. Nespresso, and the capsule apparatus came out. Now the drink could be obtained by simply pressing a button. Corporate Research De’longhi do not stop today. In 2014, a developed system for making delicious cappuccino was patented. "Latte Crema System". Creation of innovative technologies, their active use in production - this is how one can characterize the company's activities today. Specialists manage to harmoniously combine loyalty to traditions with innovative research in products.

    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    The company has become a real leader in the creation of coffee machines. Among its products you can find a unit of any type and any complexity. No one is going to stop there. Branches and office centers of the company open worldwide.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Brand De’Longhi produces a large number of different models of coffee machines. Each of them has its own characteristics and individual differences. However, there are common features inherent in all models. The indisputable advantages of technology are:

    • Saturated deep taste and unique aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
    • High quality and reliability of devices at affordable prices.
    • At the same time You can prepare two cups of the drink (which not all third-party devices can do).
    • Big a diverse range of coffee machines that allows you to find the device of the desired design and dimensions, which will fit perfectly into the premises with any interior.
    • Function auto power off makes the appliance safe. In addition, it is thanks to this feature that energy is saved.
    • Water filter allows you to pour into the car even water from the tap, cleaning takes place automatically.
    • Ease of operation. Many devices are equipped with an automatic cleaning function - descaling inside the device occurs without human intervention.
    • Ability to customize parameters of the drink to your taste. You can set the temperature, strength level, coffee consumption, the volume of water and milk. It is necessary either to adjust the levers, or press the buttons and look at the data on the display (depending on the model). This process is described in more detail in the instruction manual.
    • In coffee machines carob-type can fill up already milled grains, it is possible to use pods.
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    However, even the best household appliances may have their drawbacks. De’Longhi has them too:

    • First start It can be difficult, as you first need to configure the device.
    • Grains too fine grinding can get from the grinder into the device for welding.
    • Too frequent cleaning of the device. To reduce this need somewhat, you can program the water hardness according to the instruction manual. However, it is better to do this if you know exactly how hard your water is, how much calcium and other impurities it contains.
    • For appliances carob-type characteristic drawbacks are noise at work and insufficiently thick foam (this is solved by adjusting the parameters of the device).
    • For capsular machines main disadvantage is the lack of choice of taste of the drink.

    Many problems can be solved if you follow the instruction manual, and you can also read on the Internet reviews of people who actively use coffee machines. De’longhi in everyday life

    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi


    Under the brand De’longhi Different types of coffee machines are produced. Some of them are suitable for home, others will be very useful for office space. They are distinguished by the device, as well as the method of obtaining a drink, cost, principle of operation, size, design. Almost all devices prepare coffee under pressure, for which their design provides a special built-in pump.

    In order not to be mistaken with the choice and purchase the desired model at a reasonable price, you need to decide on the type and functions of the device of your dreams.

    The main types of coffee makers De’Longhi

    • Automatic. Models of this type have a very high cost, but also a remarkable quality of the device. The process of making a drink is automatic, but you need to set the necessary parameters. Cars with a cappuccinator will quickly brew a cup of flavored invigorating drink.
    • Capsular. The most simple to use machine with high performance. Ideal for office use or for preparing drinks for a large family. The device works on special capsules. They have a rather long shelf life. One capsule is enough for one application. It should be loaded into the device, where it opens, after which the process of preparing the drink.
    • Portion. The principle of operation of the device is based on the use of special tablets. The coffee machine is easy to operate, but washing the device is quite difficult.
    • Rozhkovaya. Prepares only one type of coffee - espresso. These machines are not used very often. This is an ideal option for people who rarely drink such drinks, but they do not know how to brew them themselves or do not want them. For work use pods or pre-milled coffee beans.
    • With mechanical pump. The easiest machine to set up and manage. It has a small size and can brew coffee only from already ground beans. This device can make various drinks: espresso, americano, latte or cappuccino.
    • Grain. The design provides an embedded coffee grinder, so you can set the parameters for grinding the grains. You can set the degree of strength of coffee. The unit has a large size and a very high cost. The model provides compartments for water and for milk. There are automatic and semi-automatic modes.
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Capsule Coffee Machine
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Portion coffee maker
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Rozhkovaya coffee maker
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Cereal coffee maker
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    With mechanical pump

    Browse popular models

    De’Longhi has been developing and producing coffee machines for more than a dozen years. If the first cars just made a delicious drink, then modern models have many additional functions. Currently, you can find De’Longhi coffee machines with a variety of possibilities. There is even a kind of rating, which includes only the best models. To know what features they have, it is worth considering the descriptions of the most common ones:

    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    1. "Caffe Corso". This is a series of automatic devices, which is characterized by a fairly affordable price. You can cook two cups of delicious flavored drink at the same time. You can make an espresso, latte or cappuccino with a thick crema. Built-in coffee grinder, has 13 different degrees of grinding grains. There is an opportunity to choose the necessary volume of water. From time to time you need to clean the unit with a special descaling agent. A water filter can reduce its hardness, which will make the finished drink more tasty.
    2. "Perfecta". Another representative of automatic coffee machines of a famous brand. The unit is quite expensive. For ease of setup in the unit there is a touch screen.
    3. "Dedica". Rozhkovaya coffee maker in a stylish design. The device is inexpensive. The speed of preparation of the drink is quite high. There are many useful features: water filtration, anti-drip system and others.
    4. "Ecam". Automatic car of very modest dimensions. Prepares delicious cappuccino on the patented system of the brand. All settings can be easily set due to the presence of the display. The kit includes a filter for water purification.
    5. "PrimaDonna Elite". Very expensive coffee machine. It is distinguished by a stylish design and the most innovative technologies. You can cook two cups of drink at the same time. You can control the device through a mobile application. The unit contains two liters of water for brewing coffee. Some devices have the function of making chocolate.
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    "Caffe Corso"
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    "PrimaDonna Elite".
    1. "Venezia". Compact automatic device. Thanks to the built-in cappuccino maker, you can easily make aromatic cappuccino and tasty hot milk. The work requires milled grains that directly fall into the brewing unit. Drinks prepare quickly.
    2. "Autentica". Relatively inexpensive model of coffee machines De’Longhi. Of the most striking differences, we can highlight the possibility of making rich American and double espresso. Manual cappuccino maker will help you to prepare a tasty drink with thick foam. The touch panel is equipped with a backlight, making it easier to set the desired parameters.
    3. "Lattissima". Capsule type device with modern design. In automatic mode, you can make espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato. The cleaning system is also automatic.
    4. "Essenza". Excellent device capsular type. When turned on, this machine warms up quickly, so it is ready to work almost instantly. The capsule system is more advanced, making the drink even more delicious.
    5. "Eco". Rozhkovaya coffee machine, which is equipped with a modern holder. Coffee can be made from ground beans or using pods. Fluffy and thick cappuccino foam is created automatically - thanks to a special nozzle.
    6. "Eletta Cappuccino". The best machine for use in office space. Combines the best features of automatic machines with automatic cappuccinator. The model is equipped with a convenient touch screen. Can prepare a large variety of drinks.
    7. "Dinamica". Automatic device. The main difference is the removable drip grill, which can be washed in the dishwasher. All parameters are set via the control panel.
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    "Eletta Cappuccino".
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    Optional accessories

    De’Longhi company produces not only the coffee machines themselves, but also a variety of different accessories that greatly facilitate the operation of the device:

    • Liquid for washing effectively removes scale inside the machine.
    • Cleaning agent a cappuccinator helps to flush the device.
    • Water softener filter allows you to prepare a drink with liquid from the tap (without further purification).
    • Set of thermo glasses includes 2 cups that keep the temperature of the drink longer.
    • Vacuum container for coffee it prevents the ingress of air into the unit, which allows to preserve the freshness of coffee.
    • Milkman - a container for whipping milk to create a delicious thick cappuccino foam.
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    Care and troubleshooting

    Coffee machines are quite simple to use. To properly configure the required parameters, you should carefully study the instruction manual.

    But sometimes there are errors in the work, which can be divided into two types:

    • malfunctions, which can be eliminated independently;
    • malfunctions, which will eliminate master.

    The manufacturer is responsible for the high quality of each device, so the warranty applies to all products.

    The first type includes the types that can be eliminated by adjusting the parameters:

    1. Car creaks in the process of cooking - clogged horn. Therefore, you need to clean it.
    2. Coffee is not prepared - this may mean that the hydraulic system is empty. You can fix the problem with a small amount of water that should be passed through the system.
    3. Water leaks from the horn - may have worn or dried ring seals. Silicone grease will help bring them back to life. If it does not help, the rings need to be replaced.
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    Masters should entrust the repair of the machine. They will be able to fix it quickly and easily. Sometimes you need to buy spare parts for the device. These may be the following cases:

    1. Replacing the heater.
    2. Failure of the display.
    3. Pump breakdown or heater.

    Sometimes the display may display the following messages:

    1. Too fine grinding - in this case, the machine pours little or no drink at all. You just need to adjust the process of receipt of coffee.
    2. Decalcify - A lot of scum has accumulated inside the machine, decalcification is needed. If there is no automatic cleaning function, carry out the procedure manually. "Antinakipin" for teapots here is not suitable, and scale removal with citric acid is also impossible, you need a decalcifier for a coffee machine.
    3. Replace filter - The expiration date of the water filter has expired, it is necessary to replace it.
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    What to look for when choosing?

    Coffee machines were created to help people simplify the process of creating a tasty strong drink.

    To choose a device that will bring the maximum pleasure from operation, you should pay attention to many parameters:

    • Number of different drinks, available for making: espresso, hot chocolate, latte, cappuccino and others.
    • Dimensions devices: a compact coffee machine is suitable for small rooms, it is better to buy a large device for offices.
    • Volume water tank and milk.
    • Speed preparation of the drink: more powerful machines make coffee faster.
    • Use of cground, ground or chald.
    • Additional functions: timer, auto power off and others.
    • The cost of the device.
    • Cleaning coffee machines: automatic or manual.
    • Noise level when working.
    • Built brewing unit.
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    Knowing what nuances you should pay attention to, you can easily choose the right coffee machine.

    Customer Reviews

    Making coffee using special technology saves a lot of time for people. Many have already purchased coffee machines for their needs. De’longhi and happy with the results. Consumers like that now they don’t have to spend a lot of time in the morning to make their favorite drink. You can preload all the necessary components into the machine, and in the morning, press the start button. Fans of strong drink noted: while preparing coffee, you can go about your business. It is enough to track the status of the device and turn on the necessary modes in time.

    Care of the car did not cause anyone great difficulties, because many cleaning processes are carried out in automatic modes.

    Coffee machine De’Longhi
    Coffee machine De’Longhi

    See also the review on the Delonghi ECO 310 coffee machine:

    Almost all consumers noted that the drinks are very tasty - even if the device is operated very actively and for quite a long time. Customers love the fact that one device can make several cups of coffee at once. Another advantage of coffee machines is that many of them provide cooking modes for various drinks.

    Of the negative aspects, the rather high price of many models of De'Longhi coffee machines was highlighted.

    If you like to enjoy delicious and aromatic coffee, then the purchase of a coffee machine will be the right decision. Thanks to this wonderful device you can easily prepare your favorite drinks.

    Coffee machine De’Longhi

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