Cereal coffee maker

Cereal coffee maker

Cereal coffee maker
  • Characteristics of drip coffee makers
  • The concept of rozhkovye systems
  • Caring properly
  • Models
  • Philips HD 8828 Review
  • Characteristics of De’Longhi ECAM22.360.S
  • Features of Siemens CT636LES1 / CT636LEW1
  • Quality Smeg CMS C45B
  • Versatility Asko CM8456S

Coffee - this is one of the most common drinks in the world, which consumes every second person. Today, there are several types of such products, differing taste characteristics. To get the maximum benefit and get a good aroma, coffee must be prepared correctly. Very often for this purpose, a special grain coffee maker is used. You can find out the characteristics of this device on one of the sites of famous manufacturers of this technology.

Cereal coffee maker

Characteristics of drip coffee makers

This type of machine is one of the most popular and frequently used. On the market there are many types of similar technology, different design and cooking quality. The principle of operation of this coffee machine can be described in several simple steps:

  1. Ground coffee fall asleep in a special filter that is equipped with small holes.
  2. After that, the system heats the water to a certain temperature and passes water through the coffee. At this point, it gives all the beneficial substances, thus saturating the liquid. The output is a classic American.

Coffee makers of this type have several positive sides:

  1. Simplicity cooking
  2. Ability to save temperature coffee for a long time. This is due to the presence of special supports thermos.
  3. Regarding low price

Still, drip coffee makers are relatively simple and not able to make coffee with high quality. At the exit, the drink is obtained without foam and with a slight bitterness, which does not allow to fully evaluate its taste. When choosing a drip coffee maker, you should pay attention to several key indicators:

  1. Device power. The speed of preparation of the drink and its strength directly depend on this characteristic. The less time spent, the weaker the coffee. The optimal power of the product for the home is 800 watts.
  2. The presence of anti-droplet system. This mechanism protects against spreading the drink when removing the coffee pot.
  3. Filter type. The best option would be a paper grid that needs to be changed frequently. An alternative option could be a gold filter, characterized by high cost.
Cereal coffee maker
Cereal coffee maker
Cereal coffee maker

The concept of rozhkovye systems

Coffee makers of this type are intended only for ground coffee. Rozhkovye devices one of the most optimal systems that allow you to get a tasty and high-quality drink. The principle of operation of such mechanisms can be described by several actions:

  1. In special horns pre-ground coffee is placed.
  2. After that, heated to a certain temperature. water, gives in under pressure to the area where the product is located. This leads to the fact that it seeps through the grain and takes the necessary nutrients.

The advantages of such machines include high-quality coffee preparation, relatively low price and the availability of the function of making cappuccino. The device also has several disadvantages:

  • possibility of receiving small amount of coffee;
  • coffee must be tamped into the horns by hand, what is not always possible qualitatively without certain skills;
  • significant dimensions of the machine.

Carob coffee machines can be divided into 2 main types:

  1. Steam. Systems of this type assume a direct effect of steam on coffee. This method does not always allow you to prepare a quality drink.
  2. Pump action. These coffee makers suggest the impact of grain on the hammer with the help of pressure, which allows you to extract more useful qualities from the product.
Cereal coffee maker
Cereal coffee maker
Cereal coffee maker

Caring properly

Coffee machines are complex systems that consist of many nodes. Therefore, in order to support its performance, it is important to properly and promptly care for it. It is quite easy to do this by following a few simple guidelines:

  1. Clean the tank on time, where the coffee grounds are going.
  2. Try periodically remove accumulated fluid in the pan.
  3. Clean the coffee maker using a descaler.
  4. After every 200 cups the system must be flushed.
  5. Try to exploit machine so that the coffee grounds do not accumulate in the pipes.
Cereal coffee maker
Cereal coffee maker


Philips HD 8828 Review

The coffee machine of this brand is a fully automatic system. With its help you can cook several types of strong drinks:

  • espresso;
  • lungo espresso;
  • cappuccino.

The device has several distinctive parameters:

  1. Pressure - 15 bar. Also included is a special pump.
  2. The presence of the cooking group and built-in coffee grinder. This allows you to use both coffee beans and ordinary ground products here.
  3. Cappuccinator function and a special compartment for milk.
  4. Availability of special washing systems.

A coffee machine can cook two cups at a time. As the material for the millstones using only ceramic elements. It should be noted that here the whole process of preparing drinks is fully automated and requires minimal human intervention. The grinding of grains is performed in several modes, which makes it possible to adjust the size of the obtained granules. The Philips HD 8828 coffee machine has many advantages:

  1. Coffee is brewed very quickly with minimal water.
  2. Value for money is one of the best on the market.
  3. Relatively small dimensions.
  4. Simple and intuitive clear control.
Cereal coffee maker
Cereal coffee maker

Characteristics of De’Longhi ECAM22.360.S

The coffee machine of this brand is highly customizable, which allows you to adapt its actions to fit your needs. At the same time, the system will easily prepare the coffee itself, minimizing human participation.

Among the positive features of this mechanism, we can distinguish the minimum energy consumption, the presence of a built-in coffee grinder (the ability to use grain or grinding) and automatic washing of the cappuccinator.

The coffee maker is able to prepare several types of tasty drinks:

  • ristretto;
  • cappuccino;
  • espresso and others.

It should be noted coffee grinder, which allows you to adjust the level of grinding (13 types). Among the disadvantages De’Longhi ECAM22.360.S It is possible to distinguish the absence of an anti-drip system, not a convenient technology for filling backed coffee.

Cereal coffee maker
Cereal coffee maker

Features of Siemens CT636LES1 / CT636LEW1

Coffee machines of this brand appeared on the market relatively recently, but already managed to conquer a certain audience. The device is a standard representative of its class. The main materials used here are only metal and glass. The mechanism has a standard set of functions:

  • indicator ylevel of fluid;
  • opportunity making cappuccino;
  • function milk foaming;
  • possibility of adjustment the level of grinding and strength of the drink;
  • water filter and much more.

Among the positive features should be noted the presence of a lock that does not allow children to start the car. One of the main drawbacks is the lack of self-cleaning and control of water hardness. The dimensions of the coffee maker are relatively small and are only 60 * 46 * 36 cm (w * h * g). Inside the system is a 2.4 liter water tank. coffee grinder also holds up to 0.5 kg of grains.

Cereal coffee maker
Cereal coffee maker

Quality Smeg CMS C45B

The coffee maker of this model has a good build quality and stylish design. The outer coating is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, scratches.

The machine is equipped with a number of standard features:

  • self-cleaning;
  • auto power off;
  • the possibility of cooking two cups.

In the manufacture of the case used a special glass, which prevents the appearance of fingerprints on it. Among the disadvantages of this machine can be identified the lack of a water filter, as well as mechanisms for adjusting the stiffness and fluid level.

Cereal coffee maker
Cereal coffee maker

Versatility Asko CM8456S

Scandinavian technology is practical and reliable, which allows it to operate for a long time. The machine has a built-in water tank with a capacity of 1.8 liters, while the coffee chamber can accommodate only 200 g. Among the positive functions of this product, you can highlight the function of grinding coffee and several customizable beverage preparation modes. The system is also equipped with an automatic shutdown, which allows significant energy savings.

Cereal coffee maker

Coffee makers are unique machines that allow to get high-quality and pleasant coffee at home. When choosing them, it is important to consider not only the functionality, but customer feedback. This will allow you to choose a car with an optimal price-quality ratio.

Cereal coffee maker
Cereal coffee maker

Review of the DeLonghi ECAM 22.360.S coffee machine in the next video.

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