Capsular coffee machine de’longhi nespresso

Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso

Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso
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No one will argue with the fact that coffee is one of the most common and favorite drinks of our time. Time changes the way it is cooked, new technologies come, only the fantastic taste of espresso remains unchanged. Modern technology allows you to cook it in the best way - with the help of special capsules, at the touch of a button. The capsule coffee machine “De’Longhi Nespresso EN80” is one of the best machines of this type, which allows you to brew coffee with minimal human involvement in the process.

Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso

Coffee capsules

The starting material for the preparation of beverages in capsule type machines is coffee capsules, which must be original, made specifically for Nespresso machines. The capsules are placed elite coffee "Grand Cru", which is collected by hand. This coffee is extremely sparingly processed, trying to preserve a maximum of flavors and taste. The coffee beans are roasted, ground, blended (mixed coffees), then the powder is packed in aluminum capsules under pressure. The Grand Cru collection is represented by 22 capsules with different varietal qualities of coffee.

Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso

Ethical Coffee Company, Tassimo, Cremesso, Dualit and others also produce coffee capsules that can be used with Nespresso coffee machines.

Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso
Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso

The peculiarity of these coffee capsules is the inert gas that is added to each package. This gas prevents the oxidation of coffee beans, which guarantees its strength and smell. The mechanism pierces holes in the packaging of the capsules for air and the flow of hot water through them.

The advantages of capsules:

  • no need to grind grains;
  • coffee properties persist throughout the year: it can be purchased for future use;
  • tightness of the package allows you to maintain the original aroma and taste of the grains;
  • their use ensures the accuracy of the process (nothing wakes up), the operation of the device is practically silent (machines with grinders make a lot of noise).
Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso


Capsular coffee machine "De’Longhi Nespresso EN80" It is appreciated both for external qualities, and for functional characteristics. It is the most compact of the Nespresso series. Water tank holds 0.7 liters. In the car, only 2 buttons that set the mode of preparation of beverages: espresso, lungo.

Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso
Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso

Using the machine is very simple: just put the coffee capsule in the container and press the desired button that corresponds to the desired type of coffee. When you press the button, you need to hold it until the desired volume of drink in the cup is reached. Then confirm the volume by pressing the button three times. As a result of these actions, the mechanism will be programmed - and then by default it will produce exactly that amount of liquid.

Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso
Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso
Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso

The machine allows you to program the strength of drinks cappuccino and latte, the amount of milk foam.

According to the instructions attached to the coffee machine, the consumer can use the data from the table there to adjust the level of water hardness.

It is possible to set the off time.

To obtain high-quality foam, the milk should be no higher than 4 degrees with a fat content of 2.8-3.2%.

Capsule type "Nespresso De’Longhi Lattissima + EN 520" - the most versatile and speedy among the "Nespresso". It has a stylish design, body color - black, there are illuminated buttons.

The operation of the machine is fully automated. One of the features of this model is that it prepares a De’Longhi cappuccino using an automatic patent system. One touch of the button in this unit allows you to get different types of coffee: espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato. The release of used capsules and the switching off of the mechanism also occur in auto mode. Warming up is carried out for 1 minute. Included:

  • removable bulk water container, containers for milk and used capsules;
  • drip tray;
  • the system in which the capsules are installed;
  • separate cable compartment.

The coffee machine remembers user-defined parameters. A cup of coffee is brewed for 27 seconds. The machine works with non-original capsules, but in this case they will have to be removed from the container independently.

Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso

The budget capsule machines "Nespresso" is the series "Inissia". This coffee machine can cook lungo or espresso. The machine is equipped with a shutdown system, turns off after 9 minutes after work. It has a container for used capsules that can hold up to 11 pieces.

Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso
Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso
Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso

Caring for cars in this series is quite simple. It is necessary from time to time to wipe the case with a damp cloth using mild detergents, the drip tray and the cappuccino unit should be washed with water. Need to regularly throw used sticks.

It is necessary to carry out timely cleaning of scale (in accordance with the instruction manual).


Users note the following advantages of Nespresso drip machines:

  • excellent taste of coffee;
  • ease of use;
  • modern design, compactness;
  • quiet work process.
Capsular coffee machine De’Longhi Nespresso

The disadvantages are the high cost of the capsules, as well as the fact that they are quite problematic to purchase.

Capsular coffee machine "De’Longhi Nespresso" - the best choice for those who do not like to complicate life. Quick, easy and tasty - these are the principles of the Nespresso coffee machines.

Read more about the De’Longhi EN80 capsule coffee machine - the following video.

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