Atlant single chamber refrigerator

Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator

Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator

The main purpose of using the refrigerator is to maintain in the chamber an optimum temperature condition for high-quality preservation of food. There are several types of such systems that allow to solve different problems. Among all this diversity, the Atlant single-chamber refrigerator should be highlighted. These products are used only to store a specific type of food and products.

Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator

Design features

Refrigerators of this type are structures in which access to the working chamber for storing products is done through a single door. Depending on the technical equipment, they can be divided into several subspecies:

  • Systems without freezer. In such structures, the entire internal volume of the working chamber is occupied by shelves. Temperature conditions at any point on the surface are maintained at the same level (small fluctuations are possible, depending on the specific location of the products).
  • Single compartment refrigerators with freezer. This attribute is located inside the main volume. To ensure optimal operation, the freezers additionally “hide” in a small container, which is complemented by protective doors and several seals to maintain the temperature only in this zone.
Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator
Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator

Advantages and disadvantages

Today, these products are quite common, as they allow to optimize the use of usable space. Many modifications of these mechanisms are installed in offices for food storage.

Among the advantages of refrigerators without a freezer are several characteristics:

  1. Increased capacity. The lack of a freezer allows you to use all the space to place products. Used by many people who do not eat meat or prefer to store here only a certain segment of goods.
  2. Small dimensions. The height of the devices in most cases does not exceed 150 cm, which allows you to install it in almost every corner of the house.
  3. Low price. The cost of Atlant single chamber refrigerators is much lower than that of similar two-chamber systems.
  4. Minimum noise level.
Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator

It should be noted that almost all these advantages are also characterized by structures equipped with a built-in freezer. Is that in such systems is not so much space, since a certain part of it is the above part.

Still, such systems are not universal and have many negative sides:

  1. Small volume The inability to place the desired amount of products if necessary (birthday, etc.).
  2. The absence of a freezer or its minimum size leads to the installation of additional freezing equipment for storing meat, fruit, etc.

Atlant single-chamber refrigerators, according to customer reviews, do an excellent job. Products are efficiently stored for a long time inside the system, and a well-thought-out interface allows you to place the desired volume of trays, eggs, etc. It should be noted also the silent operation of the mechanism, which is important for household use.

Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator

Popular representatives

Among the variety of Atlant refrigerators, there are several interesting modifications:

  • MX 2822-66. The total volume of the chamber is 220 liters, of which 175 liters are occupied by a refrigeration tank and a 30 liters freezer. The dimensions of the refrigerator are 131 * 60 * 63 cm (b * w * g). It has a low noise level and quality indicators of electrical energy consumption, as well as the presence of the Fresh system to create different climatic zones.
Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator
Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator

What they think about this model of the refrigerator specialists, see in the video.

  • MX 5810-7. The system is equipped with a camera capacity of 285 liters. The design does not imply the presence of a freezer. All processes are controlled by mechanical controls.
Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator
Atlant Single Chamber Refrigerator

The refrigerator is characterized by the energy class A + with climatic characteristics, which correspond to the classes N, SN, ST (ability to work in the temperature range + 10- + 38 degrees). The dimensions of the product are 150 * 60 * 63 cm (b * w * g).

It should be noted that there is a special Fresh system that is capable of creating different climatic zones inside the chamber.

Selecting a single-chamber refrigerator, you must first familiarize yourself with its technical features, as well as evaluate the reviews of the owners of this technology. This will allow you to get a reliable and high-quality design.

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