Moroccan style apartment

Moroccan style apartment
The world experience of colonization by the west of the east did not pass without a trace for culture. It could not be better reflected in the architecture and decor. The favorite recently by designers "Moroccan style" is a clear confirmation of this. After all, if we analyze all its main components, then in addition to the national Muslim tendencies, the influence of European masters can be traced here. In particular, French motifs are noticeable.

But the main charm of this type of interior give, of course, Berber notes. The nomadic way of life, the traditional "blind-sighted" windows of their houses, the interweaving of the grace of oriental ornaments and the peculiar decorum of a decorum - create a unique mood. Such a design is hardly ever bored. And the best part is the possibility of recreating it in a regular city apartment.

First of all, special attention should be paid to finishing. Replace the classic European arched openings with gracefully curved oriental ones. Smooth lines and clear contours of external surfaces should prevail here. The walls should be covered with light plaster, of course, it should be adapted to the conditions of the apartment. Use of beige and peach tones is possible. Pictures and photos as decoration items are not acceptable. Instead, on one side of the room you can create a colorful mosaic panel.

Particular attention should be paid to furniture. For wealthy Moroccans, it is covered with exquisite complex carvings, which indicates the high status of the owner. Cabinets are traditionally low, various sofas, poufs, and armchairs should be arranged in abundance. On them in unlimited quantities should be scattered multi-colored pillows, with African painting. Armrest sofas cover with woolen tassels.

Add to your new interior a pair of dark wood chests, also decorated with carvings. This will add a special touch to the design. It is not excluded the use of forged openwork decorative elements. They, like the tree, are very revered by Moroccans. With such skillful curls will be well combined blankets of camel wool of brown tones and white pillows of different sizes and shapes. Read: Studio apartment - 70 photos of ideas how to combine two interiors

In the classical traditions of style, tiles are used as floor coverings, but in the conditions of a city apartment it can be easily replaced with a dark wood. From above it is necessary to lay a carpet with a geometrical ornament. It can be of any color and size.

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