Loft style entrance hall

How to make a hall in the style of a loft?

A new trend in apartment design is the loft style. Such a design is chosen by home owners who love freedom and space, this is the style of artists, poets and designers.

65-entrance hall in loft style

  • Hallway decoration
  • The use of stylistic techniques in the design of the room
  • Lighting and decorative elements
  • Distinctive design features

    At its core, loft is very similar to minimalism. The interior should not be extra items, cluttering the space. The design contains expensive furniture and decor items, which are organically combined with the traditional decoration of the main surfaces. The combination of new technologies and classic materials in the decoration - these are the main features of the loft.

    The following requirements are placed on the premises:

    • high ceilings;
    • lack of partitions;
    • good lighting;
    • abundance of metal surfaces and chrome parts.
    Photo: original wall lighting idea

    Photo: original wall lighting idea

    65-entrance hall in loft style

    Hallway decoration

    The loft-style hallway is a continuation of the living room, that is, it is difficult to visually determine where one room ends and another begins. As a rule, the entrance hall is a continuation of the overall design idea of ​​the home, although in some cases it can act as a separate room, decorated in its own style.

    Loft in the design of the hallway is a practicality that blends seamlessly with the elegance of the situation. To bring such a design project to the hallway into practice is possible only if the area and height of the ceilings allows.

    Tip: in the event that you are the owner of a small hallway, then you can also add accents characteristic of the interior in a loft style. With the help of original furniture, a podium, an unusual decor and textured finish (brick or masonry), you can add distinctive design features to a small space.

    Photo: podium lights

    Photo: podium lights

    The use of stylistic techniques in the design of the room

    The use of original stylistic techniques will allow you to turn a standard hallway into a work of design art. When planning the design of a room, it is necessary to think about the realization of the idea of ​​a holistic space, that is, all the rooms of the dwelling should be a whole from the hallway.

    Finishing basic surfaces should be as simple as possible. The design of the walls is, as a rule, traditional brick or masonry, the ceiling can be decorated with frescoes or wooden beams, and as the flooring is best to give preference to natural wood. Floorboards must have natural color and texture. Dazzling white walls and a ceiling in combination with a rough flooring look original in the hallway. Simple wall decoration is fully compensated by the decor in the form of posters, collages from photos, posters, paintings depicting abstract drawings. It is possible to emphasize the belonging to the style if you frame the pictures and photos with metal frames. Patchwork panels of wallpaper pieces will also occupy a worthy place in the design of the walls.

    The floor itself is a decoration of the room. Therefore, it is unacceptable to close it with the help of mats and tracks.

    Photo: wall decor paintings

    Photo: wall decor paintings

    65-entrance hall in loft style

    Lighting and decorative elements

    Loft style means good lighting. In the hallway you can install powerful lights, for example, bus systems equipped with spotlights. Bright lighting combined with warm colors in the finish will create a feeling of warmth and comfort.


    The main decorative element of the hallway is the original coat hanger. The hanger can be made of various materials, but preference is still given to metal and wood. The use of unusual accessories is welcome. The hallway can harmoniously combine a classic mirror in a carved frame, a chair in the Empire style, modern wall lamps and metal art objects.

    If space allows, then directly behind the entrance door you can mount the wardrobe. Original look embedded models that do not violate the integrity of space. The fronts of the closet can also be decorated with posters or vinyl stickers. When choosing a closet, you should abandon the models with mirrored facades, it is better to give your preference to those models whose facades are made of frosted glass.

    The loft style is suitable for finishing small apartments, as the total space of the dwelling increases due to the dismantling of the partitions between the rooms. This design is extremely practical and is suitable for decoration of city apartments. Loft style will help reveal hidden talents, it is suitable not only for people of public professions, but also for young couples, will express the taste preferences of the owners and emphasize their originality.

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