Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and photo interiors

The loft-style rooms look unfinished and uninhabited, but this is where their charm lies. Such rooms, in fact, are very comfortable and functional, which affects the popularity of this style in our days. You can describe the interior of the room in such a style as the struggle of opposites. Rough, unfinished surfaces coexist with modern ways of finishing, vintage and retro style items are nicely combined with modern technology.

The ancestors of the style are considered people of creative professions. Not being able to decorate the interior of the room for money, they created comfort in the dwellings on the basis of the fact that there were already various various materials at hand. Geographically, the style in its modern form comes from America, where in the 40s the issue of locating residents in large cities became very acute. Not everyone managed to buy or rent an apartment in a new house, so developers altered the empty workshops of factories and warehouses for residential buildings. Such a cheap place, with a minimum set of everything necessary for living, could be afforded by students and representatives of creative professions, the latter choosing rooms also for their size. From here and high spacious rooms without walls and accurate division. Thanks to the sophisticated taste of artists, students and other creative individuals, rooms appeared with magnificent decoration, their ideas are still inspired by modern designers and simply people who are passionate about the idea of ​​creating loft-style rooms.

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and photo interiors

Design rooms decorated in the style of loft 40s

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and photo interiors

Loft style in bedroom design

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and photo interiors

Loft style room decoration

Style features

Despite the fact that there is no strict definition of this style, because everyone created it for themselves, it is possible to distinguish the distinctive features that are essential for bedrooms in the loft style.

  • Layout. There is no clear division into rooms in such houses; they often conditionally divide the space with the help of different color schemes, the use of contrasting structures of decoration and differences in the flooring. Less often, screens, glass panels, and glass blocks are used for the separation.
Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and photo interiors

Loft layout options

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and photo interiors

Loft style layout

  • Industry As we have already said, houses were created from industrial premises in which coarse masonry, visible ceiling beams, bare concrete walls, huge cast iron batteries, and open communications were preserved.
  • New technologies. In this style, huge televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other equipment would be appropriate. The steeper and minimalist this technique will be the better.
Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and interior photo

High tech in loft design

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and interior photo

Industry in loft design

  • Height. Often the rooms in this style have very high ceilings, so high that it would be appropriate to create a separate floor for use as a study or bedroom.
  • Big windows. The larger the window, the better - ideally, the windows do not curtain with curtains and maximize their beautiful framing or a frame painted in a fancy color. To protect from prying eyes use blinds.
Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and interior photo

Panoramic windows in the bedroom

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and interior photo

Loft style. Panoramic windows in the bedroom

  • Unusual items. It is very important to find the edge that does not turn the refined interior into something that is not sticky. In the loft style, non-standard home decorations are welcome, for example, wooden lamps, odd-shaped armchairs, non-standard sofas, in general, everything that the eye can catch on. Here you can show your creativity by inflicting graffiti on a brick wall, painting a boring refrigerator, or making a sofa from the bathroom with your own hands, there are a lot of ideas both ready-made and for creating with your own hands.
  • Furniture. Here you need to follow the rule - the minimum space occupied and the maximum functionality. You should not pile up huge cabinets, multimeter sofas or dozens of bedside tables. The best fit modular furniture, as well as transformers.

If you decide to equip your bedroom not in the factory, not in the attic or in the former workshop, then you should not be upset, it is enough to follow the basic features of creating style.

Creating a bedroom in the style of Loft

Deciding that a bedroom must necessarily create a design in a free loft style, and sorting out the main features of the style, you can face the fact that a little concreteity in your case does not hurt, so we prepared the basic steps by following which you can create the interior of a room without any problems. .


The best solution for the design of the ceiling is considered to be rough, untreated wood. Boards can be arranged in a symmetrical order, and for visual separation into rooms you can arrange a separate piece of the ceiling perpendicularly. If this option is not suitable, then the ceiling can simply be whitewashed or painted with paint of gray shades. It is advisable to leave the support beams, if there are none, then install a few as a design element.

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and interior photo

Loft style bedroom ceiling

Walls. All walls do not have to be made in the same style, the most open can be left untreated in the form of bare concrete or brickwork, the rest paint with cold shades of colors. The walls do not always look beautiful without proper processing, then the use of decorative bricks is possible, in the extreme case, wallpapering with imitation of wood or bricks is allowed. Placing plaster is a popular choice for wall covering, you can create a masonry imitation on it, make texture or even up and pick up mixtures suitable for painting, then during repair you can easily change the color of the walls or stick the wallpaper on the tired surface.

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and interior photo

Loft style bedroom wall design

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and interior photo

Loft style in bedroom design


Loft is a large, panoramic windows, letting a large amount of light into the room. Windows do not curtain curtains and do not hide anything visually. Those with small windows can be distinguished by their beautiful framing.


The covering of the room should be as comfortable as possible, but kept in the general style. The interior of the loft rooms implies the use of laminate flooring, parquet, wooden boards and their counterparts as floor coverings. You can lay a carpet of gray color and its shades, sometimes in place. Where the bed is set, a carpet is laid, protruding half a meter from the edge of the bed, the color of the carpet is monotonous, pale.


If the interior is dominated by wood, the decor elements are made in vintage style and there are many soft colors in the room as a whole, then it is preferable to choose lighting with bright light from incandescent bulbs. Metal, monochrome plaster and austere asceticism in the choice of shades have to install lamps of soft, daylight. For any interior fit designer lamps, located on the pedestals, walls or near the bed.


If there is a need to divide the common space into separate parts to improve the functionality, then in this style the walls are not suitable. The best option is a shaded glass panel that will allow enough light in and not make the room small. Also very beautiful are the partitions made of glass blocks of various colors. Partitions are needed in the case when there is a need to allocate a bedroom space for a working space or in some cases for zoning a bathroom.

Loft. Undoubtedly, the basis of the loft style is the superstructure, which is installed in houses with high ceilings, alas, not every house will allow to introduce such a structure. The loft itself is mounted using wood or metal, stone columns built around the supports of the superstructure look impressive. If you managed to place the add-in in the room, then additional space opens up for ideas. The most popular solutions are the creation of a bedroom in the loft, which will give an intimate atmosphere. The second most common solution for a loft setting is an office; in such a workroom it will be more convenient to concentrate on business and not be distracted.

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and interior photo

Cabinet in the loft

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and interior photo

Bedroom in the loft

Bedroom decor

Furniture. The main element of the bedroom in the loft style is of course the bed. Like other elements, it should be kept in a minimalist style. The basis may be metal or wood, it is useful to install bedside tables. An excellent solution, suitable for the style, is mounting the bed on a pedestal, a beautiful and excellent functional solution. The rest of the furniture should be small, practical and stylish. For furniture, all possible solutions that visually increase the space are applicable - mirrored panels, recessed lighting, etc.

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and photo interiors

Furniture transformer in the bedroom

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and photo interiors

Designer furniture transformer in the bedroom

Equipment. As already mentioned, the technique should be chosen on the basis of considerations - minimalistic appearance and serious functionality. You can please yourself with a huge plasma or high-quality projector with a high-end sound system, a touch-sensitive built-in stove and a huge monochromatic fridge of the latest models. If there is no money for such acquisitions, then you shouldn’t get upset because you can use old equipment, giving it the appearance of new ideas, for example, you can put a beautiful design on the refrigerator, integrate a microwave in kitchen furniture and so on.

Stylish interior elements. Upon completion of all the basic steps of creating a bedroom in a loft style, care should be taken about the decor. There are practically no restrictions, it can be any elements: vases, paintings, lamps, coffee tables, decorations, drawings and other objects. There are no restrictions on the use of materials: wood of various breeds, chrome-plated metal, brass, bronze, glass, rod and so on. The essence of adding decor is to express oneself, to find an inner creator and to realize the ideas that were in my head, but there was no time for their realization or no chance.

Loft-style bedrooms - features of style and photo interiors

Loft style bedroom design


In the end, it may seem that a room made in cold colors will not be quite comfortable, but it is not. There is nothing more comfortable than natural solutions and natural materials. It is worth noting that despite the initial simplicity and cheapness of this style, today the creation of a bedroom loft will cost the owners a lump sum. The main item of expenditure will be the purchase of furniture and decorative elements made of natural materials. Today, manufacturers offer a large number of derived solutions of stone and wood, but they are not suitable for this style. Creating a room with your own hands, you can not only save a decent amount, but also put a piece of your soul into the bedroom, which will delight you with comfort and an elegant appearance.

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