Diy repair in the bedroom - photo options

They say repair is like a natural disaster. But unlike a natural cataclysm, it ends well. And having survived it, and even more so having made repairs in the bedroom with your own hands, you can sleep peacefully and sweetly, counting before this the savings and listening to rave reviews from neighbors. Variants of real interiors created by talented owners are shown in the photo.

The first important step - we determine the functionality and style.

Thinking about repairing your bedroom, for a start it is worth solving two important questions:

  • will this room only serve for sleeping or will it be necessary to allocate additional zones here;
  • Which style theme to choose for a specific room.

If a room is issued only for rest, you do not need to bring in a lot of extra furniture, and the presence of decorative items depends on the preferences of the owners. When creating a workplace or a zone where guests can be received, an additional design is added to the interior (lighting, partitions, screens), and the furniture is selected with the possibility of transformation: the sofa turns into a bed, a coffee table becomes a full-fledged dining table.

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

We determine the functionality and style of the bedroom

Making repairs in the bedroom with their own hands and choosing a style, proceed from personal preferences and desires. Of course, you can stay on the glamorous high-tech and seductive art deco, but these areas are difficult and expensive in the proper design and selection of furniture and textiles. For self-repair fit calm theme bedrooms in the Scandinavian style, which has the simplicity and ease of decoration. It would be appropriate and modern classics, as a lightweight version of the traditional design. Or a fusion style that combines seemingly incompatible ideas and things. In any case, even a simple design of the walls, ceiling and floor in a single decision, the purchase of furniture and decor items will update the bedroom and make it comfortable and cozy.

Independent repair of the bedroom is not an easy process. It should plan it in advance and decide on the cost of materials and furniture. The following photos are variants of real interiors.

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Classic style bedroom

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Classic style bedroom design

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Fusion Bedroom

Preliminary work

Careful planning will help organize the correct course of repair and eliminate unforeseen situations. It is important at this stage to draw the intended version of the bedroom or sketch it out schematically in order to visualize the future creation. Designers advise to feel yourself in a fictional interior: will it be comfortable in it, will you want to lie here to rest.

Having decided on how to make repairs in the bedroom and having thought about the upcoming work, they make measurements of the room, calculate the necessary amount of material and its cost, examples of concrete actions in the photo. The modern construction market is so diverse that you can pick up the necessary finishing materials for any wallet.

The next step will be the preparation of the workplace, for which they take out all things from the room, if it was inhabited, or cover them with a protective film. If necessary, remove the lamps, sockets and switches, remove the old cover. At the same time, the wiring diagram is also mounted, if new lighting devices are scheduled for installation.

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Preparing the room for repair

Finishing begins

Based on the fact that in the bedroom a person spends a third of his life (that is how much time is spent sleeping), high-quality materials are selected that have environmental properties. Carrying out finishing work, adhere to the basic rule: repair moves from top to bottom:

  • If the previous ceiling of the bedroom does not suit you, you can change it by installing the original construction of drywall or pulling a special canvas. The result of such repairs in the bedroom in the photo. But for these works will have to turn to specialists. Under the power of the owners themselves painting or whitewashing the ceiling, as well as pasting it with wallpaper and foam tiles.
DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Stretch ceilings in the bedroom

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Multi-level ceilings

  • To repair the walls you need to align them in advance. This can be done by plastering or installing plasterboard structures. Choosing a wallpaper, focus on the overall design of the room and environmental friendliness. For example, paper materials do not emit harmful substances into the air and have a reasonable price for many. The walls can be decorated with decorative plaster.
  • Completes the finish floor arrangement. Choosing between laminate, cork, wood, linoleum, you need to remember that in the bedroom and go barefoot. Therefore, for the comfort of using pleasant to the touch surface, not requiring additional tracks or carpets.
DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

The combination of different materials in the decoration of the bedroom

Primary Color Tips

Choosing the color of the bedroom, you need to rely on your preferences. Many designers are happy to share tips on how best to arrange this or that room, but a particular person will have to live and rest in this room. Therefore, making the repair of the bedroom with your own hands, we take as the basis the color that you like and adhere to fashion trends and advice. Examples of interiors in the photo.

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Modern bedroom design

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Bright bedroom design in blue colors

Most rooms are made on the basis of the same color. In the small bedroom, overlooking the north side, it is preferable to choose warm light shades that visually enlarge the room and make it more spacious. Rooms with windows facing the south side are not so demanding with regard to light colors, but here a cold palette looks better.

And although the traditional decoration of bedrooms is created on the basis of white, light blue, peach and other delicate shades, the owners can choose dark colors that will give the room comfort and intimacy.

It looks interesting and options for repairs in the bedroom do it yourself with an unusual design, for example, with the combined wallpaper of two or more colors. Such a style is loved by bright extraordinary individuals. Just need to choose the right combination of shades. Examples in the photo.

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Combining wallpaper in the bedroom

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Bedroom design, a combination of two types of wallpaper

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Bedroom design in beige tones

Bedroom zoning

As was said, often the interior of the bedroom has to be divided into parts, thus highlighting the work area or the area combined with the living room. The real photo repair bedroom with their hands with the desired areas, look at the photo.

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Zoning of the room with sliding partitions

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Beautiful design zoning bedroom and living room.

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Zoning the bedroom and living room

For a desk and chair, choose a part of the room that can be separated from the sleeping area by a small decorative partition. Or fix the lamp in such a way that the lighting for the table does not fall on the place of rest. With high ceilings, it is possible to create a mezzanine, where the sleeping place is conveniently located, and below it you can put a desk or wardrobe shelves.

A high shelf with through shelves or a textile curtain that will hide a resting place during sleep will help to divide the bedroom into zones. Actual and various portable screens that can be made for the bedroom with their own hands. Examples in the photo.

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Bedroom and work area zoning

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Zoning with a high rack with through shelves

Today, the usual folding sofa is replaced by non-standard solutions, such as a bed, which is transformed into a closet and frees up the space of the room. Or a sleeping bed on the podium, inside of which there are drawers for things.

Furniture Tips

The most "delicious" stage in the repair of the bedroom is the moment of placement of furniture and room decoration. Variants of such interiors in the photo.

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Options for the arrangement of furniture for the bedroom

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Classic bedroom design

The choice of furniture was already decided at the beginning of the project, and now it remains to distribute it correctly in the available space. Some tips from experienced designers will help to cope with this:

  • Furniture in the bedroom should not occupy more than half of the room, if possible, should abandon unnecessary items.
  • The double bed is not placed in the corner of the room. There must be easy access from each side.
  • The bed is not recommended to put feet to the doors and to the window opening. This is done not only in relation to popular beliefs, but because of considerations of aesthetics.
  • If the owner’s things are stored in the bedroom, then the wardrobe, the sliding doors of which can be used both as mirrors and as decorative elements, will be an ideal option for them.
  • Carpet in the bedroom is not recommended, it will accumulate dust. But the small bedside rugs and easy to clean, and you can pick up so that they also serve as decoration.
DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Bedroom furniture

DIY repair in the bedroom - photo options

Bedroom design minimalism.

Bedroom Decor

The main rule for choosing the elements of decor in the bedroom is moderation. The emphasis in the room for rest is placed on the main element of the furniture - the bed. Therefore, you should not overload the interior with an abundance of various parts that will distract from a full sleep.

A cozy bedroom makes the presence of textiles. The curtains, matched to the bed, bedside rugs, lampshade on the lamp, selected in the same style, create a feeling of “homeiness” and peace of mind. Decorative pillows, hand-sewn, will complement the interior of the room.

At the head of the bed it is customary to place nightlights or floor lamps, creating a dull, muffled light. They can be made in the same style with the chandelier.

The last note in the completed repair will be various pleasant trinkets: flower vases, figurines, frames with photos and more.

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