Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo

A 4-by-4-meter square-shaped bedroom provides great opportunities in choosing design options, by viewing photos of which you can find the perfect one for yourself. The main advantages of square rooms are:

  • the possibility of placing large pieces of furniture (cabinets, beds) on any wall;
  • a large number of options for placement of furniture;
  • simplicity of space zoning - if necessary, you can easily divide a room into several zones, depending on your needs;
  • the ability to install a large closet in the entire wall.

Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo

For a small rectangular bedroom, for example, 3 by 4 meters, the options for arranging furniture are smaller than in the case of a square room with an area of ​​16 sq. M. In most cases, the bed is placed by the headboard to a more elongated wall, and the closet is along the short one. Bedside tables easily fit on the sides of the bed, and traditionally there is a TV opposite. From the additional elements of furniture, you can install a compact dressing table. You can choose any room design absolutely, depending on your preferences.

Finishes and colors

When decorating rooms of small size it is best to use light shades, as they visually increase the space, making the room brighter. In the design of the bedroom preference should be given a calm, pastel colors. Most often use different shades of brown and peach.

Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo

To ensure a healthy microclimate in a room designed for recreation, it is advisable to choose furniture from natural, environmentally friendly materials.

Multifunctional bedroom

Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo

If the room is used not only for sleeping, but also as a study or a living room, you should think about competent space zoning. Sleeper is better to separate with a screen, decorative or sliding partitions. Instead of a full bed, you can install a folding sofa bed. In this case, it is most important to choose a high-quality sofa, when unfolding which forms a full-fledged, comfortable sleeping place without joints and crevices.


16 meters for the bedroom is enough if it is used for its intended purpose, and not combined with the office or room for receiving guests. To avoid unnecessarily cluttering the room, you should use only the most necessary pieces of furniture:

  • bed;
  • closet for storing bedding, clothes;
  • bedside tables for various trifles;
  • dressing table.

The central element of the bedroom is the bed. It can be placed in a square room in different ways, including diagonally. You can also choose any size and shape of the bed. A round bed will fit perfectly into the bedroom 4 by 4 meters, and also the bed is quite impressive in size, for example, 2 by 2 meters.

Options for bedroom design 4 by 4 meters with a photo

For storage, you can install a wardrobe in the entire wall or a wardrobe with hinged doors. To visually expand the space you can use mirrored doors.

Near the bed you can easily fit bedside tables for storing various trifles, as well as a dressing table with a mirror.

Styling bedroom

For the design of the bedroom, you can choose almost any direction - perfectly elegant classical style, gentle Provence, laconic minimalism and original modern. However, the color design is better maintained in pastel, soothing colors, which contribute to a comfortable rest and sleep.


This is a great solution for those who want to spend the night in a sophisticated, elegant room. In creating an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort will help warm, discreet colors - beige, light peach, blue.

As for the furniture, you should choose a full bed, and not a sofa. A beautiful bed with a tall, graceful headboard made of carved wood or with soft upholstery, as in the photo, will perfectly fit into the classic interior of a 4 by 4 meter bedroom.

Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo

To store clothes and bedding, you should choose not a modern wardrobe, but a classic double or tricuspid wardrobe with legs with hinged doors. One or several doors can be with mirror inserts - this will visually expand the space. In addition, the furniture can be decorated with carved elements and gilding. It is appropriate in the bedroom with a classic design looks dressing table with a beautiful mirror, as well as small ottomans. For a classic interior is better to choose the headset, and not to buy items separately.

Curtains, bedspreads, pillows should be kept in the same style so that the interior looks holistic and harmonious. They can be made of luxurious silk, practical cotton or viscose.


Gentle, originated in the French province, creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Light, unobtrusive shades of yellow, olive and lavender are great for rest and sleep rooms. The characteristic white color of the walls, typical of the Provence design, as in the photo, helps to visually enlarge the space of a small bedroom 3 by 4.

Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo

The space behind the bed can be decorated with wooden planks, painted in light shades or with the help of stencil painting. The drawing is better to choose vegetable themes - flowers, plants, leaves.

Provence style furniture is light, natural, often with the effect of aging, decorated with various intricate patterns. Furniture facades are sometimes decorated with paintings, but without too much gloss and pomp.

The charming atmosphere of Provence in the interior of the bedroom 4 by 4 meters will help to create natural textiles with a floral pattern or plain, for example, as in the photo.

Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo

Curtains and curtains can be quite simple, without complex draperies, but perhaps with cute frills in a rustic style. The same applies to bedspreads and pillows. Fabrics preferably choose natural - flax, cotton.


The minimalism style is ideal for the interior of a small bedroom 4 by 4 meters, as it allows you to create free space, not overloaded with furniture and other interior details. Color design is also concise - a maximum of 2-3 shades, often contrasting. The base color is white, as well as various shades of beige and gray, which allow you to create a light, light bedroom design 4 by 4 meters, as in the photo.

Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo

The furniture is simple, with a clear geometry of forms, but the most functional. The bed-bed or the Japanese-style low bed is often used as a bed. For storage, suitable as a regular swing cabinet, and a wardrobe full wall. The main condition is a minimum of details and maximum simplicity.

If you choose to use wallpaper for wall decoration, then choose plain, without patterns and drawings. Ceiling design should also be extremely concise. Most often it is simply aligned, and then painted white.

Natural textures, ergonomic furniture and freedom of space, characteristic of minimalism, are ideal for interior decoration of a small 3 by 4 meter bedroom, which can be seen in the photo.

Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo


For the Art Nouveau style, curved, flowing lines, floral ornaments and ornate patterns are characteristic. The color palette is calm, with a predominance of grayish-purple, pale pink and beige shades. Modern is a very versatile direction, which may include elements of various styles. It is important that the created interior was harmonious and complete, as in the photo.

Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo

Furniture should be selected simple, but functional. At the same time, modern style presupposes the freedom to choose the finishes and form - you can choose both the classic and the modern ones. The bed can be of any shape, including round. A spacious wardrobe or a traditional wardrobe with hinged doors, with mirror or glass inserts will be suitable for storage. Modern style - a fairly free style, which opens up great opportunities for your imagination when designing a 3 by 4 meter bedroom, various photos of rooms in this style will help determine the most appropriate option.

Design options for bedrooms 4 by 4 meters with a photo

The choice of textiles depends on the basic design of the room, while it is important that bedspreads, curtains, pillows are chosen in the same style.

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