Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

The dream of almost every person is a perfectly equipped large bedroom with a dressing room, a place for work, a large sofa and armchairs. But not all people are endowed with such happiness, many have to wrestle with how to bring their 3-by-3 rooms into a “human view”.

Rooms with small dimensions present a lot of problems in their arrangement, since there is nowhere to turn around and you have to abandon a number of zones inherent in large apartments. But if you come up with taste and knowledge, visually expand it, use every centimeter with great efficiency, the task of creating a good design photo of a bedroom 3 by 3 is quite feasible.

The benefits of symmetrical dimensions

The design of a 3 by 3 room with symmetrical dimensions is considered a virtue that greatly simplifies the designer’s task. The design of such rooms is much easier than highly elongated rooms with a complex layout, when you need to use different design tricks to redraw the size inconsistencies to the designs.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Bedroom 3 by 3

The room of the correct geometry is completely ready for the implementation of all the ideas for creating a room where everything necessary for household use is placed according to the functional accessories. Symmetrical dimensions allow you to avoid the use of special effects in order to improve the perception, conceal projections, niches and other disadvantages of the standard layout of a rectangular room.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Square bedroom design

Interior bedroom 3 by 3

Known examples of creating a great living room interior. But a small area of ​​the room is most suitable for use as a bedroom or nursery.

Its design is tied to the taste and preferences of people. Some like a bright, bright, sunny bedroom with large windows, others with dim lights or twilight.

Therefore, before you equip it, you must consider all the details. The interior of a small bedroom requires a minimalist style. Creating a zone of calm and relaxation requires the removal of all unnecessary parts, decorative elements, the use of furniture from traditional shapes and sizes.

Excellent result is achieved when combining decor from natural and synthetic materials. Primary colors used in this style: shades of white, gray and black, but dark colors should be attached to only one side of the walls. Shades of wood or brick are fully applicable. The beige color and light brown tones have lost their relevance, nowadays completely different methods are used to give life to the interior of a small bedroom.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Bedroom in modern style

Ivory color in combination with soft neutral tones helps to create a modern interior design. For a room with windows facing south, it is necessary to provide cold shades, and for bedrooms with views in the opposite direction, warm colors are used.

Do not forget that the bedroom is a place for rest and bedchamber. It should be spacious enough, not seem cramped, not crush the walls and ceiling of the owners of the room. For a completely spacious look and a visual expansion of the spatial perception of a small bedroom, designers recommend a number of techniques:

  1. For optimal placement, instead of bulky furniture, choose smaller or foldable furniture, remove unnecessary accessories and objects.
  2. Unlike rectangular, in a square room on different walls should hang no more than one picture or photo. In this case, a 3 by 3 bedroom will take a symmetrical view.
  3. Use wallpaper with large and simple drawings or painting of vertical stripes similar in color.
  4. Buy glossy furniture and large mirrors.
  5. Combine light sources, do not leave distant parts of the room and dark corners.
Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Additional sources of lighting for bedrooms 3 by 3

Bedroom 3 by 3: interior furniture

Buying a less spacious wardrobe or corner coupe, folding sofa, also a corner, meets the requirements of minimizing the necessary furniture. The sofa causes some discomfort in the form of back pain. A good way out is to purchase an orthopedic mattress, of sufficient subtlety and flexibility, so that it can be rolled up and placed in a closet when folding the sofa in the morning after sleep.

In order to create an acceptable interior of a 3 by 3 meter photo, it remains to attach a bedside table or a desk, which allows using the bedroom as an office. Small bedroom not for toilet table. The use of furniture in bright colors and combine them with a cabinet with a door with a mirror, gives the feeling of a visual increase in space.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Bedroom Furniture 3 by 3

The color scheme for the design of a photo bedroom 3 by 3

For each case, you must consider the basic color scheme. Light shades visually expand the room, dark ones reduce it. Neutral light and pastel shades allow you to relax, create a feeling of coziness and comfort, so they are mainly used to create the interior design of the room for sleeping. The use of fancy patterns, colorful pictures and various photos is not welcome, since the manifestations of both sad and funny thoughts, feelings are natural barriers to the onset of calm and sleep. Therefore, preference is given to monochromatic painting of the walls, and the decoration can be performed as an exception on that wall, which is located at the head of the bed or sofa.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Highlighting the wall at the head of the bed in a 3 by 3 bedroom

To add charm, give dynamics to the design, a sense of visual division of space, you can apply to the main color and other tones. For example, shades of gray, light green, blue and yellow will create pleasant combinations of contrast and do not look fancy.

Painting of one of the walls with a color contrasting with the other walls is widely used. This technique allows, in combination with the correct placement of furniture, to visually expand the room. The correct arrangement of furniture means undesirability of an arrangement opposite to a contrast wall of a case with a mirror. It is better to put a table or sofa. The floor can be covered with parquet or laminate of light shades with a diagonal arrangement of the pattern.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Laminate floor in the bedroom 3 by 3

When choosing carpets, pillows and bedspreads you need to do in bright colors. In combination with color blinds or curtains, they make the interior of your bedroom more attractive. White tone bedside tables, lamps, figurines is a continuation of this line.

Mirrors create a feeling of lightness and ease. In the small bedroom you can use the wardrobe mirror. The use of wall mirrors is also welcome.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Mirrors in the design of bedroom 3 on

Lighting a bedroom 3 by 3 photos

The bedroom visually seems spacious when deciding the correct lighting. Chandelier as the center of lighting, in such a room should be small, with frosted shades. In addition, it is necessary to provide additional lamps at the top of the walls, with the calculation of the reflection of their light from the ceiling.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Lighting in the bedroom 3 by 3

Bedroom 3 by 3: choice of curtains

From the choice of curtains depends on the feeling of coziness and comfort. They should be well combined with the basic shades of the walls and the ceiling, giving a feeling of pleasant coolness and calm for a good and healthy sleep.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Textiles for bedroom 3 by 3

Wallpaper selection

Wallpaper for the bedroom is an important element in the hands of the designer to create an interior for a relaxed atmosphere, the selection of wallpaper must fully comply with the chosen style. Therefore, it is advisable to use light-colored wallpaper. Huge wall-paper on the whole wall is undesirable, since they do not help to create a feeling of expanded space, but on the contrary, such an interior will create the impression of the “fineness” of the other details. Small photo panels or pictures on the walls are applicable, but they are excluded when using large mirrors, due to again the large contrast of the elements.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Bedroom 3 by 3 Design

Bedroom in modern style

A special place is occupied by the design of the bedroom in an elegant high-tech style. The interior of the room 3 by 3, from the use of black, sharp contrasts in shades, used with great success for large areas, loses from a small space. Here it is better to adhere to the golden mean - the use of innovative materials and structures should work to create a calm atmosphere and a great mood when waking up in the morning. In the “high-tech” style, many progressive solutions are implemented to increase the usefulness of the room space used: transforming beds, which are removed in walls or wardrobes, with sliding shelves, and drawers.

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

3 by 3 high-tech bedroom design

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

High-tech bedroom

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

Modern high-tech bedroom

Design of a bedroom 3 by 3 - photos of interiors

High tech style. Bedroom in red and white

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