Children's provence style

Making a child in the style of Provence

Children's Provence style personifies love, home, family values. The style is perfect for the design of the children's bedroom. Thin colors, natural materials, handmade finishes contribute to the development of a child's fine taste.

It is possible to embody the Provence style in the interior using natural materials in the decoration, as in the child’s room the masonry of stone and imitating old plaster will look rough. Wall decoration is better to perform wallpaper delicate shades or resistant water-based paint.

Since the Provence style flooring should be wooden or tiled, light parquet or painted floor that simulates a board is suitable for a nursery.

The ceiling in the nursery should be smooth. Color - exclusively white without pendant design designs.

Tip: In the Provencal style, it is preferable to use discreet soft light colors in the children's design. You can simultaneously combine colors on the walls, floor, ceiling. So the room will be lighter, which is very necessary for the child.

145-children in the style of Provence

145-children in the style of Provence

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  • Painting in the interior of furniture and walls

    An alternative to wallpaper is art painting, which is decorated with furniture and walls. Motifs of plant and animal themes will certainly appeal to kids. The painting should be done with acrylic paints. They are made of water-based, therefore, non-toxic, safe and easy to operate.

    Do not order the design of the nursery from a professional artist. You can do everything yourself, looking at the photo on the Internet. Creating drawings, you bring home comfort and a certain naivety to the interior of the nursery. Having connected the imagination, it is easy to create interesting patterns using stencils. Provence style in the interior emphasizes the clarity of the outlines of the room.

    Photo: painting the walls in the interior of children's style Provence

    Photo: painting the walls in the interior of children's style Provence

    Photo: painting furniture

    Photo: painting furniture

    145-children in the style of Provence

    Children's room design ideas

    • Color palette in pastel colors.

    Provence style is welcomed in children's rooms. A gentle palette of shades resembles the sea, summer, field, forest. Pastel colors (lavender, blue, terracotta, yellow, light green) have a calming effect and promote good sleep.

    • Furnishing

    In the interior of the nursery should not be anything extra. Ideal - bed and chest of drawers in the style of Provence. Their graceful forms will emphasize the sophistication of the room, add comfort and homely warmth.

    Provence style is very similar to the Scandinavian in the prevailing light palette. Feel free to buy soft furniture in the nursery of pastel colors. So you emphasize the superiority of style and add sophistication to the interior.

    Furniture items in the nursery in the style of Provence are light in color. The cot can be made of metal with forged elements, for example, legs, bilsa, headboards. It is good to use convenient lockers, chairs, dressers from a tree. It is interesting to look at small chests, wicker baskets, boxes that are ideal for storing things, toys, books.

    You can think over the interior design of the nursery yourself. Purchase of mini-cabinets for things, light acrylic paints, brushes, special napkins, glue, varnish is welcomed.

    Photo: metal bed with forged elements

    Photo: metal bed with forged elements

    145-Children in the style of Provence

    As for the design of furniture, it will be interesting to look for children with multi-layer color (examples of designs can be viewed on the photo of design sites). Initially it is necessary to paint the cabinets, shelves, drawers with two layers with an interval of drying of 15 minutes. Then you should cut out the napkin pattern, stick it on the surface of the furniture, dry for half an hour, and then varnish it. The appearance of small cracks on the surface of the furniture will help determine the stage of completion.

    When choosing textiles for a modern children's room should pay attention to the naturalness of fabrics. The advantages are chintz, cotton, linen. The color scheme is necessarily neutral. Pay attention to checkered and floral patterns. They are suitable for bedspreads, curtains, curtains. Napkins from patches and macrame on bedside tables and lockers look original.

    Children's room in Provence style exclusively looks with ruffles, ruffles, curtains, embroidery, bedspreads.

    • Provence style traits

    The light style of Provence contributes to the creation of a cozy nursery interior, even if it was previously decorated in a different style. The interior in the form of a French province will look great.

    145-children in the style of Provence

    Decorating child

    It is recommended to use eaves and other details from forging. They can be perfectly combined with the statuettes of animals attached to the wall. They are made of papier-mache, plaster, wood.

    By creating a nursery according to the principle of rustic French aesthetics, one can get away from the bored classical style in the interior. Old country style is represented by diversity. Many photos of children's rooms are presented on construction sites.

    Children's, decorated in the style of Provence, is simplicity, functionality, lack of coarse elements. Provence style combines sophistication and simplicity. There is no theatricality and palace pomp. That is why it is suitable for children's design.

    Tip: use wicker baskets, racks, containers. They will give a special touch to the children's room.

    You can create a cozy room with the help of natural furniture of delicate shades with a predominance of artificial antiquity. Particularly adorns children's furniture with hand-applied gilding and miniature painting. The main feature of Provence style furniture is the presence of a unique hand-carved. Among the accessories are miniature figurines, flashlights, textiles with bright colorful ornaments.

    145-children in the style of Provence

    145-children in the style of Provence

    10 ideas for the design of the nursery

    Textile wallpaper with a simple pattern combine all the elements of style. The gentle tones of the blue headset emphasize the curtains and bed linen in white. The nursery looks elegant in beige tones with a chocolate tint.

    A nursery for a girl is recommended to be performed in bright crimson tones and diluted with white pillows, napkins, toys. An excellent solution is a nursery with a predominance of graceful finish. Wall decoration, imitating wood, contrasting beams on the ceiling, elegant light furniture and murals give the room originality and comfort. The best option is to create the effect of antiquity at the expense of a dark block house.

    A nursery for a boy is better to perform a dynamic light finish with elements of dark stripes. A bed with an original canopy underlines the aesthetics of Provence style. The bed should be bought monophonic from cotton or cambric. You can create from the children's loft white. White ceiling beams, laminate from natural materials, simple furniture - elements characteristic of Provence style.

    To create a bright childish and keep the Provence style, it is worth choosing intensive colors for finishing, adding brightness to lavender, blue, green shades and shading the ceiling with white. Good to create in the children's French charm. Gold-plated details in the interior - that's what's important in design. It can be any gold-plated furniture parts.

    145-children in the style of Provence

    Photo: canopy bed

    Photo: canopy bed

    145-children in the style of Provence

    Choosing upholstered furniture, give preference to beds made of natural light wood, classic chairs, decorating textile elements (tablecloths, curtains, bed linen).

    Provence style implies the presence of forged and cast elements in the interior. A variety of openwork artistic elements will decorate any children's room. Having well thought through the design, you can create a fabulous interior room for a girl or a seascape for a boy.

    The interior of the children's room is considered not complete if there are no accessories that give it comfort. Ideal paintings on the wall, souvenirs on the cabinets, jewelry boxes, trinkets on the table.

    Maritime landscape themes and ornamental plants on the windowsill will enliven the room, and toys scattered on the floor and furniture will create a sense of a fairy tale in the room.

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