Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

The beautiful word "attic" came to us from French. In Russian, it denotes an attic room with a sloped ceiling. In the 17th century, Francois Mansart was the first to use the space under the roof for residential purposes. Thus, the name of the architect gave the name to the popular building under the roof of the building today. It can be adapted to different needs, but mainly recreation areas are located here. Having come up with a bedroom design in the attic, you can get a stylish and comfortable room for adults or children.

This bedroom in the attic is perfect for couples, children who love to climb stairs, teens who want to have their own separate room. You can also make a guest bedroom, but on condition that the staircase does not pass through the private part of the master's house.

Type of roof and layout

Create a bedroom interior in the attic will help the shape of the roof. A flat ceiling in the attic is rare. Often the walls are located at different angles to the floor, as in the photo, so you have to use non-standard methods for the design of such rooms.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

The type of roof requires a certain placement of furniture in a similar bedroom:

  • Shed roof gives many options for the design space. The bed is usually placed next to the sloping wall, while the straight line has a chest of drawers and a wardrobe. Or a whole storage system, locked by sliding compartment doors. It will look good and the opposite option. At the bed or sofa, located near the high wall, you can put racks for things on both sides. Or embed along the entire length of several low drawers.
  • If there are windows on both sides, a gable roof will successfully help to divide the attic room into zones, for example, sleeping and working. The design of this room is well suited for the nursery, where the beds can be placed in the lower parts of the room, and in the center leave room for games, an example is shown in the photo. If it is impossible to install a high cabinet here, it will be replaced by a well-thought-out system of various bedside tables and shelves along the walls.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

  • With a multi-slope roof, you can get an interesting bedroom interior in the attic, as in the photo, if you correctly beat a different height of the ceiling. In a large room, several zones are distinguished with the help of plasterboard walls or fabric drapes. In a small bedroom you should not put bulky furniture. It will be enough to have a low bed and various shelves on the walls, stylish chests, baskets for storage.
  • Hip roof with a large area of ​​the room allows you to arrange two bedrooms or a room with a separate dressing room. Instead, you can make a study. Then the total wall of such rooms will be high, which will allow to put the cabinets or place large TVs on it.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

What to do in the attic

Before planning the bedroom design of the attic floor, you should warm the roof, walls and put double-glazed windows. If earlier it was a regular attic, it would be correct to install special windows directly on the roof slopes.

Hiding under the finish all the pipes and cables previously located on top. In the absence of heating here, you can lay warm floors, install electric radiators or fireplaces.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

For the flooring choose different materials. It is good if it is natural parquet, cork or linoleum. Lovers of warm floors suitable carpet of wool fibers, which has soundproof and heat-conducting qualities.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

How to cover the walls of the bedroom depends on the style with which the owners decided to decorate the interior. The choice of finishing materials is great. You can use wallpapering (as an option to take wallpaper for painting), sheathe walls with clapboard or panels. For some styles it is preferable to plaster the side surfaces or leave one of them without finishing. The easiest option - to paint the walls, as in the photo.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

The ceiling in the interior of the bedroom on the attic is usually not aligned, see photos. First, it will reduce the height of the room, and secondly, the charm of the attic room is in different side surfaces and an unusual roof. The ceiling, like the walls, is also painted, pasted over with wallpaper or paneled. The protruding beams fit well in some decorative styles.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

Color selection

Deciding to use the attic as a bedroom, it is worth considering its color design. The design of the room is carried out depending on the number of inclined surfaces, on the height of the wall above which the roof slope begins, on the size of the windows. But a number of interesting ideas are used in general design. They can be seen in the presented photos.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

A small room should be arranged in a single color: the walls and the ceiling. It is better to use light gentle tones. It combines pastel shades of ceilings with wallpaper in a small floral pattern. And so that everything visually does not merge, bright accents are used, for example, curtains, a bedspread, and more.

If the design with a single-color solution seems unsuccessful for a particular interior, you can use wallpaper of rich, calm colors, pasting them with one or two transverse walls. When selecting the wallpaper should not be forgotten that due to the unusual attic lighting in it is uneven. And the contrast of the opposite parts of the room can often be enhanced.

Bedroom lighting in the attic

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

The specific arrangement of the bedroom in the attic requires a well-considered approach to the issue of lighting. Well, when the attic has several large windows and it will be light in the afternoon. And if there is little natural light, and the relief of the roof does not always allow to hang a traditional chandelier? The presence of additional light sources will help solve this problem, as well as create a kind of charm in the room. You can use the following tips:

  • Small sources of light, as in the photo, will give a good illumination of the desired part of the room. And they can be sent in different directions.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

  • For additional lighting using various built-in lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps.
  • Fits well into the design of the mirror, hung in front of windows or lamps. They will increase the lighting, visually make the interior bigger.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

  • Such a reception as a false window (a frame illuminated by LEDs and decorated with ordinary curtains) will create the illusion of a window, as well as help make the room brighter and more comfortable.

Choice of furniture

When selecting furniture is to use the inclined walls. Correct its placement will make a low ceiling in the design of the bedroom in the attic visually higher. The small side tables and dressing table will fit perfectly into the interior, the bed on a special podium with drawers under the bed where you can store things.

For a bedroom in the attic, it is worth buying only the most necessary pieces of furniture to keep the space of the room free. Whenever possible, compact, low-volume elements are bought or ordered.

Designers advise for the attic to purchase long pieces of furniture, narrow designs, to locate them along the walls. Successfully fit into the interior shelves and cabinets, made to order it for specific sloping walls. If there are niches here, you can think of built-in cabinets and shelves for them.

Styles for the bedroom in the attic

Sloping walls and uneven attic ceiling are not an obstacle to decorate the bedroom in the chosen style. But it will have to take into account the characteristics of the room, its size and light.


Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

This bedroom interior in the attic, as in the photo, looks very light and airy. There is no pomp in it, but there is a maximum of touching and comfort. Colors for the room are selected in pastel colors: pink, cream, milky, beige, and light shades are used. The main piece of furniture can be a bed, but it should not be massive. A room in the attic in the style of romanticism also has an advantage - the walls can be draped with fabrics, and a canopy can be hung above the sleeping place.

The rest of the furniture should maintain the fragile state of the chosen style. Forged tables, shelves, bright wardrobe fit perfectly into the interior. Another essential element is the presence of translucent light tissue. You can complement the selected design with paintings, various figurines, porcelain dolls, books.


Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

A trendy loft can be a good choice of style for spacious mansards with large windows and high ceilings. The credo of the chosen design solution is simplicity in everything and low costs. Loft does not tolerate stiffness, so for the room do not do zoning.

The ceiling beams, brickwork without plastering, metal details, as in the photo, will perfectly fit into the bedroom design in the attic. In addition, the bright features of the style will be: the floor of the boards, various pipes, interesting bright accessories (posters, graffiti, unusual sculptures, signs). Furniture in such a bedroom is selected multifunctional with an abundance of metal surfaces.

Scandinavian style

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

For the attic with a small area, the interior with northern, Scandinavian accents is well suited. They allow you to create a cozy room with a homely atmosphere at minimum cost.

The simplest finish can be used. The interior colors are discreet and calm: beige, pale green, white, milky. The walls are usually painted in one tone, and the floor is covered with several layers of varnish. Furniture for the northern style is usually simple and reliable. In addition, there are many textiles with drawings in the interior.


Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

For a bedroom in a small attic size, the design is concise and modern minimalist style. It is characterized by clear lines, some furniture, the practical absence of decorative elements. The interior is usually used no more than three colors, often two, where one color is white.

The walls of the attic can be plastered or painted. The minimalism style is distinguished by simplicity and restraint in everything, even the furniture for such a bedroom is selected as functional as possible, and there is little of it, and it has the ability to transform.


Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

Recently, in the design of a bedroom on the attic floor, a maritime or so-called Mediterranean style has become popular, as shown in the photo. Such a design is usually not overloaded with details and creates an association with the sea, sun, vacation. Among the colors - it is white in combination with shades of blue, turquoise, green.

The bed for this style is chosen forged from iron or made from solid wood. Present textiles have a nautical theme. Fits well into the interior of a rattan or bamboo chair. Blinds can be used instead of curtains.

Country music

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

Sometimes this style is also called rustic. If the walls and the ceiling have large wooden beams, they can be the main advantage of the chosen solution. The floor and the top of the room can be trimmed with a dark wood, and for the walls to prefer gentle light colors. Perfectly suited for the design of a bedroom in the attic, as in the photo, wallpaper with floral patterns. Furniture in the interior, you can pick up a good and massive, if space permits, and it must be "aged" or artificially aged.

Textiles for country style is selected soothing natural shades with floral prints. A large role in the chosen direction is played by various decorative trifles: vases, figurines, bottles, napkins and more.

Classic style

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

The classic bedroom is a large space, the strict geometry of the location of furniture, large chandeliers or lamps. In the conditions of the attic room it is doable if it has a large area and large window openings. In such an interior are usually present expensive natural materials.

The walls have light shades, closer to the snow-white, and saturated noble tones are also possible: green, blue, olive, burgundy, yellow. Furniture is usually decorated with gold and carvings. This bedroom in the attic is easily recognizable by heavy capes, thick expensive curtains.

Bedroom design in the attic - photos of interiors

Designers' recommendations on the design of a bedroom in the attic

Before you do the repair of the room, you should learn some subtleties:

  • First of all, they warm the floor, walls and roof of the attic.
  • Now there will be living space in the attic, so do not clutter it with unnecessary things.
  • A large room for comfort can be divided into several smaller zones.
  • Skylights must necessarily open to have access to fresh air.
  • On the windows you can choose the appropriate type of curtains: roller, pleated, blinds or ordinary curtains with fastening at the top and bottom.

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