Beautiful hallway design - we create in a small apartment

Design of a small hallway in the interior of a small apartment

Planning the interior of a hallway should be started by examining its shape, size and mutual placement with other rooms. If space permits, the easiest way to increase a room is to capture a corridor, some of the rooms, or built-in niches. Be careful, because a small hallway in the interior is a neighbor of beautiful living rooms such as a bedroom or living room, so cutting the area is not the most profitable way.

113-beautiful hallway design - create

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  • Secrets of creating the interior of a small corridor
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    The design of the hallway in a small apartment is a very expensive business. Hallways of a small area are most often rectangular or square. In the small corridor both winter things, and household supplies, and a bicycle should fit. What only original ideas exist to choose the style of the corridor. By applying imagination, you can simultaneously solve the problem of creating a beautiful design and increasing space.

    Tip: use the entire height of the room. Comfortable mezzanines will help to unload cabinets and shelves.

    Arches installed instead of ordinary doors will make a vestibule wider. Follow the principle of minimalism. Choose which style is more suitable for home, not difficult, given the location of the other rooms. In the corridor there is no place for a large amount of furniture, so you should remove extra items from the aisle, choosing the most suitable place for them, for example, a loggia or a back room.

    Photo: use of mezzanine in the design of a small hallway

    Photo: use of mezzanine in the design of a small hallway

    Tip: A long narrow hallway can be made more original using a small podium.

    Expand the narrow hallway, highlighting the entrance area, can be due to the transverse strip on the ceiling or on the floor, as well as due to the light color spectrum.

    In the small hallway with high ceilings felt cramped. It is possible to lower the ceiling by using mezzanines, placed as “square” or pasting the ceiling with dark wallpaper. A similar effect will be achieved when creating a multi-level gypsum ceiling.

    113-beautiful hallway design - create

    Hallway finish

    The design of the corridor in Khrushchev must justify its goal - to save the most space. You can not use finishing materials, "stealing" the space, for example, wall panels, which, when mounted on a frame, take away extra centimeters, which is highly undesirable for an already small hallway. For the same reason, it is not recommended to use artificial stones and relief plaster.

    It is more rational to paint the walls with matte paint or to paste over them with wallpaper. The color scheme plays a significant role in the design. With it, you can both increase and reduce the space. Choose what color wallpaper will be suitable for a meager corridor, you can, having considered the photo design of small hallways.

    113-beautiful hallway design - create

    Tips for creating a spacious interior hallway

    Visually enlarge the usual ceiling can be white trim, and panels and tension - glossy. It is possible to extend the hallway by painting the walls in a light color or pasting with light wallpaper, for example, lettuce, blue, beige.

    It is recommended to glue wallpaper monophonic or with a small, inconspicuous pattern. Forget about the bright large motifs on the wallpaper. The interior of the hallway in a small apartment as a whole can be changed by choosing a soft wall coloring.

    It is possible to increase the small hallway by cutting thresholds between rooms and covering the floor with a floor covering. This can not be achieved only in the case when the floors have a clear distinction. At the same time the room is significantly reduced.

    Varnished floor is not an option, because varnishes are not durable materials, the floor loses its original attractive appearance. It is not recommended to lay out easily deformable, highly absorbable parquet.

    One of the best flooring in the corridor is tile. Among its advantages: durability, efficiency, ease of operation, a huge color design, a wealth of choice. This makes possible the selection of finishes for any interior space.

    113-beautiful hallway design - create

    113-beautiful hallway design - create


    A small hallway - an area that does not have windows. Light penetrates through open doors and windows from other rooms. At the same time the corridor often remains dark. That is why you should choose additional lighting. Ideal for dark small-sized corridors, spotlights or sconces above the mirror. Visually enlarge the hall will help beautiful lamps, placed zigzag.

    You can try to use reflective surfaces to expand the room, for example, mirrors, niches, stained glass, shelves, reflecting the light of penetrating sunlight.

    Warm light shades make wider and more spacious a small corridor in the Khrushchev. You can learn more about the use of white in the interior of the hallway in the photo of creative designs. Keep in mind that the interior in black and white looks gloomy.

    113-beautiful hallway design - create

    Choice of furniture

    Choosing furniture should be long before the planned design, because to install some furniture will require the presence of niches. Determine the place for a niche is not difficult, since the interior of a small hallway requires the acquisition of non-standard furniture to order. Due to the difficulty of dismantling the wall, it will not be possible to build in the furniture in the panel house. You also have to abandon the huge cabinet, roomy for all things.

    Ideal option in a narrow hall of Khrushchev - a small compartment cabinet with a door-mirror. It has a significant capacity, allows for the maximum to occupy angular surfaces, and on the side to install hangers for beautiful accessories and clothing.

    You can decorate the square hallway using a corner cabinet, coat rack or furniture. So it will be possible to slightly expand the interior of a small hallway, solving the problem of lack of space.

    Tip: do not place furniture with ledges in a small hallway.

    For a large number of shoes fit a high narrow cabinet with corner shelves. It will allow you to place a lot of items on a narrow area.

    For placement of bags, umbrellas, keys, a padded stool, shelf and hangers with hooks or a surface for bedside tables for shoes will do.

    Remember that the design of the hallway in a small apartment is a very difficult task, requiring the transformation of the entire interior of the hallway, as well as individual furniture elements that are desirable to issue in bright colors.

    113-beautiful hallway design - create

    113-beautiful hallway design - create

    Secrets of creating the interior of a small corridor

    Visually expand the hallway, using materials for finishing the bright glossy shade. With the help of various light sources one can achieve strong lighting in the corridor. Zigzag lamps, mirrors and LED strips are ideal.

    As for furniture, it is selected depending on the needs of the owners and should be narrow, functional and without projections.

    Designer tricks will help get rid of the sensation of cramping and successfully divided into zones close high hallway. Following the tips above and photos of finished projects, you can quickly arrange the corridor, making it stylish, comfortable and modern.

    The complexity of non-standard apartments is in the interior of small hallways. It is very difficult to choose furniture not only for large, but also for small dwellings such as Khrushchev, because it is required to make it according to an individual non-standard design.

    Photo: mirrors in the interior of a small hallway will help you visually expand the space.

    Photo: mirrors in the interior of a small hallway will help you visually expand the space.

    Non-standard configurations of Khrushchev are not uncommon, which makes it difficult to choose which wallpaper to glue in the corridor, how to convert a square room into a rectangular one. As a rule, Khrushchev - a narrow long small hallway in the apartment, burdened with a door to the bathroom and toilet.

    Turning on the imagination and imagination, you can easily turn the ridiculous small-sized Khrushchev into a beautiful apartment, turning disadvantages into advantages. A narrow elongated apartment is easy to convert by placing a built-in compartment cabinet. It will help to rationally use the space of the room, make the apartment more attractive.

    Visually increase small Khrushchev can, using the following techniques. It is advisable to choose a closet with mirrored facades, to glue over the walls with light gray cold wallpaper. This will maximize the small space. In addition, these wallpapers will give comfort to the room. A chest of drawers was made light and hung on the wall. Though it is big, but due to the fact that it hangs, it does not look so cumbersome as if it were standing on the floor. Plus there is a shelf for shoes under it.

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