Wall mounted washbasin mixer

Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet

Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet
  • Features
  • Varieties and models
  • Additional equipment
  • How not to make a mistake when choosing?

Utilities and household infrastructure are now diverse. And among them there are no more or less important parts - all are really significant and valuable. This fully applies to sanitary equipment - faucets.

Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet
Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet


The wall-mounted sink faucet is distinguished by the very principle of installation: it does not connect to the sides of the sinks, but directly to the water pipes. Such a device has become very popular and is now offered in a wide range. There are several options for installing such devices.

The need for them arises if:

  • water is required to be supplied both to the wash basin and to the bathroom bowl;
  • it is planned to combine the receipt of fluid in the sink and the organization of the hygienic shower;
  • It is impossible to install a full-fledged tap of the usual form
Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet

Placement of the faucet and faucet on the wall is practiced if a “water lily” type sink is used. It initially has no connector for mounting the crane, so you have to look for an alternative solution. But even on ordinary kitchen sinks, the wall-mounted faucet is quite attractive. It adds a sense of solidity and prestige throughout the room.

The difference between the individual models is determined by the type of water mixing, the arrangement of aeration, the distance of the spout and the type of material from which the casing is made.

Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet

Varieties and models

In the classical mixer circuit, the faucet is mounted directly on the wall.

Package includes:

  • hot and cold feed hoses;
  • decorative washers;
  • sealing devices;
  • pads.

In this scheme, each connecting seam is placed in sight. It is possible to improve the external perception, if you put special linings or washers. Bathrooms can be used with either a short or long spout. Their length is up to 150 and 250–300 mm. But in the kitchens one can find high spouts with a sharp bend that are mostly elongated in length. Such a difference is not accidental: it takes into account the peculiarities of shell operation in a particular situation.

Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet
Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet

A striking example of such a technical solution can be considered Lemark Standard LM2111C. It is mounted in the wall itself, all working parts are invisible to the observer. Outside, only the control components remain.

The result is:

  • minimal use of space;
  • simplified care;
  • truly individual interior.
Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet
Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet

The French wall block is not inferior in technical capabilities to models of the classic look. Sometimes the spout is done shortened, if it does not suit, you need to specify when choosing. Typical lengths range from 14.5 to 19 cm. The bathrooms are often put Migliore Fortis ML. FRT-5246 CR, which is pretty close to the one already described. But wall-mounted faucets can also be equipped with an unfolding spout.

Such a working part is compatible with the classical scheme, almost always made elongated, which is especially important in the bathroom. The reversal opens up possibilities for using either a sink from a pair of bowls, or a simple sink with a bath without buying additional equipment. Because space is saved, which is especially valuable in small apartments. But even if the room is relatively large, such an element is very practical and, in addition, improves the perception, makes the interior more dynamic and modern. Fans of technical progress should opt for touch devices or systems with a single lever.

Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet
Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet

Additional equipment

Turning in one direction or another, length, geometry and height - all this is important, of course. But no less impact on the work of the built-in washbasin mixer is provided by the installed auxiliary equipment. Thus, thermostats provide a uniform temperature level of flowing water, without sudden changes. That's just not to overestimate such a device. Many manipulations require just varying the temperature of the fluid along with its pressure.

The only place where the thermostat is really needed is the bathroom. There he guards against a sudden cold shower and helps to avoid a situation when a burning stream suddenly flows from a tap.

Spout in the form of a cascade even in appearance differs from the simple version: it looks much wider than it and runs in the most flat form. Since the mixers of this kind are only occasionally equipped with an aerator, they cannot be called economical.

Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet
Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet
Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet

Separate versions are supplied complete with a hygienic watering can and holder, the hose has a length of up to 1.5 m.

This simplifies:

  • many cosmetic procedures;
  • hot water treatment products;
  • cleaning of various items and plumbing itself.

How not to make a mistake when choosing?

It is not so important whether the installation of a hidden or open device is chosen. It is much more useful to take into account that any additional function will certainly increase the cost of plumbing and its installation, making the device more capricious and sensitive to errors in operation. The key attention should be paid not to design, but to physical and technical parameters. According to experts, the most practical solution will be mixers with a cartridge made of special grades of ceramics. Even if they do not look as good as other samples, you should still choose them.

Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet

Finding out the features of a particular equipment, you need to understand how difficult its installation. Embedded devices are more attractive than usual ones, because they allow to do without preparing the gates in the walls and occupy minimal space.

Water flow control can be done:

  • crankshaft, turning ½ turn;
  • joysticks;
  • thermostats;
  • typical valves.

Almost all wall-mounted faucets are not equipped with flexible shower hoses, except for those that simultaneously serve and bath. If you need maximum reliability and stability of the system, you should pay attention to the ulnar, sometimes also called surgical, mixing apparatus. It is performed with one lever, but it is not a simple single-lever unit, but equipped with an extremely thin handle. Physical contact between the palm (fingers) and the surface of the control mechanism abundantly seeded with microbes is almost excluded. You can even start and stop the flow of water with your elbow.

Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet
Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet

With regard to the installation of the wall mixer, the creation of the pipeline and the leveling of the pouring nozzles is of decisive importance. The distance between them is limited to 15 cm (with an error of less than 1 mm), is very strictly maintained and located at the level of the horizon. Nozzles themselves can neither bend nor deviate to the side. Selecting eccentrics, you should be guided by a uniform height of their upper edge and a uniform distance from the wall. High-quality mixers are made only from brass, but the falsified product is much easier.

Silumin as a material for the body has no advantages, except for the soft price. In the storefront or in the first days after the purchase, the mixer made of it will look attractive, but very soon the appearance will deteriorate dramatically. Within 12–18 months, the maximum will begin problems with leaks, it is almost impossible to correct the defects that arise.

Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet
Choosing a wall mounted sink faucet

If the pressure in the aqueduct (which is typical of apartment buildings) is significant, the choice should be made between brass and stainless steel. In the latter case, preference should be given to proven types of alloy, such as AISI 304. If this moment is documented in silence or vague wording, it is better to refuse the purchase.

How to install a wall-mounted faucet in the bathroom, see the following video.

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